Pirates Battle ACP/IW/DCP for Breeze

Yesterday, as the Allied War v.s. the Pirates/LT rages on, ACP and allies faced off against the Pirates for Breeze, formerly ACP’s capital server, its ownership is now somewhat disputed. It is the first in a series of invasions/defenses that the Pirates have launched in yet another attempt to break the allies with ‘Destruction Week’ invasion schedules. This is a follow-up in recent developments in various wars around armies, where ACP, IW, DCP and previously AR as well (they have since dropped out), joined forces to help each other in their respective wars against LT and the Pirates. Since then, the Allies have been acting as one at their various individual invasions, as they did here. On a similar note, LT, Pirates and UCCP have been assisting each other at various invasions as well, thought as of yet there is no word on an official alliance.

This invasion was considered a UK event by most of the armies, but even with ACP’s sizable current UK force, they only just managed to match the Pirates in size with DCP and IW’s help.

Below, ACP use E+H bombs in line, while Pirates show off superior sizes in an L-shaped line.

Here, ACP Joke Bomb another Pirates line.

And here, Pirates with a perfect E+G, while ACP are lined up next to them.

Once again, both armies claimed victory on Breeze. ACP 2ic Kingfunks had this to say:

At today’s UK event we only managed 8-10 on CP, whereas DCP managed 2 and IW helped with one soldier. However, combined we had about the same, maybe a tad lower, sizes as the Pirates. […] our tactics edged ahead of the Pirates […] I was not impressed by our CP size compared to chat size, but it was enough to keep Breeze away from the Pirates.

Pirates leader Waterkid posted:

Today we battles Doritos, ACP and Ice Warriors. We obviously won, maxing sizes of 15. The ACP struggled to max 8 and had help of Ice Warriors and Doritos. We beated them three COMBINED and we happily took ACP’s capital Breeze.

Pirates have several more invasions scheduled throughout the week, and ACP have scheduled a cleansing of Breeze later this week to cement their ownership of the server.

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CPA Central CEO

5 Responses

  1. ACP clearly lost. Even though I don’t really like the Pirates, I say they won.


  2. wasnt there but if this was just an ACP battle i mean those are the best sizes you could get to defend the capital breeze? but yea pirates dont think im on your side cuz you and the LT are the enemy in all this


  3. Pirates are acting as if this wasnt un-fair for the other armies .-.


  4. I think ACP won on tactics


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