BREAKING NEWS!11!!! Double Edition


First off, I’m going to pick up where I left off on my draft of this post, and that was when I was typing up a large paragraph… About how LT had been defaced by our infamous friend Eyes521, or as he refers to himself in a post on the dead site, Severed.

Eyes left one post on the now empty site, saying that LT had this coming for being racist and “supporting that’s that don’t need your help”

(Yes, I didn’t get that second part either).  He also thanked the army for being a big help to him and hoped that they would recover their site. This was actually pretty easy to do. READ ON! But before you do that, here’s the post which you can see with your own eyes if you look to the left of the post.

I never got a chance to ask anybody about what had happened and I also got a report that LT chat was also down, so I apologize for a lack of information on this little bit of the post, although I did hear that Eyes defaced the

site because he was bored. Here’s me at the site shortly after it was defaced, you can see the picture if you shift your eyes slightly back up.
What with school work and all, by the time I got around to actually working on this post LT site had been restored with practically no evidence of the hacking. This seemed strange to me and I walked into the LT chat for an explanation.

Now before I show you the “interview”, I’d like to take a moment to tell you that I make interviews differently from others. Firstly, I don’t tell you who’s who, because this should be pretty apparent within the first few sentences of the interview. Secondly, it’s practically not even an interview at all, mostly me asking some questions in an otherwise casual conversation.

And now that you have reflexively braced yourself for what might be a horrible interview, here it is.

– ioioo I need to ask you some questions about your site defacint

– what site defacint what’s a site defacint

– ur site got defaced by eyes

– it didnt that idiot left the pages in the trash and we just restored them

– still whyd he do it

 cuz he got added to site what else does eyes do when he gets added to a site (XD)

– and whyd he get added to site

-(some guy answers me) Darth happened

– ask Darth Proditor (D) he’s offline I wasn’t there when it happened

And if you didn’t like that, then it must be an unlucky day for you, because just now Eyes happened to come on ACP chat where I got some answers out of him in another conversation.

– hi

– ok He [Darth Proditor] added me

– wtf why

– I defaced it for one goal, that was to obtain all their IP’s.

– did you pretend to be ioio

– and purely because I was bored

– nope

– i asked him

– he said

– “email?”

– wow

– woooooooooow

– he just admined me lol

-darth proditor is dumb

So Eyes likes to hack people on a whim. And speaking of hacking, this was proof that he doesn’t do that, as you can see he simply asked Darth Proditor for admin on the site and was given it immediately. Sounds like a bad idea to give Eyes admin on your site, but it already happened. Eyes has all the LT pages, posts and IPs on the site saved on

I also got a few words from Darth Proditor himself, who claims he fell into the infamous Eyes trap. The Eyes trap is when he convinces you to admin him under special circumstances, in this case “protecting LT site”. Here’s a picture of the confession.

After getting all the answers I needed, I promptly stopped asking questions and simply sat on the chat like a pedo while I typed this post in another tab. Apparently Ioioluk was offline taking a really huge dump while some guy added Eyes to site and basically let him trash it. The good thing was, the site was easy to restore as Eyes didn’t bother to delete all the pages and posts permanently. Trust me, I will ask Darth what happened later, and when I do, I will update my post to include the “interview”. Doing this will make you repeatedly refresh the post hoping that you will be the first to see the new interview. I like to call that psychological torture.

Before this happened, I was on Pretzels chat asking why SaW was a mod on the chat when I got word that Pain was being DDoSed, probably by xiunknown who happened to be an owner on the chat at the moment.

In a shock move that shocked everybody, Pain was overthrown a half hour ago. I was on IW chat trying to convince myself to do my homework when Nitro (one of our mods) suddenly jolted himself out of the AFK status and excitedly told us that Pain was being overthrown. I decided to go check out what was happening so I could take pictures and post about it. When I got to the chat, I was instantly ownered and noticed the same had happened to everyone on the chat. Asking for explanations, here’s what happened.

Nitro and a bunch of other people had devised a plan to overthrow Pain that for some reason I was not a part of. They basically took over the chat and ownered everybody and told them to go to, as Pain owned their old chat ( The site could not be taken over as the only admins on the site were Braveboy and Pain himself. Apparently, during this time, Pain was still being DDoSed although if he comments on here he will probably make some excuse about how he remained calm and that Pretzels will die without him.

To the right you can see the action unfold. The chat background is telling people to go to the new chat and the scroller clearly states that Pain has been overthrown. What a surprise Pain will get when he comes on the chat to find it empty.


