The Flying Flag of Injustice Edition Two

As stated by a famous philosopher many centuries ago,

Failure is the foundation of success; success is the lurking place of failure.

The man who wrote this way back when was Laozi, a great philosopher of Ancient China. Laozi was, in fact, a real, true-blooded philosopher. In something more than a game, though. Life itself. 

The Flying Flag of Injustice touched up on Bias, Unsteady Behaviors, and Fact versus Opinion, an aged on battle that will never see the end. Moving along with Part Two is another age old battle, Failure versus Success.

There are many “self-made” legends in our little CP Army Universe. There are many who believe they are legends, who have tried to be legends, or have made it to the golden path of legends. There are a few that claim they are the most legendary, with no experience or anything else of the matter, and even more who are legends who wish to stay out of the Hot Seat.

Now, Failure and Success fave crowned the regions of Armies since the beginning.

A popular subject is “claiming an army won” when they sure as heck didn’t. Our minds, which think theoretical more than philosophical, automatically believe that failure is not an option, stated by John F. Kennedy. The foundations of believing this are not yet known, but in several journalist’s opinions, the human mind just can’t handle the fact that it can actually loose.

Failure vs. Success

Failure will forever haunt the outer regions of our minds, letting us wonder whether or not we can loose in our glorious virtual world. Failure can be overcome easily, but as stated by Laozi, founding success within failure is as easy as finding a needle in a haystack.

Failure, the very word haunts people to this day.

Here are a couple interviews I snagged today about the subject of “failure vs success”

Interview With Jose, Light Troops:

I will be Red, He will be Blue

Mind if I interview you for CPAC?


What is the first thing you feel when you think of the word “failure”

Defeat. I think of ACP.

I mean an emotion.

Oh, I feel depressed. Disappointed. 

What is the first thing you feel when you think of the word “success”

well success is a different thing. You see success is teh oppisite of de ACP

XD Thank you Jose

no thank YOU bro

– – –

Interview with Gordy, CPAC Philosopher/Ice Warriors

I will be PinkHe will be Purple

Mind If I interview you for CPAC?

Fire Away.

What is the emotion you feel when you hear the word “failure”


Not a face *wary* an emotion


What is the emotion you feel when you hear the word “success”


Ok thank you *wary*

– – –

Interview with Spi, Light Troops

I will be GreenHe will be Orange

Mind If I interview you for CPAC?


What is the emotion you feel when you hear the word “failure”


What is the emotion you feel when you hear the word “success”


Thank you.

No problem.

– – –

Interview with Loot, UMA

I will be IndigoHe will be Sky Blue

(on main) who wants to be interviewed?


(in pc) What is the emotion you feel when you hear the word “failure.”


What is the emotion you feel when you hear the word “success”

Don’t Get Too Confident



Now, all these people had a wide range of answers. They were written in order that I took them. Jose being first and Loot being last. Now, notice something about all of them. Success always has a better emotion than Failure.

Imagine you are on a street corner. This is what the corner looks like:

(I am not claiming rights to any picture in this post)

Here is what we try to make it look like (until we realize it does not look like it):

Yeah, these two look nothing alike, right? So, why is it that in our own little world, we still act like “Failure is Not An Option?” It most certainly is. Armies fall, empires crumble within the ranks of…what now? FAILURE.

Now, not everything ends in failure. Some things end in success. But remember what Laozi said. Success is burned within failure. Everything is bound to fall off that unmarked street corner at the end of it’s journey.

Everything ends with a




Moving right along, that’s all I have to rant about soon. Going off topic, Satire is on it’s way home. It just lost it’s bus ticket somewhere along the line.

Signing off, Riot.


All Rights to Respective Owners (not me)

10 Responses

  1. Firsty


  2. mach-when-fired


  3. The red one has a point *wary*


  4. You have run out of thing to talk about.


  5. Why do you only talk about philosophy? It bores me, but I still read your posts anyway. -_-


  6. jose. he is blinded by making every emotion about beating or thinking about acp. now if you look at spi. he is more straight forward. he said his emotions for failing and success. he did not talk about acp. see there is a diffrent type of LT troop. there are the type like jose. he hates acp and blaims every thing he douse bad on acp. but there are the type like spi. he only thinks about acp when at war with them. I like the spi type. 😛


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