Medals, Clovers, Snow Flakes & Badges: Are They Beneficial?

Medals,Clovers,Snow Flakes, & Badges

What is this  boy scouts?

If you haven’t noticed since the beginning of Summer armies have been dishing out what is basically currency. Medals,clovers,Snow Flakes,Badges whatever you want to call them they are a basic form of reward to a soldier who attends a battle/invasion or a session of any kind. Now the question is:

Are they really beneficial to the army?

So far in most armies who use this technique exchange this “currency” for a promotion,which they most likely do not deserve. Before this to get a promotion in any army you would have to WORK for it,not just go to a battle and expect something in return. And at the end of the month you would or would not get a promotion for your work,but that is okay. That drives you to do a BETTER job the next month and hope to get what you really deserve. What this new generation of troops recruits deserve is a brick to the head, it is a shame how easy it is to get moderator on chat now a days. And how so many of those moderators can’t even formally lead like the famed veterans of armies,


Also,since leaders never truly keep track of how many medals a soldier earns they expect them to be honest enough to say how many they really earned. Bull! Example:

Reality: NoobSoldier1234_I_like_Pies_Snowflakes:2

Fiction: Noobsoldier1234_I like_Pies_Snowflakes:56

This system is an abomination,a mockery to the veterans who built up these armies,leaving the ignorant leaders to create something ridiculous as, this leaving those who worked for a their rank far below their deserved rank. While the lazy,foolish soldier who claims that he earned these badges sit at the top trying to lead when he/she is the reason everyone refuses to come BACK!

Is this how you want your army to fall?

Take ACP for example 70% of the troops rarely attend unless they gain clovers but rush up the ranks faster than anyone else. The 30% that attends the battle actually participates and doesn’t get what they deserve or detests this type of practice.

The greed of the soldiers is what causes them to become the high nobles who eventually fall to the pits of hell.

Will more of the Top 10 Armies give into the pressure and resort to this disease? You decide in the comments below.

I Bid You Adieu


P.S.: Fellow Reporters and Philosophers START POSTING DAMN IT!

13 Responses

  1. Lol the army wouldn’t fall *snaps* just like that,armies keep track of people and their medals/snow flakes/whatever you call it,we aren’t just dumbnuts(xD)that don’t care about our armies,and about our medals. =|


  2. ok?


  3. Its used to get soldiers to battle. It doesn’t judge the loyalty of soldiers, etc. Because now soldiers like to get rewarded for their attendance.


  4. We have snowflakes in IW and now people are getting mod too quickly because you get like 5 snowflakes per battle


  5. I’m in the 30% that doesn’t get credit for coming to battles.
    But I’m not in ACP though.


  6. I personally thought it was a clever idea. Balances the way of promotions better and reduces inflation of ranks, instead of just giving a WHOLE promotion after a battle you can give about 30 Clovers/Medals/Badges/Snowflakes etc. So it is basically half a promotion and many are fine with it. It isn’t all that bad, it engenders the reduction of inflation and keeps soldiers happy.


  7. The system is flawed because we have to take someone’s word, and most people would lie for a promotion.


  8. Its sort of right, sort of not. See, you might not notice how long a troop has been in the army for so the coins and badges tell you, the more you get the more you have been there. So that helps the leader. But yes, most people will lie and say they had a lot when they didn’t.
    On the other hand, it does make troops feel like if they come to 5 events and get a few badges they can get a promotion. It makes the troops greedy and a greedy troop is not what a leader deserves.


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