Blown Out of the Water

CPA Central has gained exclusive and unprecedented access to the official site of the Nachos Secret Service Agency, which, unlike the previous one gained, is very much active, the last update have taken place a mere three days ago. From the Nachos Chat Hack to Purple Republic, the secrets are out, and this agency is blown out of the water.

The NSSA has gone off and on in the public spotlight, most recently mentioned when it was cited during the Nacho Chat Hack. However the first site which access was gained, was not the true site of this organization. I’ve settled on going through this page by page, since I think that’s the easiest way. First off, their Archives page, seemingly reviewing multiple important operations:


~Spy accounts in ACP~

Spies- Fido, Talex, Pie



~Photographs on



~Proven fake by CPAC and ACP~



~Plan leaked~




Most notable out of these operations is the one regarding the, quote, “Forged Photos”, were these photos faked on the chat, shown below. Further information on the chat hacking can be found here. Notably, on the post linked in the previous sentence, it can be determined that Talex was not, in fact, threatened to leak said information to CPAC, that in truth that was just a cover-up by the NSSA.

This would also suggest that the information released by R3m0t3 3xpl0it and the rest of The Network was not factual and simply another form of a cover-up.

The second and most groundbreaking section of this site is the file known as ATKM (All the King’s Men). Originally discovered by the NSSA, ATKM is an intelligence group mainly involved in destroying the ACP- an outside group-  who, according to their site, were responsible for the entire Purple Republic scandal two summers ago. The entire NSSA page detailing ATKM is below:


So, I was searching the depths of the internet for ACPSIS history/current ops, and I accidentally stumbled upon one of the most interesting things I have ever seen.

I introduce to you, All the King’s men. (ATKM).

This organization is behind some of the most covert and influential events in CP history. Including the Purple Republic revolution. Below are the entire contents of their site (I cannot share the link yet until proper measures are taken). They are a very interesting bunch. And, from what I have read, they have an exclusive interest to partner up with us. We will update you on stuff as soon as it comes in. For now, I can tell you we have an informant working with us to help unravel the shroud that covers this group.


——————————————– SITE INFO BELOW ———————————————–


About All the King’s Men is a secret organisation founded by the Overlord. There is no single leader of All the King’s Men. A project leader is assigned to every operation.

Past Operations:

Needle in a Haystack

Project Leader: Overlord

Date: November 2010

Outcome: Unsuccessful

Details: Classified __________

Purple Dawn

Project Leader: Violante Alleta

Date: June, July, August 2011

Outcome: Successful

Details: Create large army using ‘Steam’ to distract Club Penguin Warfare from ‘Project Black Box’.



Project Leader: Rawkinman

Date: Fall 2011

Outcome: Successful

Details: Pretend to organise large-scale operation in order to draw attention from the rising levels of bot use by our cover army as well as the infiltration of major armies.


Blue Blood

Project Leader: Talbot

Date: May 2012 – present

Outcome: In Progress

Details: See Home Page

All previous websites have been deleted for security reasons, with exception of VS and VA.


File #A1 Taken from old ATKM website, now deleted.

Securing VA’s cover. (tied in with PKS)

Phase One: The impersonations. Status: Complete

One of our agents must impersonate VA multiple times and get caught doing so. When VA logs into chat with the username ‘violantealleta,’ people will believe it is our agent and so will pay no attention to the user.

Phase Two: The publicising. Status: Complete. Unprecedented success

The agent will leave enough clues lying around for some journalist to come around and start asking questions.He/she will put two and two together and publish their findings on a news site, preferably CPAC or SMAC. (Journalist later found to be Pungy1234, and not only did he publish it on both CPAC and SMAC but on a number of other blogs as well.)

File #A1

Last Updated 19th of July, 2012, by Site Overlord.


File #A2 Maintaining secrecy.

