Pirates Form the 'Avengers' Alliance || IW and ACP Defeated on Sub Zero || UCCP Chat Hacked

In response to the alliance formed last week by ACP, IW, DCP and previously AR (who have since dropped out), the Pirates have formed their own alliance to combat this growing threat. Pirates leader Waterkid had this to say in his official announcement:

Alliance name: The Avengers

Just so everyone knows the alliance status I am going to sum it in this post, the current armies and INVITED armies in the alliance are:

Armies in the Alliance

  1. Light Troops
  2. Pirates
  3. Dark Warriors
  4. Club Penguin Night Divers
  5. United Country of Club Penguin

Armies invited in the Alliance

  1. Nachos
  2. UMA
  3. Metal Warriors
  4. Pretzels
  5. Tostitos

At this time, the participation of most of these armies, even those listed as members, is unconfirmed. It is also unknown at this time if these armies will be acting as one force or fighting separately like the ACP/IW/DCP alliance is. When asked for comment, Waterkid, Pirates leader, had this to say:

To fight off ACP and their stupid allies.

More information on the armies in this alliance as it comes.


Several hours ago, ACP and IW faced off against the Pirates for IW’s capital Sub Zero. Being that IW is a mainly US army, while ACP and Pirates both have sizable UK forces, ACP agreed to help IW defend the server from the Pirates. Immediately, as the battle began, something was wrong. Kingfunks4, ACP 2ic, was the only IW mod rank online, and thus was forced to lead both IW and ACP simultaneously in the fight for IW’s capital server. Once again, even the two armies combined had difficulty matching the Pirates’ size.

Below, Pirates use an E+K bomb in line while ACP counter with :I faces.

 Here, Pirates use E+G in line, while ACP/IW appears extremely disoriented.

Following the battle, Waterkid had this to say:

We invaded Sub Zero, and I would like to say, once I saw the Ice Warriors troops I laughed my ass off. […] Well, we did very good, and even Kingfunks was having trouble controlling the nooby troops.

Then Kingfunks came to his senses and admitted defeat 18 minutes into the battle.

NOTE: He was the only moderator on the chat so he was in charge of the battle

So we have taken Ice Warriors capital, Sub Zero. They will obviously try invade it back, so I am thinking of letting Light Troops keep hold of it for safety.

Kingfunks4, ACP leader, said he did not plan to post on the results since it was technically IW’s battle.


In other news, UCCP’s chat was hacked earlier today by someone claiming to have taken over the account of leader Yey. More recently we received an update that the chat was once again under UCCP’s control. More on this as it develops.


What do YOU think about the new alliance and the results of the battle? Comment YOUR opinion!


CPA Central CEO

20 Responses

  1. i feel bad that my army lost their capital. but when making an USA event, most troops are in SCHOOL at 2:00 guys so next tme dont schedule battles until like 630 7 EST. anyways, thanks ACP for the help we appreciate it. and you pirates went down crying the last time ACP was at war with you your army shut down completley. so be ready for that again waterkid. and you LT i hate your army too


  2. I agree Schedule with better times


  3. I believe CPAC is biased bs and taking sides in this war , never did they make a post of the servers IW and it’s allies had captured.


  4. Pirates know they can’t beat any of the armies in fair times, so they decide to invade in UK friendly times only. And then on the top ten, they complain they’re lower than the army they beat in UK times.


  5. UK armies invade at UK times and other time zone armies invade and there time zone now tell me whats so hard to understand? englands not gonna magically float closer to us -_-


    Stop being so whiney.
    Pirates won a battle and most are too proud to admit they lost to an army who is made up of UK troops. Accept defeat like men. Not like little baby boys who have hairless cheeks.


  7. More on UCCP hacked chat is we gained control Xeldra who hacked chat left. I just want to say if you see Xeldra around, leaders have to watch out. He hacked me badly. I lost some friends thanks to that no good hacker. Xeldra if you see this suck ball. His IP is xeldradude. I just hope that all other armies are safe. He said something about “I don’t want power i want to be a known hacker.” or, “I don’t want power i want to have people be afraid when i come to them.” things like that. At first it was fun and games when he came to the chat and i guess it was midday friday all US at school. And a UK troop and a troop from somewhere else. That troop no longer likes me. She thought it was me (xeldra was using my account) and not xeldra. So then he started to dox me and hack me…. then more people got on i got on and saw someone was on my account. So we got it back and its over now.


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