Triple Threat – The Showdown For First Place

Edit: Some of you are not understanding this post. This is for the TOP 3 ARMIES of last weeks top 10. It’s a prediction for who will be FIRST for the next top 10. 

Hey Penguins,

I’m Braveboy, one of the New CPA Central Reporters. I have a lot of experience in Reporting and Club Penguin Armies. I have been a Reporter for CPA Central before, and I have been in Armies like, Pretzels and Watex Warriors.

Without further or do, I will be talking about the three armies that are fighting for First Place on the Top 10 this week. I will be going over their Recent Events and Breaking News that has happened to them over this past week.

Lets start off with the #1 Army on the Top 10 list right now. Ice Warriors. 

Ice Warriors

Recent Events: 

The Ice Warriors had a couple of events this week. One event that stood out was there Invasion of Sub Zero, which was their former capital. They maxed 30, and averaged 25 throughout the entire event. They challenged the Pirates who only appeared briefly at the town during the start of the event. Here is a direct exert from their victory post.

Today, we have successfully invaded our capital server back, Sub Zero. It was a pretty good event overall, considering that Sub Zero is a mostly empty server. We were at the Town, Snow Forts, and Plaza within 30 minutes. Our size average was 25 troops and our max was 30. Performance was great, and we had everyone perform our emote tactics well. This important event was worth 10 medals. Oh and, Waterkid and his small group of Pirates only appeared briefly at the Town during the start of the event.

Here is a picture of their Sub Zero event:

Breaking News: 

The Ice Warriors didn’t have much news this week other than their site getting hacked and some of their posts got deleted. Albert is currently working on getting those posts back up and luckily, they stopped the hacker before he/she could do more damage. They are moving on, and currently have a ton of events coming up to keep them active.

Light Troops

Next up, the #2 Army. The Light Troops had an Up and Down week, but ultimately in the end, they finished the week off well.

Recent Events:

The light troops had 7 different events this week, each event averaging 20 and maxing 25. One event, that stood out to me, was their 2nd Training Session. Here is what Ioio had to say about this event.

This training was actually alot better than yesterday’s. You guys were listening alot better and this time we didn’t have trouble with the rogues. We actually got ahold of the situation pretty well. There was this one idiot named “Frankie” who kept doing random emotes and screwing our tactics up but we made him go away pretty quick.

 Here is a picture of their Training Session event:

Breaking News:

As I said, they had an Up and Down week, it was because their Leader, Ioio “retired”. Here’s what he had to say.

Hey LT.

So as you know, in September, I said that i’ll stay with LT for 1 month. Well, this awesome month is over, and I must leave.

This month was really fun, we had a bunch of cool wars and we got profit out of each. We got the second place on the top 10 for 3 weeks out of 4, and everything went great.

Anyways, i’ll probably visit during weekends and I will most likely come back during the Winter Break. But for now, I am leaving, and I DO NOT want LT to die.

I have noticed this past week that all armies except us have been getting some really good sizes. Our troops are never on chat. Most of the time our chat has 4-6 people only, when it could have 20. We did not get one full chat since one week. We are struggling to get 20 on CP and nobody listens. If you guys keep going like this, this army is going to die out, plus I am leaving which makes things alot worse. I will not be here to tell you every single time there is an event because your memory is really shitty. It’s your choice, pay more attention to LT so we can become the great top 3 army that we should be, or let us die like this, shamefully.

The leader will be Mr Cool, and he can choose someone else to lead with him if he wants to. But you guys remember the horrible leaders we had last time (Tylund and Kooldude), who scheduled one event per week and didn’t even show up most of the time? I DO NOT want to see that again. Have atleast 4 events in one week, and keep this army active. Schedule some fun stuff, and have creative ideas. I know you guys can do it.

Other than Ioio’s retirement, they have a couple of events coming up this week to try to keep them active.


Finally, the third army fighting for that 1st place spot this week, The Doritos. They had an all around good week getting excellent numbers of 30+ at their events.

Recent Events:

The event that stood out was there Recruiting/Training Session on Beanie. Their results were stated as “Huge”. Here’s what Wwebestfan had to say about this event.

Today we had our recruiting/training session on Beanie, the results were HUGE.


We averaged 37, and maxed out over 40.

 Here’s a picture of their Recruiting/Training Session on Beanie:

Breaking News:

On October 3rd, The Doritos signed a Peace Treaty with Light Troops. Here is a Picture of the agreement.

 Here’s what Wwebestfan said on their website regarding the Peace Treaty.
We will be avoiding War with other armies for a while, and we will be planning Recruiting Sessions on 4 Bar Servers, to get our name more known and out there.
They will be having a lot of Recruiting Sessions and Training Sessions coming up this week to try and stay active.

Your Thoughts


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  1. What about ACP? :O


  2. [removed]


  3. LOL. ACP aren’t terrorists, maybe you are.


  4. Doritos!


  5. Way to put the worst picture for IW in there, and the best for DCP. Nice bias.


  6. yea i mean im all forI i hate the LT and doritos arent bad but alot of armies are stopping war and training, hopefully that means good for the tournament coming up, i LOVE CPAC scary showdown


  7. Ice Warriors


  8. You did iw`s worst pic -.-


  9. stop mumblin about tht,dcp did great and u knoe it


  10. Not to Mention that Most of the Penguins in that Pic are Rouges *wary*


  11. LT… what about AR?


  12. doritos are freaking huge


  13. Ar keeping first with dcp and lt can stay in 8th place


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