For Whom the Bell Tolls: Philosophy is Defined

The Time has arrived for the number one hated man on CPAC to post once again. And yes, I am most hated. Don’t look it up. Just trust me on it.

What is Philosophy? Since Ancient times people have studied the wonderful world of Philosophy. If you look up “definition of philosophy”, you should get something somewhat like: The study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, esp. when considered as an academic discipline.

Now, I am here to define Philosophy not as a general standard to our society, but also what philosophy does for society. Why is Philosophy important, neigh, needed, in a society made in a virtual game for ages six and up? What does Philosophy have to do with Politics? Why is it so important?

Philosophy has been around since before the Ancient Greeks, back with the man considered the first ancient philosopher Thales. Thales, Apostle, and so many more famous names are forever incarcerated in the Stone of Society, the chunk of Heroism, which I’ll get back to. The Ancient Greeks called Philosophy philosophia was significantly different from epic poetry, lyric poetry, comic or tragic drama, crafts (farming, pottery, weaving, homemaking, etc.), warfare, sports, music, religious ritual, governance and politics, and religious revelation or other practices of priests and priestesses. [for more information on Thales and Philosophia]

Now, stated above, “philosophia” is much different from government and politics.

I somewhat agree, but according to the average viewer on CPAC, philosophy is pure opinion, which according to my last post is pure bias, whereas politics is somewhat opinion as well. Made you think there didn’t I.

Moving back on topic with Philosophy, it is pure opinion. It is what a specific person believes in, or believes what will happen. Famous “Philosopher” and Theorist Nostradamus is a perfect example of this.

Above is a picture someone emailed me a while ago when I made my post on Rage Quitting. Props to whoever made it, cause I have not a clue. Philosophy, in my opinion {omg yes}, has no clear definition. As philosophy itself is a definition to curiosity, insanity, opinion itself. Without philosophical minds, we’d not know anything about the world.

OK, science would probably have kicked off and we’d know about the world today. Good Point. However, Philosophy is somewhat more than that. Science is the study of natural objects or theories in the world, while philosophy has been compared to opinions, pseudoscience, and even myth.

Philosophy is used in the CP Army Community for a number of reasons.

For One, it makes news more easier to take. If news was all fact, all science, all PROOF, you wouldn’t read it. Philosophy adds in the opinion, adds in the details that CANNOT be proven for the life of us. Philosophy is interesting, yet replaceable. The meaning behind Philosophy has been lost in time, nobody knows exactly why Apostle and Thales and those other ancient names nobody can pronounce actually sat down to ponder life and it’s meanings.

Philosophy, however, is needed in our virtual world, to make sure we somewhat preserve it. If we do not share theories to the next generation…

…can have the knowledge to be prepared to save the armies if necessary. Philosophy has been defined. Philosophy has been explained. Philosophy has been chosen. Philosophy has come home.

Il giorno è arrivato per la verità a venire fuori. CPAC Venti Dodici.


~ 2012 ~

Tнιrd Tιмe’ѕ Tнe cнαrм

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  1. OMG I LOVE RIOTS POST SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I LOVE CPAC SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. *smirk*


  4. Metallica -For Whom The Bells Tolls , yes we know where the idea came from. *wary


  5. last sentence was my quote


  6. True CPAC Guideline Rule: ‘We advise you NOT to have a stylized name. Simple have your Name, followed by your position at BLUE2’s PLACE TO MAKE FREE MONEY OFF KI…I mean CPAC’


  7. Riot, this post has nothing to do with Club Penguin Armies. We do not need a fricking definition of philosophy.

    Also, Superoo is right. Just post your name and stop trying to draw attention to yourself.


  8. What is the point of this post? Don’t post just for posting. Post when you have a reason.


  9. Moo.


  10. you sir have just explained biasing


  11. Seems legit.


  12. Like

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