Continue changing sites and deleting previous ones. Clone files before deleting sites. The only sites exempt from deletion:

violantealleta (Purple Dawn)

venomouscorpius (D.A.R.W.I.N)

Never link the site to anyone as it is not protected and shall remain so. The general public of CP Warfare must remain oblivious to the fact that their every move is watched, recorded, labelled and filed.

People suspected of knowing the location of the site and/or anything about the group must be closely monitored unless specifically instructed not to by the executive. These are the people who know of the site: (updated July 21st 2012)



Various others (please ask on chat)

These people are not to be monitored or tagged.

File #A2

Last updated 21st of July, 2012, by Site Overlord. __________________________________________________________

File #B1 Maintaining secrecy during operations.

Do not inform anyone of your missions, not even your closest friends and especially not army leaders or soldiers. Doing so will violate your contract and any knowledge of your actions shall be disavowed. You will then be fired from the group and monitored at regular intervals.

If you are a project leader, you must have complete control over the mission’s task force. They must obey your every command without question. An out-of-control group can be extremely harmful to the operation at hand. Should you or any member of your group reveal any details about the operation, the entire task force will be disavowed. They will then be fired and monitored at regular intervals.

If any part of your mission should go irreversibly wrong, you must abandon the operation completely.

Create a blog to coordinate the operation, whether it be a covert operation such as Blue Blood or one such as Purple Dawn.

File #B1

Last Updated on 21st of July, 2012, by Site Overlord. __________________________________________________________

File #B2 Recruiting for the organisation.

While recruit for ATKM, make sure your candidates are trustworthy and have had previous experience in spying and covert operations. An untrustworthy agent could mean our existence being revealed.

Do not recruit from ACP as any candidate from this army may turn you in at a moment’s notice. The group’s secrecy is essential and is more important than anything else. Do not take risks while recruiting a seemingly trustworthy agent.

Do not reveal the location of the current site until you are sure the agent is completely trustworthy.

Do not reveal any information about past operations until said candidate has been evaluated.

File #B2

Last updated on the 21st of July, 2012, by Site Overlord. __________________________________________________________


File #C1 Infiltration of ACP.

One agent has been dispatched to infiltrate the ACP under his real name. We believe this will be crucial to the gathering of more information on this army and also to the success of future missions concerning ACP. We are also considering infiltrating other major armies that are unlikely to fall, such as the Nachos or the Ice Warriors, though it is unlikely that the latter has any secret agencies. Infiltration of the Nachos may be useful in our attemps to discover the location of the NSSA’s official website. The video of Zack’s conversation with our agent has suggested that the NSSA is fully operational and may have several spies within the ACP itself. A second source has confirmed this to another agent, the first to see the Zack recording. __________________________________________________________


File #C2 Co-operation with other agencies.

It is possible that, were we to find another organisation such as NSSA, then they may be able to co-operate with us. We already have some ties with them – one of our agents is friends with Coolster114, a person who was known to be in NSSA in the past; another has made contact with Zack, one of four creators of the Pink Alliance (the group created to combat PR) and someone who has definitely been involved with NSSA before. Hopefully one of these people will be able to help us make contact with NSSA and possibly set up an alliance. __________________________________________________________


Security Breach JUL 22 Posted by SITE OVERLORD One of our agents, codenamed ‘Discrepancies of the Presence’, has linked the website to a potential enemy, Zack, (see files ‘UMA’ and ‘Nachos’ for more details on this person.) The agent had recorded his entire conversation with Zack. We have reviewed the video and come to the conclusion that this person, a possible member of the secretive ‘NSSA’ (believed to stand for ‘Nacho Secret Spy Agency’), could publish the link on the site, the location of which is as yet unknown. Another secret agency knowing of our existence could be catastrophic.

We are considering making the website, or at least all our pages and posts, private.

-Site Overlord

__________________________________________________________ Project Blue Blood JUN 4 Posted by SITE OVERLORD Details of plan.

