The Official Retirement of 122344a

Today the army community sees the retirement of 122344a, a true legend of the army community, a soul we will never forget, but also a great friend. Read on for 122344a’s retirement post.

Where shall I begin? My beginning? The entire beginning, from start to finish? Alright….. In  November 2005, my brother had made a penguin. The penguin you know as 122344a. He played consistently until November 7th, that is when he gave me his penguin. I then played daily, often earning coins or just screwing around as such an 8 year old would do. I was primarily bored with Club Penguin until I struck it rich…

In April 2006, I saw Blue and Red, at the Snow Forts. I thought “Oh wow, this looks pretty fun” and I partook in a few battles. I found it to be very exciting and better use of time on Club Penguin then earning coins. I consistently joined these battles whenever I could, making friends and enemies. Those friends I had in Blue, I followed to other servers and told them to go to wherever the biggest battle I could find was. I kept doing this for a good month or two. Then in late July I grew bored. I quit Club Penguin for a little while then came back and found ACP. I was fascinated by their dedication and loyalty and decided to join for a little while. Around January 2007, I left. Then my friend Tb25, from the color wars appeared one day when I was on Club Penguin. He was my good friend in Blue, and I respected him a great deal. He came on just for a visit and we hung around for a few hours, then he logged off. I followed him onto a server about 2 days later. He was leader of a Blue descent, the Blue Buccaneers. He offered me as the job of his assistant, which at the time to him was our modern day 2ic. I attended many battles with him, but you see… He was a little off….. Slow, paranoid, and anxious about many things. I did not know how to act around him really. It seemed to me he was bipolar. May seem sad but I sometimes was afraid of him, and tried to avoid him at all costs necessary. When summer came, many troops came and I met Mr Geggie. There was something about him I admired and until this very day I cannot figure out what it is.

Anyways, as I was saying,  Mr Geggie and I got along quite well so as you would mainly do with a friend in real life, we hung out with each other and stuck together like good friends would. It was then until one day that Tb25 as we knew it threw a shit fit basically right in front of us. (Pardon my fowl language.) Tb basically yelled at us for not making one battle and he knew we tried to avoid him. Mr Geggie and I both quit, which then would engender the death of Blue Buccaneers.  August was a slow month for Mr Geggie and I, we did not do much involving armies. On August 14th Mr Geggie thought of the idea of AR and shared it with me.  He did not think it would go anywhere but I then proved him wrong. He asked me to do what I could with the idea, and I did. I created AR on the 18th of August 2007.  Now, due to this being my retirement post and most of my history is with AR, I will not tell every single detail of what I did with AR. If you would like to see that, refer to  Anyways as I was saying, from then on out I carried out my duty leading AR persistently. This may sound strange to you all but I still like to think back and look how far AR AND Club Penguin Armies in general and just think…. Just think about it as if it were a timeline. A timeline that I have been monitoring and closely watching since nearly the beginning. When I look at all of it, and I think, I am utterly speechless. The Club Penguin Army has been built upon supports, 8-17 year old kids/teenagers, functioning a cyber-community. When you look at it, we have some advanced organization for our age. We do have a few flaws, but I hope they are solved over time. Basically, this may sound sad to many of you, although…. The few of us left to have joined in around 2006-2008 have basically grown up with Club Penguin Armies. Our childhood consisted primarily of this amazing community in which we have created. In years when I think back, it will still fascinate me. Unlike most others, the reason for their leaving was “I’M TOO OLD D:” Nah. Nor is my reason family issues or personal problems. I am leaving because I am simply over it. This community still amazes me, although I do not believe I have a role here anymore. My role expired in 2010. My proper place was never found which is why I have been wandering, or mainly in a bad mood as many of you would say, and I apologize for that. I will not quit xat permanently and never come back, do not fear. I will visit not frequently, but whenever I may feel like it. Perhaps once every 2-3 weeks.

I now know the real reason you have read this, that is if you have come this far. My features, where I will feature all the people I have met in my career in Club Penguin Armies, who have inspired me, who I have respected, have come to know quite well, and my good friendships I have acquired with numerous people.  Where shall I begin…. I shall separate this into categories. Different armies (AR, ACP, IW, Nachos, DCP, LT, NW, DW, RPF, Ninjas, GD, TG, Watex Warriors, and UMA.) and Inspirations.


