Pirates vs ACP: Battle Of Klondike

Today the Pirates invaded ACP’s server Klondike, the Pirates have defeated ACP at their past few invasions. The two armies battled for about 30 minutes and it was pretty clear who the winner was. Click read more to find out!

Both armies did good but in the end it was ACP that came out on top. ACP averaged 15 – 20 and maxed 25 where as Pirates averaged 10 – 15 and maxed 20. Both armies had exceptional tactics but ACP just had the advantage when it came to size today. At the beginning of the battle both armies had about the same size and about the same tactics.

As you can see from this picture they both started off at about the same size at around 15 penguins, in this picture ACP had a slightly bigger size as they do an almost perfect tactic. After the Ice Berg they moved to the Dock where the Pirates seemed to gain a bit of size and ACP lose some, but after a few minutes ACP regained their size and again both armies were almost matched in size.

The real turning point of the battle was when they entered the Snow Forts. Pirates dropped drastically in size and ACP gained a bit. of size themselves. This could be blamed on many things, xat or Club Penguin glitches or it could be just be a normal size drop but nothing has been confirmed. Now for the rest of the pictures. Due to ACP having posted no pictures from the Dock, the only ones I could get were from the Pirates.

ACP begins to lose size and Pirates pick up.


Pirates and ACP start to even out again.

ACP drastically gains size and Pirates begin to drop.

The end of the battle, ACP declares victory.

In the end it appears ACP won, do you think this is just a fluke and Pirates will regain their win streak against the Army Of Club Penguin with the help of the Pretzels or will ACP start their own win streak? Answer in a comment!

15 Responses

  1. A bit biased


  2. inb4 bias


  3. is all you can write about ACP? + NO SIGNATURE PLATES


  4. How is this in anyway biased, in all honesty ACP were bigger and he tried to be as fair to Pirates as a pirate himself would. Slider was, yes, once in the ACP. Get over it please ❤


  5. Even if the only news is about your army, your not supposed to post it, let someone else to do it, otherwise it is clearly bias, and you can’t say my logic is incorrect


  6. This is post is a bit bias


  7. My only comment would not to state who you think won unless one of the armies admitted defeat.


  8. This is in no way biased. Slider isn’t even IN ACP, making all your comments irrelevant. All of you may shut your traps. I’m the Pretzels Leader, and by what I saw, ACP won. So back off of Slider.


  9. I was there im jay4536 and i said go to acp and then i dressed like acp


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