Riot Journals: Top Ten Political Influences in CP Armies

Hello Readers. It’s time for the first installment of “The Riot Journals” one of the two news sections that replaced our old Newsletter, which plain sucked.

Moving right along, you may know me from my Philosophy Posts, or my rant posts, The Accordion Journals, which I have somewhat morphed into the Riot Journals of CPAC. Bluesockwa1, CEO of CPAC, will be working on his edition of the newsletter, The Blue Review, shortly.

A question hit me a while back. Hit me like a stone. Who are the most political people in the CP Army world? After some research of my own, a CPAC Issue with Editor Spade, and several bumps in the road, I was able to create a basic poll of one hundred people.

I posted this poll on my own private site and asked some close friends to vote the top twenty, which averaged out quite nicely, with, surprisingly  Lord Pain and Bluesockwa1 winning the most votes from it.

I then made a poll of the Top Twenty (Twenty-One, counting the None of The Above), and posted it on CPAC, my last post. A grand total of 294 votes were tallied, much more considering only 97 voted on the original Top 100 Poll.

The votes shocked the hell out of me, excuse my french. Lord Pain and Bluesockwa1, once at the top of the poll, sunk back just a bit. So, without further a do, here is the results for the Top Ten Political Influences in CP Armies. Side Note: the votes were from CPAC poll only.

10. Zak, Vice President of CPAC (12 votes)

9. Lord Pain, CP Army Leader (14 votes)

8. 122344a, Former CPAC Philosopher (15 Votes)

7. Riot, CPAC Associate Producer (19 Votes)

6. Woton, CPAC Creator (20 Votes)

5. Vendetta, CPAC Philosopher (21 Votes)

4. Iceyfeet1234, Ice Warriors Creator/Leader (22 Votes)

3. Bluesockwa1, CPAC Chief Executive Officer (23 Votes)

2. Bluesockwa2, CPAC Chief Executive Officer (28 Votes)

1. Boomer20, CP Army Legend (41 Votes)

This is far from what I predicted, the biggest surprise to me is that I’m in there at all.  Congrats to anybody who made the list. Stale donuts and gritty coffee are awaiting you all in the CPAC Break Room.

On another note, leave a comment thinking what The Riot Journals should do next week (poll wise).


Signing Off, Riot.

Satire Has Come Home, It’s Just At The Wrong Address. 

9 Responses

  1. mother french


  2. The people voted for who they liked, and a lot of people like the ACP terrorist as sickening as it is.


    • >Had a four hour event yesterday that wouldn’t end because nobody was listening which featured you periodically cursing at your troops
      You don’t have much of a right to talk like that.


  3. LOLOLOL. Most biased post I ever seen on this site. I mean, you PUT YOURSELF IN IT. Biased. My top ten

    10. Pain
    9. Riot
    8. 122344a
    7. Zak
    6. Shab and Blue1
    4. Gordy
    3. Blue2


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