Vinny- Do not worry if you are reading this bud, you will be in the inspirations section also. You have been with me through thick and thin, a great soldier, leader, and most importantly a good friend. I truly admire you, and all that you have done for AR. My respect for you cannot be measured as it would go on forever. You are truly my best friend and we will keep in contact.

Buritodaily- The heart and soul of modern day AR. Without you AR would be nothing, I doubted you when you first came into AR but you proved me wrong. You are so dedicated to this army it truly amazes me. AR and I are very thankful to have such a great leader like you. I know we may have fights, but I hope you will put all of that behind you and I’m sorry for what I have said to you in the past. You are an incredible leader and friend, and I hope that doesn’t change.

Bluejays1236- You are in both the inspirations and AR section. We were truly great friends…. If by some chance in hell you are reading this I am eternally grateful for having your presence in the Club Penguin Army Community again, as it may be as something as little as viewing a post. You did so much for AR, and kept me going each and every day. You performed above and beyond the call of duty, and for that I respect you, and I hope we stay in contact.

Mr Geggie- What can I say, there may be no chance of you reading this, and if you are… Thank you. Words cannot describe how much I admire you, and all that you have done, from the most compassionate person from doing as something as little to as recruiting a soldier to being my right hand man in a war. Let’s face it… Without you AR would not exist. Your idea is the support of AR that continues until this very day. Thank you.

Russ10-  One of my favorite soldiers, I do not know where you disappeared but it is a shame we will most likely never see each other ever again.

Ryan- Gorillaz eh? Seriously though you are a troop I highly admire… You have your moments of disrespect but I see past it for what kind of soldier you are. I’ll miss you Ryan.

Bobster- I am not sure if you are still in AR or not, but you have always been a good friend. Stick around bud.

Twister110- Ever since 2007 you had stayed in AR, through thick and thin and were always there. One of my closest and dearest friends. I hope you come back to AR and finish what you started, I wish you hadn’t disappeared in 2011…

Sting TV- Not much to say, I hardly knew you personally. I mainly knew you as as soldier but I knew you were truly dedicated and for that I am much obliged.

TippyTyler- “Tippy what’s your opinion on 9/11″ Never gets old. You were a great soldier and one of the funniest I have ever encountered. You still visit at least once every 2 weeks, and you’re still mod which is quite odd, even your presence can be hysterical.

Juliansk8- I wish you never left, without you I would have gave up on AR and CP Armies a very long time ago.

Vikinggirl- You still do play Club Penguin, a damn shame you never found out about the whole community, even though you were a rogue in AR in 2007-2008. I’ll miss you.

Austin- You did many good things and many bad. It’s a miracle you even made it in the mentions… Although I do admire your leadership skills, and your mistakes cannot be undone. I know you changed and I respect that, I hope you and Bur and Slip lead AR through another Golden Age. The first one without me. Goodbye….

Khimo- I know you may hate me now, we sometimes get along, or sometimes consist of skirmishes, but I still admire you and I will miss you.

Bluesockwa1- I’m glad we have become friends, and that I have gotten to know a lot about you. I realize how great of a person you are and how lucky the CP Army Community is to have one such as yourself. Good luck man. I’ll miss you. 😦

Jonathan1218- You seemed to be a lazy-ass but I saw past that and I admired you…. Sometimes.

Sheep/Superaalden- “What the fluffy” Probably the funniest person I have met in CP Armies, next to tippy.

Wolfy10130- It is a righteous story of how we met, due to half of ACP hating AR ever since 2007. Suddenly when we became allies in 2010, you joined along with many other ACP.

Frigido-A great soldier and a great friend, I hope you continue to serve the CP Army community for years to come.

Smart Alec4- I respect you 100% You were one of the greatest AR soldiers I have known. You may not be reading this, but I hope by some chance in hell you are able to read it.

Freddy- Freddy, I highly appreciate your stature in AR. How far you have come, and I truly admire it. You are dedicated and loyal until the end. I will not possibly forget you.

Grant42- Not much to say, so I will not say much, but there are many reasons why I cannot forget you. For good and for bad.

Stew20- Be active again. I’ll miss you. :(

Shadowclub6- Shame you had to go, you were a great leader and a true friend.

