DCP/LT War Ends in Stand-down

On Wednesday, October 3rd, ongoing hostilities between the Doritos of Club Penguin and the Light Troops died out amid overwhelming apathy. Both armies cite ‘boredom’ as the reason for the decision and have reconciled their differences for the time being. Army leaders Wwebestfan and Ioioluk met to discuss the terms of a mutual stand-down to give each army a chance to recuperate.

An agreement was reached to create a buffer period between wars, with terms bearing some similarities to a previous agreement succeeding a prior LT/DCP conflict. According to the terms, an honor system has been put in place where neither army will take aggressive action on the other at risk of forfeiting all their servers. Though this may seem severe, it is likely an attempt at damage control after the last more lenient treaty failed to prevent another outbreak of fighting. The treaty will expire in January, giving each army plenty of time to re-organize.

DCP and LT Leaders Meet to Discuss Terms


Arguably, the Light Troops have come away with the most profit from the conflict, gaining a total of eight servers. The DCP were hard-pressed to defend their servers from multiple intrusions by different armies during the war, and came away with little to show for their effort save for the contested defense of Matterhorn. The protracted nature of the conflict helped both leaders reach closure unanimously due to boredom among the troops and falling attendance numbers.

Whether or not allied armies will continue the fight in their absence is uncertain. We will have more details as the conflict unfolds. In the meantime, the fierce rivalry between the LT and DCP seems to have been sated by battle, and the treaty is holding firm.

Check back for all the latest information on the ongoing relations between the rival alliances.


What do you think about the future of LT/DCP relations? Comment with YOUR opinion below!


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  1. First.


  2. another reporter that calls me ‘LOIOLUK’…


    • Ah, I’m sorry. Let me hook you up with a free CPAC t-shirt as way of apology…

      … Is what I’d like to say, but the darn things are never in stock. You may have to settle for this picture I drew you instead.


  3. lololuk


  4. LT’s treaties are all helpful to LT.
    just pro


  5. Well ok i guess 😛


  6. bots everyone knoes they use bots


  7. its true musta and cpac dosn’t give a shit


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