Behind Behind IW: Unmasking the Unmasking

Two posts have been made voicing Ioio’s accusation of IW using Riffy888’s twitter and chat to gain recruits. It remains unknown whether or not Riot was influenced to make these posts under a bribe. But until we find out, here is what CPAC didn’t tell you, mainly because Riot isn’t in IW.

UPDATE: Once more investigating Riot’s post, there was one part that confused me:

Is this supposed to be a reaction to Icey’s tweets? Because apparently this is Joee trying to get Alb to end the war, not to participate in an interview about Icey’s motives about using Riffy to recruit. I thnk Riot has been very misinformed.

Before I am accused of bias towards IW simply because I am posting on their behalf, I’d like to acknowledge that Icey has been friends with Thumbee (Riffy chat main owner) for quite some time, so there really isn’t an excuse not to get brainwashed by Riot’s post unless you’re smart or something. If you aren’t satisfied with the quality of this post, you can spend the rest of your life assuming that Icey gets ALLLLL of his recruits from that one chat.

The myth I’d like to debunk is the accusation that Icey has been using Riffy’s Twitter account to tweet about invasions and defenses and reasons to join. You might remember this picture:

Riot/Ioioluk blatantly insisted that Icey was posting this on Riffy’s Twitter. I’ll bet the majority of you readers didn’t even bother to check Icey’s own twitter account, where he tweets like this on a daily basis. 

Furthermore, the Background preceding the “scandal tweet” was the exact same background in Icey’s Twitter page, proving once and for all that he has not been tweeting on Riffy’s account. I’ve pointed this out in the picture below. 

And in case there were any doubts, here’s Riffy’s twitter page.

He’s currently TRACKING ROOKIE, not helping IW become the #1 largest army in all of CP. And yes, look at his background, it’s plain dark blue. No resemblances there.

So even though there have been scandals in the snow in the past (I admit that I’ve botted for IW for fun and idiotic purposes. Times long gone, Penguin Storm is dead, screw off), in this one somebody has actually bothered to dig through the snow to find out what’s really happening. If anybody from Riffy follows Icey, it’s most likely that he spends a lot of time there making friends and then getting them to follow him. In fact, it’s much harder for somebody to recruit using twitter than to just recruit on a chat. And speaking of chat recruiting, I’d like to keep the outcome of that ambiguous. The main part of Riot’s post was that Icey had been using Riffy’s account and I have successfully proved his argument wrong. The final part of the post I’d like to debunk is that accusation that Icey had told people on Riffy chat to go on Jack Frost for a battle. It was probably a coincidence, as with those ski goggles I doubt Riffy would be able to see anything. But how does that help IW in any way? These are noobs going on a random server looking for a bot, not Riffy-Crazy fans going on CP to join IW because Riffy told them to. If anything, it’s probably collateral damage since some of these people might actually end up joining the other side. Why would Icey do that?


Answer: He didn’t. I’d hate to remind you, but once again he HASN’T been posting on Riffy’s twitter. Riffy’s twitter never said anything about Rookie being on Jack Frost. Trust me, I checked his tweets all the way back to the 18th. Nothing other than “Rookie has been found”, which could be anywhere.



This is what I think: Riot based his entire post off of accusations from LT and a guy. He even says so in the beginning of Behind IW 1 that more than six people helped him throughout the post and even supplied pictures for him (I take all my pictures myself like a true journalist). It’s mostly just LT trying to frame IW for cheating, much like how Nachos tried to frame ACP for hacking their chat.

And before I am accused of being biased, I am simply elaborating on the IW side of the story. I am investigating on the behalf of IW and because I want to, and of course only Icey helped. Why would I ask LT to help me prove their theory wrong?

Of course, this post WILL be updated based on what kind of information I get from people and others, in case guys like Cul8 decide to comment on this post saying that it was filled with false information when it really was actually outdated.

~War News has Come Home

17 Responses

  1. inb4ltragers


  2. 🙂 Riot is a Nigga


  3. so much better now that both sides have been exposed.


  4. It is perfectly acceptable to establish both sides opinion’s. Overall, no matter what Icey is just trying to recruit. Like I say “The army that doesn’t recruit, is the one that dies the quickest”


  5. LT’s theory is on our site since a few hours now…


  6. Those noobs don’t last a day anyway.


  7. No.
    Just no. You don’t insult viewers at all.


  8. Bribe? Investigation? Gordy you didn’t realize that ONE icey accepted.both posts, and stated five times, multiple people showed these pics. TWO is everyone knows I HATE ioioluk so I wouldn’t except bribes to make him look ggood. I asked icey before making the post, I suggest you ask the person your trying to ruin next time.


    • I’m not trying to ruin you, you aren’t the person at fault here. But you simply cannot deny that you made a major mistake here trying to accuse icey of using Riffy’s twitter.
      EDIT: Bribe part was for drama ^.^ I never said explicitly that you WERE bribed.
      EDIT2: Icey actually linked me to Riffy and his Twitter, basically letting me make the post.


  9. Gord ur the only good reporter


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