LT and DCP Battle on Outback, Half Pipe, and Snow Fort

As the latest in a series of battles in the LT/DCP war (which yesterday saw the development of a massive alliance), the two armies faced off on 3 servers today, but only actually battled on one. LT claimed victory on both Half Pipe and Snow Fort, saying DCP were ‘no-shows’, however DCP responded with this edit earlier:

To the LT: You do NOT own Snow Fort, nor Half Pipe. The Half Pipe invasion was invalid due to no 24 hour notice, it was switched instead of you invading Fjord. SNOW FORT was given to the Ice Warriors, get your facts right.

Either way, LT posted pics on both servers, claiming ownership of each.


Earlier today, the armies finally met in battle on the DCP server Outback. As the first actual battle of the war, this is expected to set the tone for the rest of the battles. Note that because only LT posted results, all pictures will be from their site.

Below, LT bombs with suns while DCP counters with hearts.

Here, LT is using sad faces while DCP lines up on the chatbar below.

Following the battle, LT leader Ioioluk had this to say:

We won once again against the DCP. This time they actually showed up, but we still defeated them. DCP claims we used allies (Pirates) because Waterkid was there. When will all those idiots understand that Waterkid is our3ic? Anyways, i’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. It’s a clear LT victory.

When asked for comment, Wwebestfan, DCP leader, had this to say:

LT brought Pirates. We have proof. DCP won Outback, but lost on North Pole.

Again, another disputed battle. Both armies claimed to win, for different reasons. But what do YOU think? Comment YOUR opinion! 


CPA Central CEO

14 Responses



  2. outback was a battle for americans, and pirates are an european army. how could pirates help LT? DCP and AR use this excuse at every battle…


  3. Is anyone else noticing that the Bullshitness of CP armies is getting higher with each war…..


  4. The 24 hour rule is always a stupid excuse.


  5. i hate LT and pirates in my opinion there the enemy of most CP armies, because no army likes them


  6. In my opinion, DCP are right. What do you actually expect ME to say? I am an IW and I am on DCP’s side. Plus, I have many good reasons to hate the LT.



  7. Well Light Troops used Pirates again.


  8. IW saw the war OMG it was insane!!


  9. LT declared war on us because they wanted excitment and needed to stay active but they brought pirates,used bots/another account,face it they did we have proof


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