Silence of the Day

Silence is keeping quiet, not disturbing, not participating, just minding your own business. It is spending time by yourself, in your own little world, nothing can disturb you. It ignores the calls of friends and the calls of people; These people are the CP Army Community.

The calls keep on coming. He knows it is time to go on, he knows what he must do, yet he decides it is not the right moment to. The owners eventually understand, as this happens in every one of us. It comes to that moment, when you are always awake and ready to go, yet you feel like you don’t want to move or go into the world.

The person knows their skills, knows their presence, knows how much they can benefit compared to everybody else. He knows he could be the chosen one, the one who wins the war, the one who plants the future for them, yet he believes he is still not needed. In some words, he is the ULTIMATE card, the INDESTRUCTIBLE card, the card that proves the difference between a victory and a loss.

We have all had one of those days, where we are always waiting, rearing to go, but can never be bothered to actually move. We know we aren’t helping, but we have enjoyed what we set out to do, to have fun. Friends in CP Armies are not like in real life, yet you can meet friendly people with many different and intriguing personalities. People who set out to go to a battle, yet none of you can be bothered to come on. The world, standing tall, together, hand in hand; England, America, Australia, Canada, Brazil, China, New Zealand, India, Russia, South Africa, Germany, France, Scotland (for Ek’s sake) and Nigeria 🙂

These countries are all on the same planet, yet each and every one of them are thousands of miles apart. United across 6 continents, unless you are in Antarctica which I think you aren’t, all playing the same game, all with the same goal of rising up through the world. All of us however, can sometimes not be bothered to turn up to events, being united:


And yes, that was what this post was about, so re-read it and understand.

P.S. Somebody tell me what category this is

13 Responses

  1. Long time since I was on CPAC.


  2. Wtf did I just read…


  3. What is the post about Super?


  4. You forgot Ireland, there’s about ten people here from Ireland.


  5. Derp.

    + I am probably the only surviving experienced New Zealander in CP Armies.


  6. Wtf why did my comment do above?


  7. CPAC’s dumbest post awards!

    Runner-Up: Silence of the Day-Superoo13
    Winner: Ye Olde Game of War-Superoo13

    I think i notice a pattern


  8. Post about army events, it will suite you better.


  9. The silence shall fall in cp armies in 2 years.


  10. You added Nigeria cause you live there.


  11. Post news like I hired you to do. You weren’t hired to post stories/philosophy.


  12. wtf is this
    post for real pls


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