Chivalry is Dead, or is it?

For all of you wondering who I am, I am Tap Dancer36. I lead GT, WW and PH. I do both Philosophy and Army News. But enough of me, and it is time for the post, no?

Chivalry. A concept not many people still believe in, yet is still needed.


1.The sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms.
2. Gallant warriors or gentlemen
To put it in English, chivalry is Respect. Now most of your bloodthirsty brutes don’t have an ounce of respect for your friends or foes. That is your downfall there. You get farther by being respectful then being a jerk, I know from experience. If you want an example, then here it is. Let’s say You, the reader, are in charge of the Woton Warriors. Now WW got declared war on the another army I’ll call the Blue Brother Mafia. You could be a complete jerk to their leaders and treat them like crap, diss them, call them weak and pathetic noobs. Doing that is going to get you destroyed because eventually, they will get fed up, throw more oil on the fire and bring all allies who are tired of your attitude. If you are bad enough you could get the wrath of the top army that we will call Gordy’s Warriors. Now GW has joined the war with BBA, and together they have more then enough to kill WW and they do so. Does this sound familiar at all to any of you? It’s Crew all over again.
Now here is another way you guys can respect one another. Imagine your enemy is on it’s knees after fighting a huge war they lost. You decide to attack what is left of them but you call all your buddies who hate the army to beat up on them. It would make sense if the army was able to get back up easily, but complete and utter disregard and wanting of them killed by a ton of people is just a Bit mad.
Now, How is Chivalry and Respect important in the real world? You get farther in life, if people trust you, you can get what you want/need easier. Respect gets you places, it gets you trust.
Now before I go, I got a question for all five of you who decide to read this. How well did I do for my first philosophy post? I know it is short and I will work next week to meet the 800 word quota. What did you like or hate? What could I improve on? And please logical answers would be nice, no “dis suckz.”  I write to please the viewers, and to improve my writing ability for English, so I am not gonna be perfect.

9 Responses

  1. BOO PHILOSPHY!!! (the reason this is for is because this is the only thing that gets posted nothing new below the top 10!) cpac is starting to annoy me with all this new stuff


  2. Nice Tap.


  3. Short & Sweet.


  4. A great topic to start for your philosophy. Awesome, I think there isn’t anything major that has to be fixed here.


  5. Nice usage of the dictionary.
    Chivalry should be a more commonplace thing, a lack of it simply leads to chaos.


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