New Staff Members || Announcing the New CPAC Review

The results of applications are in. I am pleased to announce that we are hiring 5 new staff members today, though none as VP. Instead, the new ranks are as follows:

CEO: Blue1 & Blue2

Vice President: Zak

Associate Producers: Riot and Delcrux

New Reporters (old staff who were not fired still are not included here): Braveboy, Superoo, and Asdfghjkl123

Staff, please check your emails for your accounts.


In addition, we have recently reached an agreement with Spade, Editor-in-Chief of The Review, an army-based newsletter that has been in publication to a small group of people since 2006. Spade published The Review on a bi-monthly basis, and took it into secrecy when CPAC was created, so as not to been seen as a competitor. Today, he has been sending it to only a very small number of people throughout the community, mostly economical and political influences around the army world. This magazine was recently brought to my attention, and together we have agreed that CPAC will be shutting down our old weekly email newsletter and replacing it with a highly updated page.

Going forward, Spade will be updating regularly with editions of The CPAC Review on this page. The Review is a opinionated, sometimes even satirical or economical column that will not always report fully news, sometimes opinions, sometimes be highly biased, and always be entertaining. Please check the page for further updates and issues.


CPA Central CEO

16 Responses

  1. Since when was Economics Involved with CP armies?


  2. And so your identity is revealed at last, Editor Spade. I will admit to losing some sleep over it after our interaction yesterday. Always nice to work with professionals; looking forward to seeing what this comes to.


  3. ya im just a regular reporter


  4. OH AND First. My first first!


  5. Thanks Blue!


  6. lmao, you guys call yourselves the CEOs now? you do realize that this is a website that reports on Club Penguin armies, right?


    • Hi, Jake
      Believe it or not, CPA Central is indeed an online community built around a lot of hard work with the purpose of distributing services in the form of news releases and a great place to hang out. By definition, we are in fact a business, though a small one, and we do have CEOs. Our mission is not to dissimilar to any online gaming blog with a targeted audience, and thus we need a command staff. I hope this helps answer your question.



  7. Blue, please send the invitation to my new Email,
    Thanks 🙂




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