ST Site Sold, Becomes a GFX site

This is not going to be as long as my last post because I don’t know crap about ST. Sorry guys.

Today’s post was written mostly on request from this guy who was complaining about how we had no news. When a guy is the only person to post on the site in a week you know people just don’t care anymore. No further stalling!

Before I ever thought of writing this post, a guy PC’ed me. I don’t remember the topic, but eventually he mentioned something about Cul (a mod on IW chat at the time, I didn’t know he was the leader of ST) selling the ST site to some kid. Now, I didn’t know the link to the ST site and frankly could care less about them, so I just satisfied him by saying “wow cul is dumb”, clearly dismissing the conversation. It wasn’t till today until I saw that guy’s comment on CPAC talking about the sold site. He got smart and decided to link me, I took a portal to the Nether, and this is what I found.

So two people were right. Cul probably wanted some quick CA$H and decided to kill off an army he happened to be leader of and get rid of

the site (which by the way has a very redundant name), effectively killing two birds with one stone. But enough ridiCULe, let’s go on a tour of this new site. First off, the Order page. CLICK TO ENLARGE PICTURE



The options are apparently for you to make a banner of some sort, because there doesn’t seem to be a size for the GFX you want.

Nice and fresh GFX!

And it technically isn’t free because the choices are you either get a pile of garbage right in the middle of your banner or you cough up some virtual CA$H to get it removed(probably to pay off buying the site from Cul in the first place), akin to plastic surgery. At least the GFX will turn up looking great, right? Enlarge the picture and see for yourself.

In fact, it should probably explain this next part of the tour: 

Ouch. No business.

And this ends our tour of the new GFX website. Yes. There are only two pages in the entire site. Not even a gallery of sold content (probably because there’s no sold content). But from the recent-ness of this news, I’m guessing this guy just isn’t that known outside of his inner circle of “friends”.

Which brings up another question: Why in the world did Cul sell the site? Probably because ST was dying or something, but I don’t know. Tune in and constantly refresh the page, because until I retire from this job I will be hunting for an “interview” with Cul himself, because I WANT ANSWERS.

~War News has come home

22 Responses

  1. Critcism is encouraged so I can edit your comment and make you sound stupid


    • Criticism… criticsm… Oh! Yeah, I got one.

      Why are you all trying to sound so personable as of late? It’s like all the reporters are trying to establish a rapport by writing in first person. Nothing wrong with an expository article now and again, but the objective is to provide clear, easily accessable news. If you become well known as a result, that’s a nice bonus, but I always thought it was something one should pursue on the side and let their writing speak for them.


  2. 2nd! Woop woop!


  3. Cul Vetsd is gonna kiiiiiilllllll yyyyyyooooouuuuuuu


  4. First of all, ST shut down. So I can’t kill something that’s already dead. Second, the site was mine after I bought it from Tan. So this post is full of lies. Next time, please talk to the person that will be talked about in the post before publishing it.


  5. Cul u sold site to a 5 year old! >:|


  6. ^ wtf


  7. gordy if u didnt see the st site before i posted the comment on the chivarly is dead or is it? post cuz i put a comment about it so i think i could of made the idea of the post(sort of)


  8. That site has really horrid gfx by the looks of it o.o


  9. The sites GFX looks suckish…


  10. LOL. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a funny post.


  11. but but….. December 1st…..


  12. oh btw if u haven gotten that interview….. ill sell the conversation i had with him about why he sold it *wink*


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