Boofgall- I fulfilled what you wanted for me, for as long as I could. When you left you had begged me to lead AR again. I did so, and I hope you come back soon even though we may never cross paths again.

Teal- I will never forget you, I love you, and you have contributed to AR so much. Please do not leave CP Armies because I have. You mean so much to me and we will keep in contact.

Slip- You are a great leader and a good friend, you know naturally how to handle things and I admire that capability, stay in AR and CP Armies as long as you possibly can, they’re lucky to have you.

Jboy- We never associate much anymore, I know…. Seems like yesterday you were a Nacho battling AR on mammoth in 2009-2010… Ah those were the days. I will miss you.

Flo- As you asked you are here, do not fear. You have been a close friend to me for such a long time and I admire that you respect me and you are still loyal to AR. Have fun with your time in CP Armies.

Maks- I never got to know you well but I hope you stay.

Bigd3- You have been a good friend, even though we may have small arguments you still are a hell of a soldier.

Astropeace- Seems like yesterday you came onto AR chat begging to be mod… You learned, and now look at you. I’m proud of you.

Thomas- I know you may be pissed at me for retiring, I meant a great deal to you and inspired you. Just remember me, that’s all I ask. You have a future in the CP Army Community, just like each and every one of us, just have to find it.

Mooha15- What could I possibly say… You were a good friend, not so much leader, I don’t think leading AR in 2008 was exactly your calling. Sorry for overthrowing you. :P

Blueswill- One of the greatest leaders AR has ever had, I am extremely grateful we got to have such a leader like you, without you AR wouldn’t be as great as it is now. Thank you Blue, I’ll see you on PS3.

Darkstar262- Ever since 2008 we have been side by side. Through better and worse you have always been AR, and never pulled any disappearing acts on me. I’m proud of you. Not too long ago in 2008, Me, you, Twister, Russ, and Sting would fight all the time on CP…. I miss those days greatly… I will miss you dark and I will not forget you.

Bart Simp52- You were either the best or the worst soldier… I hope you become the best again….

Totojess1- I will not forget you and all that you have done for AR.

Yeryro- Fun guy to be around, you made wars fun, and in AR you were a huge optimist. I liked that. I’ll miss you bud.

Yaha Toure- What the hell happened to you? You were close to becoming leader in 2009, until you went Houdini on me. I don’t know if you are reading this but if you are… Please come back.

Remy Ego- Dedicated, Loyal, Trustworthy, and Honest. All words that describe you… I cannot forget you, even if I tried.

Meg- Don’t get along anymore. I’m sorry…

Grand123tx- Y U RUN?

Rob- Good/Bad memories with you, cannot decide which to think of. It’s been fun though.

Jake- *sigh*

Puppuplego- A good friend, you listened. That’s rare in CP Armies nowadays.

Derek- DEREK? You’re giving AR TO DEREK? If you got the reference then it is funny. Although seriously, I’ll miss you.

Lbk- At first I thought you were too good to be true, but then I realized you were real. Your loyalty and dedication is just incredible… I cannot possibly forget you. Please stay as long as you can…

Aaron- Nothing much to say… I’ll miss you, and I hope you stay in the community awhile.

Mustapha- “OMG ITZ A GOISE Z0MG H4XX!!!!” Seriously man, I remember when I first met you. You were obsessed over me convinced I was the biggest legend in Club Penguin Army history. Since then our friendship grew stronger and stronger each day. I hope you continue to serve AR well.

Ianroach- You’re one of my greatest friends, in AR and when we played Roblox…. Those were the days… Remember when you hit on me? *Wary*

Ibob2- How could I ever forget you, Ian’s greatest friend and one of mine too, without you I would have never re-discovered Ian.

Nightmare- Didn’t know you well, but I’ll miss you.

Step- Y U LEAVE?

Tymatt- No words…. Maybe some… Alright…. I’ll miss you. Let’s keep in touch.

Tactical Banana- You were one of my favorite soldiers, trustworthy and honest and funny… Until you quit over a PB….


