ACP/Pirates War: Saturday Destruction

The ACP/Pirates war has raged for some weeks now, and this newest set of invasions has both armies on thier toes all day today.

As the war rages on, the Pirates and ACP have been invading back and forth all week long. Pirates have planned a massive string of invasions on ACP this Saturday morning, streching continuously from 5 AM EST to 2 PM EST (10-7 GMT). Following this, ACP is invading the Pirates late tonight. At the time of writing, 3 of the invasions are already finished, with another one still in progress. According to ACP’s site, the scoreboard remains close, with ACP having won 2, and Pirates 1. But while the war rages on all day today, let’s look at some of the battles that have occured over the past week.


Monday: Battle of Mittens

Winner: Disputed

In the first invasion of the week, ACP fought the Pirates for control of Mittens. Both armies claimed victory, and had similar sizes and performances. Out of this came a post, here, where Waterkid claims the ACP are ‘racist’. He has been accused of such in the past as well, usually by ACP. The penguin pictured in the Pirates post, Dabestpengu2, has been claimed to be a soldier of the Pirates by ACP, though this remains unconfirmed.

Tuesday: Battle of Big Snow

Winner: Disputed

Pirates 2nd invasion of the week was on the server Big Snow. Once again, both armies claimed victory. Due to the full server, the battle was held on Klondike instead. Pirates outranked the ACP in size, but generally had poorer tactics than them.

Wednesday: Battle of Klondike

Winner: Pirates

In the first non-disputed battle of the week, Pirates have captured the longtime ACP server Klondike. ACP had allowed Klondike as a neutral server for all armies to use, and now that Pirates have taken it they have set some new rules.

 There would be rules for this too, we will share the server KLONDIKE to 5 allies, everyone else does NOT ”share” Klondike anymore due to the fact Pirates now own it. ACP has to remove it from their nation once they get the chance to, the 5 armies that share Klondike with us (10%) are:

  1. Light Troops
  2. Metal Warriors
  3. Pretzels
  4. Team Gold
  5. Club Penguin Night Divers

CPAC and any news site will continue to do tourneys and stuff on the server, if ACP decides to invade Klondike ALL the armies that own this server will defend.

ACP did not release a post about the battle, but Ek did admit defeat at the end of the invasion.

Thursday: Battle of Alpine

Winner: ?

This invasion was scheduled along with the others by the Pirates, but since neither army posted on it I can only assume it was cancelled.

Friday: Battle of Snow Bound

Winner: Pirates (Possibly Disputed)

Once again, the ACP did not release a post on this battle, however based on Waterkid’s victory claim and the sizes Pirates posted, we will assume ACP admitted defeat.


As of the time of writing, only 3 of the Saturday Destruction invasions have been completed, but for the sake of completeness I shall include them here.

Saturday: Battle of Sled

Winner: Disputed

The first invasion of the day was early for both sides, being held at 5 AM EST. Both armies claimed to have won this one, and both did indeed perform similarly.

Saturday: Battle of Outback

Winner: Pirates

This was a fairly short battle; ACP didn’t have the size to fight, so Kingfunks4 conceded defeat early.

Saturday: Battle of Flippers

Winner: Disputed

In yet another disupted battle (seeing a pattern yet?) both armies claimed victory on Flippers. Again, it was still an early invasion for the US troops, but as we reached the 7 AM mark we start seeing some EST begin to wake up. Pirates were superior in size for most of this battle.


So, as the ACP/Pirates war rages on, the Saturday Destruction continues all day today. The results from it will play a deciding factor in the course of the rest of this war.

What do YOU think? Comment YOUR opinion!


15 Responses

  1. looks to me like Pirates won everything.


  2. looks to me that both armies suck……. I mean pirates defintley did better than acp, but either armies are really doing bad right now or acp just sucks at the moment. But, it’s not just acp, I mean look at AR, Nachos. The only army doing good right now is Ice Warriors.


    • i think CP armies in general are low on people.


    • your an idiot. AR just got 35+. xD


    • Yes. I know. I agree 1000% with you that land IS more valuable than sielvr in absolute? physical terms. I would not have had to get into Ag 4 months ago were it not for the colossal stupidity of the American public, endlessly voting for Republicrats and Demopubs who keep giving power to banking terrorists and the Fed to print money like crazy (but not give it to your or me, but to the banks and CEOs). So, yes the need for Ag is purely an artificial one.


  3. Clearly the Woton Warriors won every battle.


  4. Pirates are better than acp because school is going on some armies are dying because of that and I think when schools over acp will be back and big


  5. You didn’t put down the last battles where Pirates didn’t show up …


  6. Okay ACP, how can you not admit defeat at Flippers? You were outmanned 1 to 4. Tactics don’t win that


  7. overall it looks like pirates are winning.


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