SWAT Returns || DCP Declares War

The much maligned but undeniably effective SWAT army was once a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Rising from a notorious ‘rogue’ faction of repeated headaches for the server Mammoth, Special Weapons And Tactics later became synonomous with stern combat doctrine and relentless drive to win under the command of Ganger90. Historically bitter rivals with the ACP,  SWAT has proved a formidable rival for even the green war machine on occasion.

The ACP and SWAT face off

Though some armies weather the test of time better than others, all are subject to size loss over time without the induction of fresh recruits, and SWAT proved no exception. The well-known army fell into disrepair and was unofficially declared dead in the winter of 2011. Recently, however, a surprising activity count result was posted showing that SWAT still had a pulse. Though the numbers were not terribly impressive, a later chat meeting proved host to nearly thirty SWAT and ex-army individuals.

Buoyed by the unexpected turnout, SWAT leaders declared the army active and immediately set about organizing practice events. Hardly a day later, the DCP declared war on the reformed army citing general amenity between the groups as the reason. Fresh from their conflict with the LT, the DCP is ramping up to wage war again, and will be invading SWAT on their home turf September 10 through 12. SWAT has not declared any invasion plans at this time.

SWAT leader Ganger90 had this to say:

We’re back guys, and we’re going to have to face adversity for the first time, and much sooner than we all would have ever imagined. But, the S.W.A.T. of Club Penguin will not blink in the eye of adversity, but we will rise over adversity and overcome it, as we always have.

The outcome of the war is difficult to speculate on. The DCP have recent battle experience and numbers, but SWAT definitely has something to prove and will doubtlessly show their desire to fight. More information on the outcome of this war will be added as it becomes available. Comment your opinion below, or see SWAT’s full return speech here.

~ Delcrux

16 Responses

  1. For once a CPAC post what makes total sense.


  2. Woo! We’re back!


  3. Thanks to stars and deliburger i keep thinking that SWAT is a noob army


  4. If I don’t understand a post then that means the post is good…


  5. see i like SWAT their a good army theyre interested in protecting CP and their leaders and troops are mostly nice people. im an ACP guy and ik that SWAT and ACP have fought before (im in the fight on the bove picture) but SWAT are a good addition in the CP army lists. btw welcome back SWAT. you know i do like you. but if my army decides to fight you, i still have to take you down


  6. DCP will kill fucking swat like hell.



  7. […] of Army of the Week, we focus on an army that just made it to the top spot in the top ten.  DCP recently declared on the returning army SWAT.  It’s been an intense war so far, and there are still more battles to come.  DCP was also […]


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