What's Really Wrong With the ACP

This morning, retired ACP Leader Flipper made a post explicitly detailing the “14 Things Wrong With ACP”- of course, CPAC did not go unmentioned. Because of that and because of the fact that this has gone on long enough, I’ve decided to make my own post. The top five things that are wrong with ACP.

Number Five

  • An Incomptent Praise of Retirees- Abusive moderators and owners, moreso the fact that the Leader(s) of the ACP either don’t care or don’t have the guts to stand up to this.

Number Four

  • A Pathological Hatred of CPA Central- In the first time since Woton that CPAC has not been under a Head currently serving in the ACP, the ACP has grown a pathological and unchanging hatred of this very site. If you do not respect us and our work, we will not report on you and your work. And I don’t really care if you think it’s bias, if you think it’s corruption, I don’t really care if the entire army community is standing outside my door with a pitchfork and torch. And if the ACP would really like to ignore our Top Ten, it can be done. If you don’t want to be mentioned from now on, I have no problem with that.

Number Three

  • A Tribal Mentality- kill or be killed. This plan to invade any army for any reason whatsoever worked perfectly for the ACP back when they averaged 40+, but now that they average five- well, let’s just say it’s not a good idea.

Number Two

  • Ideological Purity in Ideals and Actions- the idea that what has been done before is right, and that others are wrong. One could go even further to say that some 60% of the ACP are in denial- see, the first step to solving any problem is recognizing there is one. The ACP will not accept that they are falling, and simply throw the blame onto CPAC. For that reason, let me just say this: you may be able to say whatever you want to the noobs of your army, and they will believe it. Unfortunately, the Top Ten is simply closer to the truth than it’s ever been- it will never be entirely factual, that is impossible- and if you don’t like these so-called “opinions”, perhaps that is more of a comment on your record than my bias.

Number One

  • The Silent Majority- The biggest thing wrong with the ACP today is that sensible, smart ACP, the very ones who should be standing up to this radicalism, have thrown in the towel on sanity and consequently fallen into the mob because a.) they don’t want to lose their promotion, b.) they don’t want to lose their support base- whether through the owners or lower soldiers- or c.) they do not believe anything can save ACP now. Well, I am calling for the silent majority to stand up. The “pure ACP” is becoming the classic ACP.

Will the real ACP please stand up?


CPA Central CEO

38 Responses

  1. dude idk who you are but you are so right on brothuh i agree completley with every workd you said, CP is falling over but they got so cocky over the years that they cant recognize it, and i know i was in the army for 2 years and i retired last week because of it. your straight up my man good post let them hear it


  2. Blue, I have to agree with every single word you sadi there. I will wait for ACP to begin raging on this post.


  3. yea same here dude great job on that post and i would know i was an ACP soldier for 2 years but i retired because of these reasons


  4. Purple Dinosaurs. That’s all I have to say about this post. Purple. Dinosaurs. If you have anything against Purple Dinosaurs, you are an idiot, who has no hats. Yeah, I insulted you using hats, got a problem with that? You gonna rage at me like you did in this post? ANYWAY back to the point, I hate the haters of Purple Dinosaurs. The next president should be a Purple Dinosaur. Who agrees?


  5. inb4 old acp legends making huge comments in defense of their preshus army


  6. -Stands up- =)


  7. I agree! Some one needs to do something, ACP is slipping into the abyss.


  8. nah, leave acp as it is, why does everyone care about ACP when they fall, what about Nachos, they are legendary but their falling, everything is stupid ACP


  9. We don’t hate CPAC, we just hate you. And are you going to delete this?


  10. Behold……….



  11. 1. This is you complaining about me banning you every time I see you.

    2. How did this make ACP fall, hating CPAC? It’s not a problem.

    3. Plan to invade any army? Aren’t they only at war with Pirates? Got that wrong.

    4. Everyone knows in ACP they are in a fall, I stated that quite clearly at the start of my post, maybe one you didn’t have the courtesy to read.

    5. The sensible ones are the ones that are doing something about “this fall”, and the ones that are actually standing up saying there is something wrong. People are already doing this.

    And how has this become news? From the “head” of CPAC I expect better, and only news, as I’m sure you weren’t hired as a philosophical genius. “im hed i do wat i want” Well, this is CPAC, you report news, not create opinions, the only reason people visit CPAC is for the top 10 and for what is happening in other armies because they are too lazy to research it.


    • 1. And I’m not allowed to have an opinion about that?

      2. It didn’t.

      3. At the moment, ACP is only invading Pirates, but for a while they have been going against mutiple armies, i.e., towards the beginning of said fall ACP was at with with UMA, LT, and Nachos all in close proximety of each other.

      4. That would be why I said “60%”, mostly the lower ranks of the army, who still expect for the army to be first every week.

      5. Well good for them.

      That would be the reason for it being filed in the philosophy (opinion) category. And what people view CPAC for is, in its entirety, impossible to pinpoint- and if that is your opinion, so be it.


      • 1. It’s not a problem if it only happens to you, I hope you realise that the world doesn’t actually revolve around the Blues.

        2. You’re saying it’s a problem with ACP, that they have to like CPAC to be a fully functioning army.

        3. At the beginning, not doing it now, so can’t be a problem if it is no longer happening.

        4. Erm, not really. I still think everyone knows that we aren’t doing the best, but may come across as though they think we are doing good as they are trying to be optimistic about the situation.

        5. So this one’s also invalid if it’s good for them, as that’s what you wanted them to do, so you didn’t have to put this one right?


        • 1. Nothing does or ever will, very simple.