Boomer20- We go far back, as we both can remember…. From when we first met in Mid-2008 as I would side with ACP or sometimes battle them…. Those were fun times…. I remember when we first talked about AR, I asked you to mention them on the ACP site, in your igloo.. You said you would… It never happened *Wary* Although you are a great friend, and the ideal renaissance man of the CP Army Community. Your personality and talents could not ever be mimicked. I hope we keep in touch, I will miss you greatly Boomer, as a friend, as an enemy, and as a great ally. Goodbye old friend.

Shab- We hardly ever talked, but when we did, it was always an argument. Stay pissed at me my friend. I’ll miss you bud. P.S Keep monitoring ACP.

Matre- Once a great friend of mine, I was devastated when you retired, sadly I have not seen you in quite a while. Take care.

Bobcatboy-A truly noble leader. I am glad we got to become such great friends, and over the time of your leading I got to know you quite well and what type of person you are. It was a fun journey and I hope to see you whenever I visit, because our memories are unbreakable.

Kenneth1000- I remember the days when you were a duck. We became very close friends after a while. We had a few arguments, but we saw past them. I’m glad we still talk on your occasional visits and I hope I see you when I visit again someday. I will not forget you. :)

Mchappy/Iceycold27- Starting as my greatest enemy, we gradually became great friends over time, and for that I am thankful. I remember all the laughs we shared and still share today, and I could not be happier. You are a great leader, and a great friend, I don’t know how anyone could possibly be as great as you. Hopefully when I visit sometimes you will be there, and we can talk more, because nowadays instead of arguing like we used to. A good laugh is just as good. :)

Ek- I was happy when you became leader, even though we hardly knew each other before that, it made me happy. Also we fixed our separation and became good friends. Continue to bring ACP back to the top. Good luck Ek. I won’t forget you.

Kingfunks4- I will truly miss you with all of my heart. We began as friends from CPAC then I watched you rise through the ranks of ACP, and I couldn’t be more proud of your skills and talents. You have proven to be a great friend, soldier, and leader. I know I can trust you with almost anything, a quality rare in such people these days. Trust. I will miss you Funks. Let’s keep in touch.

Ice Warriors

Iceyfeet1234- Ever since the dawn of Ice Warriors I have known you. Whether it was witnessing Ice Warriors on a server or in a skirmish, it was memorable. I’m truly glad we have come to be friends, and powerful allies. It’s nice to know IW and AR will always have each others’ backs. Due to our strong friendship, I also feel you and I relate somehow, whether it was creating an army, or the amount of time spent here. I hope we keep in touch Icey. I’ll miss you.

Alb- Didn’t know you well, we talked a few times but I respect you a whole lot. :)

Daleboxtel- Remember that rumor that went around that you died? Holy shit, I was devastated to hear that. I’m glad you’re alive though, you were always a great friend and extremely nice. I hope we keep in contact and I also hope you continue thriving in Ice Warriors. :D


Tanman626-  One of my best friends from Nachos, we had many arguments, but we also did get along quite well. Our cam sessions were also fun *Wary* I hope when I visit you will be there. I’ll miss you man.

Fido1625- Hello Frenemy. It all began in 2010…. Our battles were intense, I must admit and you are a truly dedicated soldier to Nachos. It is vague whether or not you are still in Nachos, but they are lucky to have you. Good luck in life.

Puck- You liked lemons right? Or was it limes….. Not entirely sure. I’ll miss you though :P

Zak- You admired me, then you began to hate me. I don’t know what I did wrong. Makes me sad. :( Although you were a great friend and I admired your skills alot and how far you’ve come in the CP Army Community. Keep up the good work. :D

Dash- I didn’t know you VERY well… Although.. We did have a few conversations and I enjoyed them. You seem like a good guy.


WweBestFan- I’m glad I met you, we have become great friends over the years. Whether it was the RT Chat scandal *Wary* Or siding with eachother in a war. Through these certain events it has strengthened our friendship. You have always been a great friend, stick with DCP. I’ll miss you Wwe..

Sccott- Lay off the xats. Get back to what’s really important.

Cul- Well… We go pretty far back, ever since you were a soldier in AR, then you grew. You grew up and thrived in Club Penguin Armies, and I am proud of it. Just keep doing what you are doing and do what your heart tells you to, and always remember, think before you do. It’ll serve you good.

Np3000- You were a strange one, but you are also a great leader. You remind me of Wg, except without the whole meg obsession *Wary* . I’ll miss you bud. It was a fun ride.

