Ice Warriors Website Hacked || String of Email Hackings

As many of you may know, the Ice Warriors’ website was the victim of a hacking incident yesterday. The attacker, rumored to be Oldtroop with help from SaW, managed to gain access to Gordy’s email, allowing them to take over his WordPress account.

Once compromised, the attacker used the account to delete a large portion of the posts and all of the pages on the site. All of the pages were lost, however a number of the posts were recovered as they had not yet been emptied from the Trash. Thankfully, most if not all of the pages are still accessible through Google cached versions, although posts from mid-June of this year up until the start of October were not.

IW is still in the process of restoring its website as of the time of this post. If you need access to any content that was lost, you may check HERE to see if a cached version was recovered.

Cached version of the IW site at the time of posting

Gordy’s account was also used in an attempt to damage the CPAC website, although this had no success. It is not clear whether or not Gordy was able to recover his email. He is currently using a new xat account.

The situation with IW was unfortunately not an isolated incident. Later that night, former ACP Leader Rapidy had his email compromised and deleted, as well as his xat account taken over. Rapidy himself informed me of this as soon as he noticed. The hacker was later identified as Coff.

Further discussion with Coff revealed that his motivation was to bring awareness to the inherent weakness of email accounts of Club Penguin Army users in order for them to pay more attention to securing their emails. He has agreed to return Rapidy’s xat account and claims no responsibility for either of the other incidents.

Coff agrees that much of the “hacking” activity in armies is simply deception through intimidation. If people use their heads when securing their personal information and email accounts, this type of thing should not happen.

The third and most recent incident which took place this morning involved Blue1’s email, however this did not amount to anything either, as CPAC was not affected.

What we should take away from these three incidents is that it is not good enough to simply have a strong password on your WordPress, xat, or email account. It is also crucial to have strong security settings, namely a security question which is not known by anyone but you and would be impossible to guess. An even better strategy is to use a Gmail account, which has a 2-step authentication system requiring you to validate your identity with your cell phone as well as your computer in order to assure your account has not been compromised via the internet.

As Ice Cube almost said, “Protect yo self before you wreck yo self.”


19 Responses

  1. Nice post boomer


  2. Oldtroop, my old friend…


  3. This is what happens when a bunch of kids are stupid and have a easy password.

    Boomer: It has nothing to do with the password, it’s the security question.


  4. yea i disagree always make sure you got a stong password but why would you go hack someone anyway? what got nothing else to do with yoursef? come on now thats messed up


  5. This is what happens when kids have to much time on their hands….


  6. Wow for once, I actually feel kinda bad that this happened to IW. As much as they might not be the best army and most respectful army, no army deserves to be hacked. This hacking crap needs to stop.

    ~ Mr Cool 3866 (LT Leader)


  7. Well now Oldtroop is banned forever from cp armies


  8. Comment hidden


    • Yeah, getting security questions isnt really hacking, its more social engineering. Dont get me wrong, Saw does hack though,

      ~ Mr Cool (LT 1ic)


    • It’s funny how people like you think I’m 18 years old, meanwhile I’m not. Just because I have been in armies longer than you, doesn’t mean I’m 18. But, I can tell you this, I’m under the age of 18, I’m also not 17 either. I don’t get people’s security questions? That was Sneezy who got into Bluesockwa’s email with security questions, read the damn post. Thinking I’m obese? I’m actually skinny, have a girlfriend, go on xat on my spare time, and that is all. What do you do? Still playing Club Penguin like the loser you are?


    • Thought police at work.


  9. guy s if this dosent stop happening police could come in and take over they moderate every site and when they see posts like this they start to get into it a little so just watch yourselves


    • The police wont come to a kiddies game, only the FBI, they go into other countries thinking they can and arrest people and take you away.


  10. Boomer, can you also allow people to actually comment. There is something called free speech on this site. When your writing a comment, its says speak your mind, when I read posts, they ask what we think. Don’t block what people say, because you don’t like it.

    Boomer: I didn’t remove Nick’s comment, by the time I saw it that’s all it said, so I’m not sure what the original comment was.


  11. My e-mail was also hacked… not by these guys though.


    Thank god I saved them on another site.


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