Phase One: The Eye of the Storm

Establish contacts within enemies of ACP, such as SWAT and LT. Create war plan for use by these armies and send to contacts to introduce into the upper administration. To avoid being caught, do all this during the current ACP vs LT war. The war plan will be discussed and approved for use. ACP will hear rumours of this plan and will prepare for war but they’ll need credible intel to prove it. ACPSIS will do all they can to obtain this war plan.

Phase Two: Spanner in the works

Our contact will then send a copy of the war plan back to the project leader. The project leader will then send it to ACPSIS, claiming to have worked his way into the LT and stolen it. ACPSIS will be greatly impressed by this and will promote the project leader to some high position in SIS. The project leader will continue to gain trust. He will then clone the website and save it for future use of All The King’s Men. Via the project leader, it will be a simple matter to feed the SIS counter-intelligence during this war and, in doing so, cripple the ACP war machine.


This is all truly groundbreaking information that suggest ties between ATKM and NSSA, more information about Purple Republic, and so much more. This gives us many answers, but with all answers come more questions. This was only the beginning of combing through the NSSA site. All information found on the site has been dumped on a temporary page which can be accessed here. For CPAC, I’m Bluesockwa1, signing off.


CPA Central CEO

….with much thanks to Talex

57 Responses

  1. K I admit, the first pic was from me and Talex “hacked” the chat, durrr. Shiv’s idea btw


  2. Going further, ATKM’s current official site seems to be located here (though it will likely be delete soon after this posting). According to another source, ATKM has around 5 members, each with their own sites to manage their individual projects. Violantealleta was (or is) likely among these, as are a few other prominent figures.

    Basically, it’s the Big Brother of CPA.


  3. And I thought I was a stalker…


  4. Of course ACP are filth, they would be hackers and bot users.


  5. Something everyone needs to know, there are multiple Nacho Spy Agencies. That’s why you will never find the real ones. You may have found this one here but there was actually 2-3 more and still are I believe.


    • This is actually less about NSSA and more about this ATKM. Army-spying organization are common. But a plot on this scale is very interesting indeed.

      Thanks for the heads up though, I’ll work on those next. (wary)


  6. Oohhh… Nachos are B.U.S.T.E.D.


  7. Blue, I hate to be a party pooper but your post starting phrases really irritate me. :3

    “this agency is blown out of the water”


  8. Damn, I thought I was good at spying


  9. Okay, this seems a little too winded, Complex, and how did they get all of this Information. The old SSACP (that Spy agency sponsored by ACP that died out last year) never got this deep. But this is a little too much. This raises so many questions. So this group ATKM has been plotting this for 2 years? I’m sorry I’m trying to infer all of this startling evidence. I so wish I could help the NSSA.


    • SSACP hasn’t been active in at least 2 years, the ATKM group was proved fake over the summer when the leader was revealed to be Rawkinman essentially working by himself to make himself look important and hasn’t been active since it was revealed in July.


  10. I did a little searching and found this : you may also might want to read this : It might be connect to what they are doing


  11. Wait…. (Combine all of my comments with the dates. It says something about a Golden dawn in 45 days…..


  12. Okay, I’m not even a friend to any of these armies, but what business does CPAC have posting “international top secrets” (*wary* I guess this would be how you refer to it). Duck move. Duck move.

    Also, Blue, if you’re taking time to discover and reveal these sites, you should probably not be in armies anymore… I think it’s time to test out real life. I mean, it’s not like ACP or Nachos have been accused of any scandals lately… This is just publication of army secrets for no reason.


    • Talex pcing me and linking me the site= 3 minutes
      Combing through site= 10 minutes
      Copying and pasting information, writing a few paragraphs, and hyperlinking= 20 minutes
      Creating dump page= 5 minutes
      For a total of 38 minutes to put out the entire story. If you dont’t like the news I’m putting out, I would beg to say that’s simply because CPWI (which you head) is clearly incapable or seemingly unwilling to put out a story such as this. If people read news about battles, etc, that already took place and whom people already know the results of, why would they not want to read something they don’t already know?

      What business does CPAC have posting this? Let me bring this to a world scale. In case you need refreshing, this is the first section of the bill of rights.

