Jace: Happy Thoughts

Hello the sophisticated,and the idiots who can’t understand a damn thing I’m typing.

Jace: Happy Thoughts

Yes,I’m back ,school has well changed my routine in posting so let’s get this start CP Armies. 

To clear this up to all of you,the Pretzels have ended the war with ACP and are under a new leadership,onceagain Pain has been thrown out of an army which he has forced into battle with an iron fist. It seems the tables have turned on Pain, who promotes that ACP is Anti-CP ,now it seems that the Pretzels are Anti-Pain,Heh.

Today I was Interviewing Braveboy who has returned to lead  along with the two other Pretzel Overlords who have experienced Pains wrath.

I am Dark Blue,Braveboy is Orange.

Hello Brave.
What did you think of Pain's Leadership?
I thought he did pretty good as a leader.The only problem he had was that he always yelled at the troops and treated them with no respect.
What made you want to come back?
Well, I finally got a computer and I seen how well Pretzels was doing and I wanted to be apart of that.
How do you feel about the past war with ACP,with the Pirates and the Shadow Troops participation?
Well, I can't really say much about that because I really didn't know what was going on at the time but, I know that the reason we were having the war was to get Pain to step down and now since he's gone, I believe that the war is over.
If you were in Pain's position would you do the same thing or the complete opposite?
If I was Pain,I would've stepped down.
What are your plans for the future of Pretzels?
Well,I am planning to rise Pretzels back to the top 5 and keep a spot there.I have already recruited some old pretzels back and we are planning for a huge rise.
Thank you for having me here Brave.
Thank you. 🙂


This is five days old but I just wanted to clear this up for those who truly don’t understand.


Okay, everyone calls me racist etc, but would you believe ACP is racist to BLACK PEOPLE and JEWS?

Okay, Kingfunks himself is a RACIST. He made fun of Pain [PRETZEL LEADER] comparing him with Adolf Hitler and using the Hitler picture, and he also made fun of BLACK PEOPLE.

Picture of him being racist and impersonating Pain (refering him as HITLER)

Flipper, a retired ACP leader (I think he and kenneth should be leading ACP instead of these idiots) told Funks this was banned, which was good of him. Funks however is a stupid 12 year old who thinks he can do whatever he wants since he is a former ACP leader and ACP 2ic.

Funks also made a racist statement in his ”victory” post of Mittens (although Pirates kicked their ass)

Now this is all nothing but hogwash,though the ACP Leadership responded:

*The ACP is not saying that black people are bad or anything, we are just saying being brown on a VIRTUAL, ONLINE game is not good. It’s two different complexions and we do not endorse racism. Any racist comments to black people will result in harsh punishments.

Now as I was looking through that post I found a picture containing this penguin right here who’s name has been blocked


After seeing that I got a little curious and took a good look at the Pirates Ranks page which is astonishingly spacious and found this picture:


Click on it to enlarge.




Will Pain continue his pursuit in ending ACP?

Will he join Pirates and get another ally to continue his goal?

You decide in the comments bellow.

I Bid You Adieu.


5 Responses

  1. I can’t read the interview.


  2. Yeah.


  3. inb4pretzelswilldiewithoutpain


  4. OP IS A F.A.G
    nuff said


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