Light Troops Declare War on UMA

On September 13, ioioluk, also known as leader of LT, declared war on UMA, stating that UMA would be a great match for their rising army. Ioioluk stated this in his declaration of war post:

Ioio’s reason for declaring war on UMA

So it seems that ioioluk believes that by defeating UMA in a war, they will be able to rise higher in the top ten.

The Underground Mafias army responded to LT’s decision by posting their defenses a day later, and also stating the following:

UMA’s response to LT’s declaration of war

The first shot fired in this war was when LT decided to raid UMA’s server Bunny Hill, a 5 bar server. This event was unscheduled, and the results just made me fall off my chair.

LT destroying the room with an E+2 nuke bomb

A NUMBER 8th army maxing 30 in an unscheduled event on a full server? Even the Ice Warriors do not max that at unscheduled events. Although many argue that Blizzard has been using bots, reporters have been looking into it. But throughout this event, the UMA were not seen at the raid at all, and there is no doubt that LT created a very successful raid on an important server of the UMA empire.

On September 15th LT decided to help Pirates defeat ACP on the server Walrus. Although both armies said they were victorious, it is obvious that LT, Pirates, RPF and UCCP were larger than AR and ACP throughout the whole battle. Just to tell you, the battle was a mad house, and if you were there, you would have been killed in the first 15 seconds. Here are a few pics:

A total war zone as side 1 (LT’s side) performs an E+8 while side 2 (ACP’s side) performs an E+C bomb.

The sizes of both sides, with both sides having 20+, although side 1 has 15 more than ACP and AR

Guess what? No I am not done, because later that day LT still decided to do the PB with UCCP, and there is no doubt to who won. Again LT maxed over 30, claiming to have 33.

LT with over 30 troops in an anchor formation performing an E+8 tactic.

Now back to where we left off, UMA have had no events this week, judging by their pictures, however 6 days ago they had an unscheduled event where they had 20+ as seen here:

UMA “drilling” on the Ice Berg.

By looking at both army’s recent events, I think that LT should step up in the game, as UMA is just no match with LT’s 35+ and perfect tactics. We just might see a new army hogging the first place in the top ten, and there is no doubt that LT is rising… and really fast.

I have decided to finish off this post with two interviews, in fact the first ones I have ever done. However, instead of asking the leaders, which is a bit boring, I have interviewed 1 soldier from each army to see the soldiers point of view of the war.

I interviewed Tryme79, a member on LT chat  to find out his opinion of how the war will be going:

I am bold, Tryme79 is italic

Hello Tryme can I interview you for CPAC?


What is your opinion of the outcome of the war against UMA?

I’d say we would win but we haven’t had any battles with them yet.

How long do you believe the war will last based on the sizes of your last events?

That right now is unkown.

Do you believe that UMA is a good match for you guys at this point? Your sizes are pretty high compared to UMA.

Not at all. LT will crush them.

Last question: As a soldier in LT, do you believe that Ioio will be able to pull off a miracle of 40+ as he did 3 months ago?

yes indeed

Any last comments?


Next I interviewed Zak, a former UMA leader. I understand that he is not a soldier, however no one was on UMA chat.

I am bold, Zak is italic

Hello Zak, I need to interview you.


What is your opinion of the outcome of the war against LT?

Well from a non-biased standpoint, I’ve seen LT get sizes of 30+ on their site, so if Np, Mach and Blue can pull off some bigger sizes, Light Troops may take victory.

Why do you think Derek accepted LT’s challenge?

Well, by his thinking, it would mean that UMA could rise from this war. It’d give the troops motivation to go on and succeed. That’s why we declared war on ACP, back when Coolster, Derek and I led UMA.

As a leader in the golden ages of UMA in June, do you believe that UMA could pull off a miracle and max 35 as you used to?

In my opinion, it’s far from impossible. We’ve shocked the army world before, and I think that with two spectacular UMA veterans and one of the most powerful people in the warfare, we could very well go back to maxing a whopping 35+.

How long do you believe this war will last based on the sizes of UMA’s past events?

This war won’t last more than a month, but I expect it to be one hell of a war.

Any last comments?

(No answer from Zak)

Sorry for this extremely long report, but I hope this pays off my in-activeness for the past week. Sorry, but I was very busy moving. Stay tuned for battle reports on the LT- UMA war. Bye for now!







20 Responses

  1. Good, post! -claps-


  2. This indeed is gonna be a good war.


  3. inb4LTuseallies
    and that pic is NOT 35+. More like 20. Don’t even lie to yourselves, LT.


  4. 1. Ioio is not anti-American, he just ultimately believes in stereotypes about us.
    2. UMA has Waterkid and others who ultimately talked harshly about Jews, etc.


  5. my first interview,yay!


  6. Ah, the scalene triangle.


  7. Unfortunately, the war ended the day this post came out.


  8. Wow, first un-bias posted I have seen on CPAC in a while. Didn’t take UMA long to start trying to shoot it down.

    ~ LT Supreme Commander – 1ic.


  9. Like the Top Ten that was posted yesterday, this post seems VERY biased towards LT.


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