Politics in Armies

A good portion of you 5 viewers know who Riot is, if you don’t I’ll link his posts at the end of this. Why I mentioned him was because he had an idea for how to possibly improve armies. Personally I think it is a poor idea but that is my opinion. If you want to know what I am talking about, continue reading.

Now the Idea Riot had was to cut out Club Penguin from Club Penguin Armies and go pure xat. Make all armies instead of Clans or Countries, states with CPAC the capital. Right from there we would have issues due to the people who don’t think CPAC should have as much influence as it does. Under this, CPAC would play the role of the Capital for armies, and the armies would be under CPAC rule. But let’s go past that.

Next is the omitting of Club Penguin itself. Yeah the past year has become increasingly difficult for recruiting on Club Penguin, but a couple of the old armies still do it, and that is how we get our noobs.  This picture here are the top army results I got on google for when I type “Club Penguin Armies.” Obviously ACP, IW and Nachos are up there, for they are the Big 3. Along with them is good old CPAC and DCP. Scroll down more and you get NW, Ninjas, CPA and an incomplete army wiki. Making armies pure xat will let the Noobs get bored, cause when I was a noob back in 09 with IW, I wanted to go on Club Penguin with people I knew, not lounge on a chat all day talking about <censored>, <censored> and <censored>.  Now How would we fight if we stuck on xat all day? We couldn’t go onto Club Penguin and fight because that is no more. Besides our Size on Club Penguin is worth most of our score for the top ten and many armies recruit to increase that number due to poor chat activity and/or site activity. Now let’s look at the guidelines Richard Nixon uses to rate armies:

  •  Size= out of 40. This accounts for 40% of an army’s score in any given week- it is the average size, not the best size. Armies do sometimes get above 40, but it’s very rare. Sometimes, if there’s extra points that were not scored in the other categories- say the army got sizes of 45- then 5 more points would be added.
  • Tactics= rating out of 8. This rating is then multiplied by .25, which gets an army its score for tactics. For instance, a 7/8 rating equals 21.88, 6/8 equals 18.75, and a perfect score, of course, is 25 even.
  • Chat Size= rating out of 25. Very simple= whatever the average chat size is throughout the week.
  • Posts= number of posts out of 14. If an army has more than 14 posts in any given week, the number remains 14. 13-14 posts gets you 10 points, 11-12 posts gets you 9 points, and so on.

Size, not chat size but overall size. It is worth most of the points one can get for the top ten average. If we were to negate the Club Penguin Size from the top ten, many armies would change, ACP for example would drop. IW, Nachos and armies that have tons of people on chat would get the top, while armies that rely on rogues would die off. I present the chat sizes for 7:30pm EST on Friday, September 14th for the top ten made Monday.

  1. Ice Warriors: 20
  2. Doritos: 11
  3. ACP: 18
  4. Army Republic: 12
  5. Nachos: 18
  6. Pirates: None
  7. UMA: 8
  8. Pretzels: 14
  9. Light Troops: 12
  10. RPF: None

Pretty sad? None of the armies would be huge or coordinated anymore. How we would fight would be chat raids, something noobs would struggle to understand and something armies can easily defend against. Now Tactics are becoming big in armies, and if we do not use tactics we will fall back into old habits of pure size.

Now I am going to bring up another thing I hear a ton of <censored> about. Is there too much government in armies now? I decided to ask a couple of people on UMA and WW chat what they think.

Do you think there is too much Government in armies?

Coolster114: “Yes I do”

Percyjackson2: “I don’t use government”

Sora: “I… couldn’t Care Less”

As we see they either don’t care or think there is too much government. In my opinion, Government has became too involved in armies. CPAC should not be the head government facility, but more like Switzerland or Geneva, a neutral area where rivals and enemies can come to discuss stuff. Also it should be a hub for info on armies, battles, philosophy and Tournaments, not the place to decide who wins or not unless asked by armies warring. CPAC, should be the notice board of armies, a place where you can get info and access to armies and stories, it is here to help, not here to rule. 

That is all I have to say today, If you got any opinions feel free to comment them and I would love to hear what suggestions you have for me to talk about for philosophy. It is difficult for me to come up with topics for essays in real life and I find it easier to write when I have a topic.

Until next time, тαρ ∂αη¢єя36, нєℓℓ’ѕ вєѕт


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19 Responses

  1. Go Tap! Go Tap! Go Tap! Nice post Tap 😛


  2. No comment




  4. dude. Tap pimped riot out!


  5. I agree.


  6. I only have one suggestion for you Tap, and that would be to try to limit your usage of the word “now,” for you seem to use it quite often.


  7. When I was leading, I didn’t really use government… and the only reason i’m commenting this is because as I look on the legends page, most of the people on that page didn’t really use government either (except Commando and most of the Acp legends on there). So, I wonder if that says something? Like… does government even matter?




    baa, D=
    -Btw, it doesnt seem fair to just look at EST, since some armies would have more ppl of another opposite time zone ._.
    just BAAying 😀


  10. Bye purp.You have always seemed like a really nice person though i havent known you long 🙂


  11. This post has been approved.
    Government in armies? Heh, it’s dying out and some troops don’t even know every type of government there is yet.
    I think that if we lose CP as part of our community, we wouldn’t stay here together. Probably in the future we might have to move to other browser games.


  12. Nice interestimg post…


  13. I’m not really sure what I think of this post, now that I think about it.


  14. It’s Club Penguin armies…. Calm down. Lulz.


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