The Formal Induction of CollinZfresh, Army Legend

Note: This post was initially published back in November 2010. CPAC was hacked soon after, and this induction never formally took place, until today. We have decided to repost this as a tribute to one of the most influential yet little-known Legends of Club Penguin Armies. If you would like to view this in its original form, click HERE.

**In case it was not already clear, CollinZfresh was inducted in 2010, this is NOT new, it is just a repost because of the lack of exposure it had back then due to the site being hacked**

For those who don’t know, CollinZfresh was the Founder and Leader of an army called PRA, or the People’s Republic Army. The army was founded by CollinZfresh on October 6, 2007, occupying what were at the time the Australian servers on Club Penguin. The army was born after the fall of GPR following their defeat at the hands of ACP, and PRA gained control of Australia. The army later allied with ACP, led by Oagalthorp, and the Ice Warriors, led by Iceyfeet1234, to defeat the Golds in a war following WWIII. Soon thereafter, through CollinZ’s incredible leadership, PRA quickly rose to near major army status. To those who knew it well, the government he created in PRA was one of the most well organized in Club Penguin Army history. His leadership produced great soldiers like Reallyred53 and Jedimaster17, who went on to success in other armies. His knowledge and advice however, benefited some of the greatest minds in Club Penguin Army history.

Army Legends regard him as brilliant. Oagalthorp refers to him as a “military mastermind”. And if you’ve ever sat down and talked with him, you’ll know that it was because of leaders like him that made the Golden Ages what they were. CollinZ retired on February 19, 2008, and PRA went through a difficult period with many different leaders, never being able to match CollinZ’s success. The PRA site was later hacked in early June 2008, it’s history seemingly lost forever. Not until I came across a site called had information from the old PRA site become viewable. It is my hope to make this historic army’s past back to the forefront of army history again.

I decided to interview some army legends to share what they remember about CollinZfresh:

Interview with Oagalthorp, ACP Creator and Former Leader

What do you remember about CollinZfresh?

I rememeber that Collin was a great leader of the PRA, but more importantly he was a genius when it came to army philosophy. When he told me about how armies would fall under the control of xat and there will be fewer and fewer “fun wars,” I didn’t believe him at first. But sure enough, almost a year later all of that happened. He was a genius when it came to that sort of stuff. And he was a really good friend of mine, up there with Commando and you.

Do you believe CollinZfresh is an army legend?

That’s tough to say. Was the PRA big enough or influential enough to earn him the Army Legend status? Not really. But if he is inducted into that prestigious club, it will be because of his revolutionary ideas on the future rises and falls of individual armies and the army community as a whole.

Interview with Mr Deedledoo, Founder and Prime Minister of the CPUN

What do you remember about CollinZfresh?

I remember him being the leader of the People’s Republic Army or PRA. This army was well-known; probably major-medium in size. It was considered one of the “big” armies. Judging by the way people have always wanted to revive the army, I think there was something special in the PRA – CollinZ’s leadership perhaps? I remember the time when Jedimaster17, Jarlo777, and lots of other people were running around trying to save the PRA from its tragic disaster. Sadly, no one succeeded in reviving that army. He was a good friend of the ACP’s.

Do you believe CollinZfresh is an army legend?

I certainly do. People looked up to him back in the days. He was probably the only leader to get away with his autocratic title. He is a perfect example of how a major army leader commanded and controlled his or her army during Oagal’s era. He had a way of getting his soldiers to be loyal to him. People feared his social impact on armies during the Reconstruction Era. CollinZfresh was a great influence to underground armies of the time and an influence to a number of individuals. The PRA was one of the originals. CollinZfresh was one of the originals. Collinzfresh should be alongside Oagalthorp, Commando717, Zippy500, Iceyfeet1234, Pinkmafias, and Dialga80.

Interview with Lorenzo Bean, Ice Warriors Legend

What do you remember about CollinZfresh?

CollinZfresh was a very intelligent and open-minded leader. In my eyes he was probably one of the greatest army leaders of all time, and it’s a shame that he isn’t recognized for it. I first met and befriended him in Spring 2008, when I was in UMA. Everything he ever said to me made perfect sense, and so I immediately looked up to him. Many times when I found myself in difficult situations, I would ask Collin for advice, and never regretted doing so. He influenced me in many ways that have helped throughout my Club Penguin army career. Maybe CollinZfresh wasn’t the leader of a well-known army, but he certainly was an incredible “military mastermind”, as Oagalthorp described him.

Do you believe CollinZfresh is an army legend?

Yes, he is without a doubt an army legend, despite not being famous like most people think an army legend should be. Collin established one of the strongest governments possible for a Club Penguin army, and had great tactics up his sleeve. He is not well-known because his influence is subtle. Some armies did try to establish the government he created for PRA, but they just didn’t have the right people to do it. CollinZfresh’s achievement of creating a government system that was simple, fair, and not complained about by anyone is quite remarkable.

Finally, I will leave you with some of my own experiences with CollinZfresh~

My experiences with CollinZ occurred after he had retired from PRA. While I was aware of who he was, looking up to him as a well-regarded leader when I first joined ACP in January 2008, I did not yet know him on a personal level. It was later, perhaps shortly after I became the Leader of ACP in November 2008, that I had my first real conversation with him. We discussed the state of ACP, which at the time was in the stages of reconstruction, as well as what I intended to do to restore ACP. I was happy to hear he believed much of what I was doing was the right thing to do , and he provided me with other pieces of knowledge that would prove valuable to my and ACP’s massive success in the following months. In addition to that, I asked about PRA and what it was like during the Golden Ages. My immediate thought after beginning our conversation was of just how brilliant he was. Everything he said made sense, and yet no one else had ever seemed to be able to reach the difficult conclusions we had always wondered about. Since then, we had the opportunity on a few occasions to talk more, about the state of armies as a whole. His ideas as to why armies had fallen were some of the best, and in time were proven to be completely accurate. But it was his ideas as to how to restore armies that really struck me, because this is the question we had and still have been asking ourselves for years. And I believe to this day he may have been the only person who understood what it really took to restore Club Penguin Armies to another Golden Age.

CollinZfresh has always been one of my favorite leaders, and I have so much respect for him. Our talks were some of the best I’ve ever had, and his advice will stay with me long after I leave Club Penguin Armies. Armies today need more people like him, and it is my hope that someday he will be regarded by all as one of the greatest minds in Club Penguin Army history. My deepest regret is that I lost touch with him in February, shortly after he had offered me to help him restore the PRA site. If by some impossible chance someone reading this is still in contact with him, please let me know. And Collin, if you ever read this, yes I would love to help you restore the PRA site. We all once believed that history to be lost, but together we can bring it back as a reminder of the remarkable legacy you left behind.

Your much appreciated friend and comrade,


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  2. seems biased but sure i think deserves legend


  3. All the new kids won’t know this.

    Boomer: That comment literally makes no sense since the entire purpose of this site is to report on things people don’t know about so they can then know about them. That’s how reporting works.


  4. Either get the power to actually induct him into the Legends Page or change post title

    Boomer: If you read the note at the beginning, you’ll notice he was inducted in 2010. If you look at the Legends page, you’ll notice he was already listed. This is merely a repost.


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