          2. The problem with ACP, as stated, is that they say CPAC is simply bias for putting them in the low area when they are clearly falling. The people who do not like me are, of course, exempt from that.

          3. Well seeing as it has taken a toll on the army, I still felt the need to take note.

          4. Noted.

          5. If those people are doing this, are standing up in a much vaster majority, than yes.


      • uhm… burn? I guess?


    • I’m psychic


  12. deleted my response. well done.


  13. im in lt and cppa


  14. Literally just did a shit which was more accurate to the current situation of the ACP than this.


  15. I know this will get deleted straight away, but…


    The point being, calm the hell down.


  16. This truly is awful. Really, really awful. The ACP is falling, and there are many things are wrong with the ACP. But you didn’t mention any. You had a massively CPAC centered post which gave the impression CPAC was still the government of armies. It isn’t.

    (Just as a foreword to this, the CPAC standard has gone downhill. There has been no news. I don’t blame CPAC for the stagnation of armies. but the amount of scandals the CPAC has been in recently, just little niggly internal things, has gone off the scale. In short, the CPAC has performed so poorly recently, with a lack of posts and a lack of post quality, it’s not so respected anymore. It’s no doubt that a lot of people don’t take it seriously anymore)

    I’m not an active soldier of the ACP but I ally myself with them, being a retiree. I like the ACP and want it to do well, to look good, and to be good. I care about the Top 10. Of course, on the surface, nobody really cares about the Top 10 unless they’re first, but everyone cares. But in the end, you just have to move on. If an army gets 7th they can’t sit all week shouting at their troops for getting 7th. The natural reaction is just to accept the ranking and move on. It’s not like the ACP don’t realize they’re in a rut. They struggle to get 15 at events.

    Carrying on, if the ACP sat there all week, generally going on about the situation and how they’re doing awful, everyone would get bored and depressed. So people are positive. The leaders are positive. They are not “covering up the truth”. They know the sizes, their troops know the sizes and I bet that the ACP leadership is trying its best to get out of the depression. What do you think we’re going to pour our time into, shouting at the Blues?

    Regarding Number 3, the paragraph is stupid, frankly. Recently, the ACP has been at a lot of wars. Look to the route of them. Is it because the ACP is being power hungry and invading every server in existence? Is it because the ACP is constantly at number 1 and abusing the power of its name? Is it because the ACP troops openly and regularly go to other army chats to harshly laugh at their opponents?

    No. It’s because the other armies still hate the ACP for something that is morally right (on the ACP’s part) . For being slightly nooby, and letting young people in, if they’re raised in a background where it’s wrong to talk about some stuff for whatever reason. There’s an age old mantra that the ACP are a bunch of noobs who don’t deserve anything. It’s wrong, the ACP works just as hard as anyone, whether they’re aged 9 and are blindly following orders or are leading in their mid teens, they work just as hard as anyone else. And currently the ACP is failing, but the wars still continue for the age-old (and probably out of date) stereotypes. The ACP is repeatedly declared war on, for being who they are. Sound reminiscent of various historical events?

    I can’t even be bothered to deal with the last 2 paragraphs. Basically, the ACP leaders, moderators and members know that the ACP is not doing well. And they’re trying to deal with it, supporting their leaders along the way. It’s how an army works, wouldn’t you say?

    I hope you read and at least listen to my arguments, however diluted and long, and then go back to writing school newsletters about making pasta.


    • SRS BSNS


    • This is one of the best and most sensible comments made on this post. CPAC’s recent scandals have gone off the chart, and in working to fix them, we are sometimes creating more. The truth of the matter is that it’s much easier to ignore all complaining of outaide armies, but eventually it reaches a point where it must be dealt with, as did the issue with LT a year or so ago.

      I would also like to note that ACP has never assumed to be the governing force of armies, and accusations such as those have been the very thing I have worked to diminish since I became Head. Regarding the Top Ten, I do also agree. I do not ask leaders to lie to their troops, however lieing to your troops and simply putting the blame on CPAC are two different things. I do not mind things like this being said on ACP’s chat- it is their chat and they are free to do as they please. However when posts start to go around, I start to ponder why I should respect ACP’s work if they do not respect me.

      Once again, thank you for some actually helpful insight, instead of just complaining pointlessly.


  17. Want to know what’s really wrong? CPAC.
    1. CPAC heads told me that they make and don’t delete anti-ACP posts because it “pleases the audience”. As a news site, they aren’t meant to be a helping site, they are meant to inform and instruct the viewers on NEWS. This is not news and a post by a reporter like this under my headship would be deleted, no matter what army it may be on. CPAC are just trying to please, not report on battles.
    2. CPAC heads hardley post on news, I rarely see a news post from them. Blue and Blue2 seem to sit down, rage at reporters, rage at ACP and anything else and then blame the reporters for CPAC’s demise. I’m sorry, I never did this when I was head, I went out and looked for ANY news there was. You needed me to tell you that?
    3. CPAC needs a fix, now.


    • 1. This was never said, on top of the fact that if I recall, you were the Head who deleted posts you didn’t like, deleted comments supporting said post, and said on ACP chat quote, “Anything I don’t like on CPAC, I can get rid of it.”
      2. Blue2 has actually been extremely active recently- I, of course, have not. However when I am on, I would love to be simply writing a post, but there is always an issue to deal with.


  18. I didn’t think ACP had a problem when Funks was head…. I also don’t think ACP had a problem when they were 1st in the Top 10…..




  20. I’m not raging Gordy. I’m above that
    ACP Division General
    Retired SWAT LIT (1ic)
    RPF Warlord (4ic)


  21. […] What’s Really Wrong the ACP (restored temporarily in […]


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