Light Troops

ioioluk- How far back we go….. How far away we have drifted…. Well it was fun knowing you in your prime state. BMA was fun, and when you were in AR was even better. I’ll miss you man, no matter how much we may have hated each other, it’s just a game.

Tylund1- Brother of Tymatt…… Don’t know how you began, and don’t know how you will end. Good luck in life.

Lila- You seemed nice, sorry I didn’t pay much attention to you though. Good luck wherever you may be.

Night Warriors

Darxia- Traitor :O Just kidding, you are extremely loyal to NW and a good friend. Good luck in the future.

Vendetta- Why hello there. I do not remember you very well, although I know your huge impact on NW. Those were the days…. Good luck.

Nick- I have to admit, you are very intimidating sometimes, but I saw past it. Good luck with NW, keep it rising. :)

Dark Warriors

SaW- Ahh, the memories. When you lead DW and I was one of the leaders of AR. Fun times, we would always side with each other in wars and developed a sense of friendship.  I’ll miss you man.

Albcoolio- Pure evil in a nutshell. Just kidding, lulz. You were an ideal hero to DW, always loyal, active, and honest. Odds are you aren’t reading this, but if you are. My sincere goodbye to you. :)


Commando717- My greatest friend from RPF. I was extremely happy to see you again when you trolled PR, live broadcasting their Steam was epic. Even though when we knew each other as rogues on CP, and we met again in 2011, I’ll miss you.

Stark- Remember me? Probably not. Damn shame you retired.

ATM- In my opinion you are an RPF legend…. I do not have much else to say, because I do not know what else to say towards you. Have a good life my friend.


Pochoma123- What can I say, from RFW to Ninjas we’ve been good friends. From PB’s to meetings. I could not possibly forget you and how great of a friend you have been.

Global Defenders

Pungy- How we met is a miracle, you have always been a loyal friend.  You will never be forgotten.

Flu- Go back to GD. Lulz.

Team Gold

Jerry- Shouldn’t have gone, TG changed without you, I am not sure if TG is still alive, although if you are stay alive.

Watex Warriors

Disco- Remember me? Most likely not. Alright, farewell.

Tap Dancer36- I admire how we met, and I admire your personality. Please bring WW back.

Wex- We had talked quite a few times, although for some reason I cannot forget you, you are just such a memorable leader. That and the fact we were friends for a brief time. Later man.


Teh Pie- How far back we go… Sadly our friendship has vanished suddenly. I admired you in UMA, and we became great friends over time. I know you are searching for your place in an army. Choose wisely if you are still on the search.

Notru- Hello horse. You have to be the 3rd funniest person I know in Club Penguin Armies, even though more than half the time you don’t try to be funny. You’re funny and a great leader, a marvelous quality. I also remember quite fondly of when you were leader… My god you are a different person when you are retired. I’ll miss you notru.

Lid- Did you retire? Yes? No? Alright.

Wgfv- Remember when I used to be afraid of you? *Wary* We came off to a bad start in 2010, but I’m glad we saw past it.  I will not forget the memories we have made, camming, battling, or debating. I was always there to help you with UMA issues and you were always there to help me with AR. You are one of my best friends, and I shall miss you with all of my heart.  P.S Animal Crossing


Dalton- I guess you took my advice from FB and decided to read this. Our time in the Color Wars was a journey that I will never forget. I am very glad we met again in 2009 and then until you vanished in 2011. Hopefully we will keep in touch through FB. You have meant a great deal to me though Dalton. From something as little as saying some small phrase… It somehow inspired me. You as a human being have inspired me, and your ideas as well. Let’s still keep in touch though man. Take it easy.

Oagalthorp- You were what kept me going, though you may not have known it. You did, just your ideas and actions are what kept me going when I followed you. I was glad to be a disciple of yours back then, even though you may not remember. It was a fun journey that could never be mimicked by anyone in Club Penguin Armies, because it was a once in a life time opportunity to serve with you alongside the wonderful army ACP.

Tb25- Yes, I know you were an ass at times, but you were the fuel that helped us think of AR. You may not have known it but you should have a sense of accomplishment also. There is almost no chance in hell you are reading this, and I should say I am glad you aren’t. May no one in Club Penguin Armies have to put up with whatever you pulled. Although…. At one point in time you were a marvelous friend and my own personal leader… It’s what I liked to think of you as, I hope you are having a wonderful life and farewell my friend. Forever.


