Why My Poll Wasn't Biased, Like One Person Claimed.

This post is mostly aimed at one person who claimed I made my Poll biased. Hint of advice, YOU guys voted. According to someone who recently commented on my RESULT post about the Political Influential Poll, It was biased because I “put myself in it.” Then, he gave me his own list, with almost no changes. I was still on his list however.

I’m calling for this post to show that:

1. You guys voted for them, not me.

2. I had the poll locked tight. Nobody could vote more than once.

Now, here is the poll, if you do not believe me:

Now, if you read the post where I gave the top ten results, you’d see next to them I wrote down how many votes they got. I did not pull them out of somewhere the sun doesn’t shine, if that’s what you believed beforehand. Need more evidence? Look at the poll closely. I have closed it, so you can only see the results.

Woton and I actually did tie, both receiving 19 votes, but instead of having “7T” which irritates me, I gave him one more vote and moved him forward.

If you wish, I’ll post something every post I make showing how much work I put into not being biased, if that’s what you wish. If you have any other questions on this poll, feel free to get a hold of me on xat.

The results from this post clearly answer the fact that it was not biased, since the vote numbers right on my new post match the ones here. Contact RiotDebates on xat for any more reqcuired information on the matter.

15 Responses

  1. It’s not biased. I seen the whole process of the poll.


  2. in your face aj


  3. when is top 10 coming ?


  4. You dont just hump a guy and say “Shake Meh Willeh”…..


  5. Nice post, Riot.


  6. I find it irritating that those 37 people who voted for Boomer, I bet 75% of the voters weren’t even in Cp armies when Boomer led (which was 2 years ago). Also, back then in the 2nd Golden Age Era (Boomer-Acp, Trickster-Uma/fw, Icey-IW, Lucario-WW, Person1233-Nachos), all the top 5 armies (which were just listed) didn’t even use government. Maybe I’m wrong, but the most used government out of those were Acp and that was hardly any government.. you can go look back in the archives on the ACP site if you don’t believe me. . yet Icey and Boomer are on the poll and in the top 3 most voted. So that’s just my opinion on this..


    P.S. I’m not being hostile or jealous that i’m not on the poll because I’m not a political leader, i didn’t use government on UMA and FW when I led them.


  7. First, Gord is right, I am a girl. Also, if you dont know this. Just because one persn is saying what THEY think, doesnt give you to right to post about it. Its not llike EVERY COMMENT SAID IT WAS BIASED. It was one person. You, my friend, are taking this the wrong way and are posting about it. Many people in the past said that the top tens were biased. Funks, Woton, Blue1, nor Skloop didnt questioning why they said that. But when ONE PERSON posts one bad comment, you make it into a post. I mean really, I was laughing when I saw this. Anyways Im out, not making a huge thing out of nothing.



  8. the person in 10th got 12 votes (Zak)
    I got 12 votes.
    Shouldn’t I be joint 10th?


    • Your last vote came in right when I shut it down then, because when I wrote down the results you had 11. I’ll look into it though.


  9. Bias everywhere.


  10. Bitch please Im influential put me on that poll 😛


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