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      What business do we have? It’s called freedom of the press.

      Time it took to type this comment (in case you plan on telling me how I’m wasting my life on this)= 4 minutes.


      • I didn’t say what right do you have, I said what business. Completely different meaning. By the way, this is the Internet, so while you retain the right to post whatever tickles your pickle, the United States has no way of guaranteeing it.


        • The United States was only brought into this in a metaphorical format. If you’d like to ask what business of mine it is, I’d answer it in the same way: my business is to inform the public. Thus I post things the public doesn’t know, which is both my right, my business, and my job.


          • Job: a piece of work, especially a specific task done as part of the routine of one’s occupation or for an agreed price (
            Business: the purchase and sale of goods in an attempt to make a profit (

            I had not realized CPAC makes a profit in all of this.


            • Job:
              1. a piece of work, especially a specific task done as part of the routine of one’s occupation or for an agreed price: She gave him the job of mowing the lawn.
              2. a post of employment; full-time or part-time position: She was seeking a job as an editor.
              3. anything a person is expected or obliged to do; duty; responsibility: It is your job to be on time.

              Clearly, number three applies.


              1. an occupation, profession, or trade: His business is poultry farming.
              2. the purchase and sale of goods in an attempt to make a profit.
              3. a person, partnership, or corporation engaged in commerce, manufacturing, or a service; profit-seeking enterprise or concern.
              4. volume of trade; patronage: Most of the store’s business comes from local families.
              5. a building or site where commercial work is carried on, as a factory, store, or office; place of work: His business is on the corner of Broadway and Elm Street.
              6. that with which a person is principally and seriously concerned: Words are a writer’s business.
              7. something with which a person is rightfully concerned: What they are doing is none of my business.
              8. affair; project: We were exasperated by the whole business.
              9. an assignment or task; chore: It’s your business to wash the dishes now.
              10. a movement or gesture, especially a minor one, used by an actor to give expressiveness, drama, detail, etc., to a scene or to help portray a character.

              Clearly, numbers six and seven applies.


  13. The fucking media always fucks on.


  14. Operation Reboot commenced.


  15. Now this is what I call news.


  16. Interesting.


  17. yea idk what any of that stuff is just puttin it out there


  18. I’ve known about ATKM for months, this “Overlord” person is just a new name for “Venomouscorpious” whose cover was blown after everyone found out it was just Rawkinman, who also impersonated Violante Aletta. I never bothered to mention it because it never did anything. We’re giving this kid a whole lot of attention for accomplishing nothing while trying to make himself look important.

    The NSSA information is interesting, still nothing we didn’t already know, but at least we now have proof the Nachos were trying to frame ACP.


  19. Like

  20. And to think, this is all over a disney game…..


  21. I’m offended that you claimed that Network claimed to hack the chat as a cover up. No one knew who we were, we worked in the shadows, we had no connection with the Nachos. I will admit we did not hack the chat, we only wante to see how naive you all were, but the CPArmies & SWAT hackings were real and done by us.


    • I was simply inferring that from the statements that R3mote (or whatever his real name is) had stated during the interview. My apologies.


  22. Where is this Top Ten? Your readers aren’t happy now…


  23. So tryhard nachos were trying to take down ACP with a bunch of spy agencies
    Rawkinman tried to make himself look nice by impersonating PR people and since hasn’t come back on cpac lest he get pwned


  24. And not a single fuck was given that day


  25. Ermagherd…

    This is a great post, really, but uh… it’s really damn confusing. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had any knowledge about most of this (I recall a few things that were mentioned), but anyway, it is pretty interesting nevertheless.


  26. One thing: These secrets are over 3 months old. Lol.


  27. Late news…


  28. […] OCTOBER 2012: Blown Out of the Water […]


  29. […] sign, however. In fact, if CPAC was so biased towards the Nachos, as many claim, this investigative piece from October 2012 (ACP had already fallen, for your information) reveals many of the Nachos’s […]


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