To conclude this, I will not ever forget all the memories I have made here. This amazing community, the amazing people, and it’s function is incredible. Please, stop and appreciate it every once in a while. Also, if you are or already have considered leaving because I am leaving. Please do not, I will always have a sense of presence in your mind/heart. Before this does get too emotional, on my final note to all of Club Penguin Armies, I will not enforce this but it is a highly recommended suggestion. Many go on the internet to be whoever they choose to be, although many choose to be an idiot. Why? Make the right choices, do what you think would serve you and others best. Do what you can to serve others, your luck will come around due to that, you are bound to get served. To conclude this post I shall embed a few songs  for you to remember me by. Please listen to any of them you’d like or you may skip them.

Dear Club Penguin Armies: Thank you for this experience, it has been one of the greatest in my life. The journey seemed like it never would have ended, but all good things must come to an end my friends. You may read this when it is first published, or months later. Either way, I do not expect to be remembered and one of the greatest inspirations to everyone, I will not force you to nor will I ask you to, it is your own choice. What did I mean to you? Who will you remember me as? We all ask ourselves that questions about ourselves, at least once in our life we have, or in the future you will. What will be remembered as, may be an online game or your entire lifetime. It all depends on your choices, and these can be affected by your inspirations. Be positive guys, do what your heart tells you, not what others do. As this post comes to an end and I sit in my desk thinking “It’s all over” I also flashback to how long it’s been, nearly half a decade here, and it will all be over. Moving on will change my life dramatically, but I will move past it. I always will, all of you will be remembered. An experience such as this could not be forgotten ever in my entire lifetime and for it I thank each and every one of you. You may not even know it, but you all affected my life a little each day, could have been anything. I wish my farewell to all Club Penguin Army members, ever since the beginning to our modern day soldiers. It’s been a wild and thrilling and memorable ride. Thank you. Goodbye.



23 Responses

  1. Wow…. it’s hard to see you go.

    I haven’t really known you for much more than four or five months, but you have made such an impact on me during the time I have. While you are a great friend to me, I also view you as a mentor of sorts. Even when you might not think I’m listening that carefully, I am. You are a true legend and one of the best to ever grace this community, and many of us have had a hole drilled into us today by your parting.

    You are one of few people who did not hate me because of what I did here, and for that, I respect you more than anyone. I hope to see you around. Keep in touch, love ya bro.

    “Only if you had stood in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to stand on the tallest mountain.”-Richard M. Nixon


  2. Goodbye. A. My true message was left on AR site.


  3. why cant people just say bai
    farewell rare friend


  4. Bye! This is a real signal that original Cp army veterans are done for


  5. Good bye Friend


  6. 125 friend requests o.o


  7. GoodBye incognito


  8. I can’t believe your leaving. Yet, I never matured into being mature. I remember those vids, and they still give me nightmares. We never payed attention to each other, I’ll remember that. Your future awaits, like a couple more days from now 😛

    ~ Victory889


  9. A, I don’t know you very well, but you seem like a good guy


  10. How the hell did you get my opinion when I never talked to anybody? *WARY*


  11. This ACP supporter is a false legend, take this post off and his name off the legends page along with the other ACP supporter wwebestfan.


  12. I never knew you personally but during the brief spell I had in AR I could tell you had real history with that army. Sorry to see you go.


  13. The Club Penguin Crew is back!


  14. You should write a post about how his retirement affects the army community, not just copy his retirement post.


  15. I’ll miss you A!


  16. Thank you for the mention in the NW section A. I appreciate it, and I was fired sometime ago from NW just for going to school. I am sorry for betraying AR, and Burrito decided to give me a second chance. Well, thank you A, and I hope I will see you again someday.


  17. I don’t hate you bro. I haven’t talked to ya in ages. It’s been a fun ride, my friend. I’ll miss you. Your legacy shall remain, and your memory preserved throughout not only the Army Republic, but throughout warfare as a whole. I’ll miss you, buddy. Come visit old Zakky once in a while, won’tcha?


  18. I love you homie for ever and ever peace out bitches


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