Top Ten Armies Summaries

This post will sum up each armies performance in recent times and sum up how they are doing and what sizes they have been getting. Although there is a summary in the top ten, it will be more of a bullet pointed summary with the basic facts. Also, if you are a reporter or head of site (Blue1/2) I suggest you read the end of the post now. 

The top ten saw the IW keep the top spot, while the DCP and ACP rose into the top three and the LT/RPF entered the top ten once again. In an interesting top ten, there has been many events going on within the armies.

 Ice Warriors

Current Leader(s): Albert

Top Ten Army Rank: 1st

Average Size: 35+

At war with: Pretzels/Pirates

Extra Information: The IW retained the top spot again and are asserting their dominance in the top ten with ACP’s absence in this spot. Iceyfeet is still acting as a main adviser and is gradually taking away his presence from the army. The IW are pulling away from the rest of the top ten and only the DCP challenged them for first this week.


Current Leader(s): Wwebestfan, Alfrondo1465, Mustapha10, Cul8rsl

Top Ten Army Rank: 2nd

Average Size: 25-30+

At war with: Pretzels

Extra Information: The Doritos have reached their highest point as, for the first time, they have reached 2nd on the top ten. They were a fair way of the Ice Warriors but had a much better week than the ACP and the DCP are overjoyed with their position on this top ten saying “We are aiming for this to be DCP’s strongest age, help us out to achieve it!”

Army of CP

Current Leader(s): Ekpenguin9

Top Ten Army Rank: 3rd

Average Size: 20-25

At war with: Pretzels/Pirates

Extra Information: Nowadays it is no surprise to see the ACP in a war, as many armies see the ACP in a desperate situation and try to make the ACP fall down. For the first time, the ACP are pleased to find themselves at 3rd after being 6th for two weeks in a row. The ACP’s next ambition is to “challenge for first”.

Army Republic

Current Leader(s): Buritodaily, Slip

Top Ten Army Rank: 4th

Average Size: 15+

At war with: Pretzels/Pirates

Extra Information: The Army Republic are turning into a constant top five army, as they normally are since they were created in 2007. The AR are part of the fight against Pain in the Pretzels army and are also helping ACP’s fight against Waterkid and the Pirates.


Current Leader(s): Puckley, Chrisi Blule, Beeky128778

Top Ten Army Rank: 5th

Average Size: 15+

At war with: N/A (Vote between AR, Pretzels and UMA)

Extra Information: After almost the whole summer of being first and second, the Nachos have fallen to the bottom of the top 5 and are at risk of falling to their lowest point ever, 6th. However, after a recent event they look like they are on the rise again and will challenge for the top 3 spots once more. The Nachos don’t seem to be doing too bad at the moment.


Current Leader(s): Waterkid100, William112

Top Ten Army Rank: 6th

Average Size: 10-15

At war with: Army of CP/Ice Warriors/Army Republic

Extra Information: The Pirates at war with many of the top 4 armies with the ACP leading the fight against the Pirates as most of the other armies are against the Pretzels. They have beaten the ACP in a few battles, but have also lost a few battles in a fairly even UK war. There have been no USA battles between the two UK orientated armies.

Underground Mafia Army

Current Leader(s): Np3000, Mach, Bluesockwa1

Top Ten Army Rank: 6th

Average Size: 15-20

At war with: Light Troops

Extra Information: The UMA, although they had 15-20 at an event, had poor tactics and were reduced ranks due to the fact they had a large rouge support at the events that got them the size they had. The general fact they used the drill helmet at the iceberg may have reduce their rank due to the fact it is a known rouge attracter.


Current Leader(s): Braveboy, Lord Pain, Wenny123abc, Subzero

Top Ten Army Rank: 8th

Average Size: 10-15

At war with: Army of CP/Doritos/Ice Warriors/Army Republic/Night Warriors 

Extra Information: The Pretzels have been attracting growing hate due to Pain’s leadership which has hate from all of the top 4. Pretzels creator Braveboy rejoined as a leader, while Pain is still acting as a ‘main leader’ which has been disliked among the top 4 armies. The Pretzels are still in the top ten, but will Pain stay as leader?

Light Troops

Current Leader(s): Ioioluk, Mr Cool 3866

Top Ten Army Rank: 9th

Average Size: 10-15

At war with: Underground Mafia Army

Extra Information: Ioioluk returned to the army and the LT had to regain all their posts and pages as a former owner defaced their site. They decided to declare war on the UMA as they rebuild their army and ioioluk said “I believe we are ready for a war”. Many think that the LT will regain a top 5 spot with Ioioluk, although is this one return too many?

 Rebel Penguin Federation

Current Leader(s): Paco, Beast, Kevin, ATM23(Temp)

Top Ten Army Rank: 10th

Average Size: 10

At war with: N/A

Extra Information: The RPF have returned to the top ten, with former RPF legend ATM helping out as a temporary leader which has surprised many. Paco, Beast and Kevin have also led many former top ten armies and the leadership is strong in an army with rich history, but not so much recent history. They are not at war with anyone at the moment.

Blue2: We have a lovely feature called the dashboard chat which is for internal communications. Use it. These messages are not permitted in public posts.

-Kingfunks4 Retired CPAC Head of Site

26 Responses

  1. First. Also, I agree with Funks. There has been hardly any posts….


  2. ice warriors arent at war with us and william112 isnt leader


  3. Pretzels are rampaging at their wars. Another World War will soon come.


  4. lol Wheres uccp


  5. 32 there gone .-. time for some of UCCP to get a life unlike them i have 1 + you cant live ur life on the computer .-. so yea time for some of u to get a life.


  6. Guys which person do u hate more Waterkid100 or Pain?


  7. ACP propaganda.


  8. Wtf… did you look at AR’s recent events?


  9. Lol like 5 armies are invading Pretz. and Pirates. That’s nice.


  10. im pirates leader im american leader for pirates ad me on there btw willam got fired add me on


  11. most armies have outdated pictures.


  12. Apparently this is why Blue has outdated Top Tens.
    He plans them days before they post.


  13. A lot of armies are waging war. I wonder if the DCP and NW will become more involved with the other armies at war with their enemies, and what if the LT begin to get attacked since Pirates have invaded a key server for them? A lot of USA and UK forces are being mixed around on this war.


  14. Can someone explain why I got removed from site? I suspect Woton is behind it


  15. This isnt the top ten, this is the REVIEW of the top ten using the top ten pictures.


  16. What is point of reviewing Top 10 :3


  17. You have much to live for, don’t talk that way.


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