As I typed this post, the chaos was slowly spreading until some people (including that daycare kid Pengy that I see people insulting on the comments of our latest Top 10) were outright cursing at Pain, something they probably wouldn’t do under normal circumstances. Once I migrated to their new chat, the new administration (everybody except Pain) made the GREAT idea to end the war and ally themselves with ACP, calling Her Monsoon to the chat to negotiate, because their leader Ekpenguin9 was offline. Yup, war with ACP is now over. ACP can now stop tearing its hair out because it was being kicked in the ass for once.

Eavesdropping on other people, I took note that 90% of the army had wanted Pain out which might bring up a question: why was he rehired in the first place? Answer: Subz had rehired him because he thought Pain would help out. Apparently Subz wasn’t around when Pain was overthrown the first time.

But then I heard something that really caught my ear: The people who had overthrown Pain were planning to become a different army and invading the remnants of the old PCP, giving themselves names like the Rebel Pretzels or maybe the Burnt Pretzels. As I said, this is breaking news, and all this is unfolding as I type this post, which means more updates will be given to the post to ensure maximum coverage and more psychological torture to ensure your endlessly refreshing this post. The leaders of the new Pretzels are Subz, Wenny, Ben, and Unk. In case you forgot, they migrated to Ownership of the site is yet to be disputed.


Now since I investigated the Pretzels earlier this week, I can assume that this may have been developing over the few days and mostly an inside job with Pain being oblivious to everything. Most of the people who I asked for their opinions of Pain did not sound very happy. Like I said, this was before everybody wasn’t scared of Pain so I had the smart idea of censoring their names and pictures because, you know, Pain can be quite harsh when commenting on people (speaking of harsh, after winning an invasion/defense, Pain came on the old PCP chat and started raging about how they weren’t their best at the invasion. Enough people talked about it so bitterly that you might guess this was a major driving force for the rebellion). I guess this was the reason Pain was overthrown from so many armies. In most of them he raged at least once about how they weren’t behaving or doing their best or some shit. And in all of them he was overthrown. Haha.

Tell me what you think of the post or the overthrowing of Pain or the defacint of the LT site in the comment section below. Until then, I will wait for the next piece of Breaking News to come around and in the meantime, MY HOMEWORK.

~War News has come home


9:00 – PCP now rebuilding under the sole rule of Pain, WCP, AR, and IW planning to declare war to gather up the remains of the once tasty salt snack

7:45 – Rebellion now dead, ACP war done with and forgotten, WCP fully formed, PCP chat under shutdown, Pain takes over site, deletes posts, awaiting further news, why does nobody comment?

7:30 – Wenny, Subz, Monster, and Spi taking PCP soldiers to form a new army called the Warriors of Club Penguin. Name ring a bell?

7:05 – Chat now contemplating either merging or staying alive. (I brought IW on chat to get them to merge with us ^.^)

7:00 – Information attained from Wenny, rebels are currently fighting for Braveboy’s favour so that he can kick Pain out of the site, rendering the rebellion complete. Pretzels currently in civil war, with Pain’s “Loyalists” Pretzels being backed up by 2-3 people.

6:50 – Chaos prevents civilized conversation, Pain guested after making his “inspirational speech”

6:40 – Pain comes on chat, tries to take control of the situation by saying he is backed up by Braveboy and attempts to eliminated xiunknown and put him in the hall of shame

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  1. Yo Bluesockwas or some other guy on site go edit my post and look at the word count


  2. I’m in the post, ahah


  3. Hehe I’m in the post as the rebellious burnt pretzel under the main owners and owners on chat.


  4. Where would CPAC be without the epic trollmaster Gordy.


  5. Wow…Just WOW. What is wrong with CP armies these days?


  6. Best PCP leadership.
    Brave, Rex, Disco 😛


  7. Is this legit?


  8. Woah, lots of drama at the Pretz. last night O.O


  9. Nice post Gordy.This is kind of a mystery. Oh yeah BTW HI!


  10. Is it just me or have the posts slowed to a crawl? No offense intended, but sometimes it seems like there’s nothing for several days followed by a massive update.


  11. The “Some Guy Answers Me” Was me >;D


  12. You never know what to expect from a virtual world aimed at 8-10 year olds.


  13. Best. Interviews. Ever.


  14. pain fire me for no reason


  15. only i know is pain joined rpf


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