Waterkid Retires from Pirates || ACP and Pirates War Over?

Earlier today, Waterkid100, longtime Pirates leader and a highly controversial figure in armies announced his retirement from the Pirates. ACP has claimed this as the end of the long running Pirates/ACP war, but the Pirates have said otherwise.

A seemingly very bitter Waterkid has this to say to the Pirates:

I’m retiring from Pirates because you guys failed the task I asked you. I am sick and tired of the [expletive deleted] I have to do, I am 14 years old and the [expletive deleted] I hear on chat is unbelievable and I had to put through it all this time. I just asked one task from you guys and you just ignore me and blame me for us losing, this is the stuff I had to put up with for a year:

  1. Owner(s) who go to bed at 7pm
  2. People saying they lost connection or their computer is lagging
  3. People who quit and join our enemies
  4. People begging for promos
  5. People always complaining and [expletive deleted]
  6. Everyone hating me (other armies)
  7. People constantly fighting during an event
  8. People logging on right when the event is finnished
  9. Owners who don’t bother to recruit
  10. Un loyal people who join more than 10 armies

Full post here.

Waterkid’s retirement comes at the height of one of the longest-running wars in recent memory, between the Pirates and ACP. Following his leave, Waterkid posted a poll to decide who would replace him as leader. However after discovering that ACP was reportedly trying to shape the outcome of the poll, and that some candidates were bribing for votes, Waterkid chose the leaders himself.

EDIT: I knew this poll was going to be a fail, because ACP is voting for Lucas and Doiz is bribing people, so I decided that the leaders will be:




ACP has claimed victory today, not only on the server Brumby but in the war overall. ACP 2ic Kingfunks claimed this agreement as proof of the treaty:


Next Pirates Leader or Co-Leader agreeing to our terms of war.

Waterkid has retired and Pirates have asked for an end to the war. As we wanted an end as well, we have agreed. All disputed servers will go to the original owner, as well as the servers lost. Basically, the only servers lost for the Pirates are Brumby and Alaska whereas ACP have lost no servers. This marks the end of a long war, against a tough dictator and UK force but we have pulled through and improved as the war went on.

However, in light of recent events, Lucas is not one of the leaders of the Pirates, and Waterkid has stated that they are still at war with ACP:

ACP you can suck my balls, we’re still at war with you [expletive deleted].

At this time, we have not confirmed from either army if the war is still on or not.


What do YOU think? Comment YOUR opinion!


CPA Central CEO

15 Responses

  1. Like

  2. skipping along the railroad


  3. finally


  4. i think he rushed his army to a level they couldnt measure up to based off skill and experiance. what they needed to do is traine and recruit not go to war with ACP or IW two of the biggest armies in CP with them only being a medium sized army. but in all honesty oi do feel bad for ths guy


  5. Waterkid is just like the old me : he gets mad to easily, he posts inappropriate and vulgar content on Pirates site all the time and he doesn’t treat his troops nicely enough. If he can change those things, he can definitively become a great leader.


  6. Lucas shouldn’t of done that hes the biggest idiot in pirates apart from me 😦

    Waterkid I’m sorry that i failed you

    ~Pongo3010 pirates 3ic


  7. its asamed to see water quitting pirates i will keep this army going for along time water i will miss you 4ever plz come bak! water me , gwen , bear wil be epic to this army and get around 20-25+


    • You’re the only god leader Will, you didn’t bribe and get cocky like Bear did meaning people like me didn’t get elected. Fail


  8. I agree with ioioioluk


  9. I Agree With Ioioioluk Too

    ————————–Andre Pirates LIT


  10. How do u get the grey background for certain parts of the post?


  11. he came back


  12. Blue I think I have an idea about this


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