Army of Club Penguin and Pirates Battle for Klondike | Pirates Leader Tired of War?

On the 23rd of September, 2012, ACP defended their important server Klondike from the Pirates.  ACP and the Pirates have been in a raging war for a while now, and there have been many intense battles, including the ones leading up to a Saturday full of battles.  Who won the battle of Klondike?  How will it affect the war?

This was a heated and intense battle between ACP and the Pirates.  At the end of the battle, the Pirates claimed to have won the battle, while ACP claimed the battle was a draw, so the battle remains somewhat disputed.

Below, ACP does the heart emote while the Pirates begin to do the mad face emote in the Town.


Below, the Pirates do mad faces while ACP does the ice cream emote in the Mine.


After the battle, Ek, ACP leader stated the battle was a draw in a post on the ACP site:

The event ended in a draw after we weren’t so awake in the second half. The sizes were not very good today though they were an improvement from yesterday. We wont be getting a good spot in the top ten so we need everyone on chat to get recruiting.

The Pirates claimed to have won the battle, stated by Pirates leader iwaterkid100 in a post on the Pirates site:

Hey Pirates, today we DOMINATED on Klondike. I didn’t expect us to be THIS fantastic. We maxed around 31 people and averaged from 20 – 25. I will like to welcome all the new recruits to the pirates army, I hope you guys enjoyed that wonderful battle :D

ACP claimed this was a ”draw”. ACP maxed 17 people while we maxed 31, they averaged around 14 – 16 and we averaged 20 – 25 and they call it a draw? we absolutely won on Klondike server, and it’s still shared by our 5 allies :D

Today, iwaterkid100 made a post on the Pirates site.  The post stated that he was bored with the war with ACP.  The following was taken from the post:

I am getting bored with acp, specially when they think they win all the time when they clearly lost. I am thinking of ending this war because it’s getting boring invading them again and again, IT’S NOT OVER THOUGH, I’m just THINKING of ending the war because it’s just boring, comment if you think we should continue the war with ACP or we should go to war with another army, and comment saying what army we should go war with

*we’re still at war with ACP and we’re still invading*

It appears that he would rather go to war with a different army, probably because the two armies have been at war for a while now.

Comment with YOUR opinion.  Did the Pirates win, or was it a draw?  Do you think the Pirates will end the war?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

15 Responses

  1. Didn’t notice this post because of the stupid stickies


  2. ^


  3. pirates didn’t get over 20, but they did win


  4. ^ the next person to comment is awesome.


  5. Tomato, you didn’t even put Pirates best pictures. This is really biased, since you didn’t even put a picture where the Pirates are doing a perfect tactic. And believe me, I took a few pictures.


    • I do not understand how this post is biased. I simply stated the facts. I did not put my own opinion in the post. If I said that “I think ACP won because it looked like they had bigger sizes,” then it would be biased. Because neither army admitted defeat, I did not state a winner, so this post is unbiased. If an army wants specific pictures used in posts, they can put on their site, “NEWS SITES: Please use this picture in news reports.” Good day.


  6. If Waterkids tired of war MAYBE HE SHOULD STOP PROVOKING IT?


  7. well Pirates won thats for sure… im in pirates btw im a mod


  8. Pirates won, acp just keep saying they win all the time, why cant acp accept the fact they lose. :/


  9. draw


  10. gween thats actully not true because for example LT claims win over every battle when they use bots and such and acp admits defeat sometimes but by the pics it looks tied


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