The Chain Of Ideas

The reason most of my posts have been bs lately is because Ive been working on this one.


In the world there is something known as “The Chain of Ideas” which is unknown to most people. The Chain of Ideas controls almost all of the Ideas in the world, Including the ones in Armies. There are major Chains of Ideas which effect us all, ones that effect a small area of the world, and the ones that affect us most, the ones in our communities.

Meet Lance, a newcomer to Armies. He joined the NE Army(Non-Existent Army). NE has about 30-40 Members. He has started out as private, in NE, but he is filled with good ideas for NE. When it comes time for his second or third war, he comes up with a great idea that could win the war. He tells the leader this idea, but the leader never hears the idea. Infact the leader never talks to Lance, unless it is because Lance forgot to come to a battle.

This is an example of the Chain of Ideas. Lance here is at the bottom of the chain of Ideas in his army. In the middle are the mods and new owners. These people have to talk to the leader 2+ times before he reads it, or accepts it. The regular owners and other leaders communicate easily with everyone else. NE army is an example of a Community Chain of Ideas.

Let’s talk out the Chains in the USA/UK.(For UK Version, replace the words Congress with Parliament.)

The members of Congress are at the top of the Chain.Other high ranking government officials, and the upper class, are in the middle of the chain. The Middle Class is at the bottom of the Chain, meaning you often don’t see a Bill in Congress that one person thought of, unless alot of people support it. Congress is supposed to do what the people want, but often they just do what they want. Take SOPA/PIPA for example, most Congressmen/women said that they supported SOPA. Either this was because they were paid to support it by large media companies, or they had no knowledge of the Internet(most likely reason). SOPA/PIPA was hated among young Americans, but older Americans don’t care and think the Internet is bad.

The Chain also exists among the world, with Presidents and the Media at the top, High Ranking Businessmen and members of Parliaments and Congress in the middle, and Regular  people at the Bottom. This Chain is the largest of them all, but is not used often. Most of the time people just want other people in their nation to know their Ideas, not the whole world.


Right now you may be thinking, how does this affect armies? Well in every army there’s a Chain of Ideas, and a big enough one can lead to corruption, long wars, and a decrease in troops. There is only one way to stop the Chain, and that is to destroy it.  This means listening to every idea. Most leaders think they listen to every idea, but the fact is that they never do listen to every ones Ideas. Most of the time they don’t even read them. But getting rid of a Chain of Ideas is hard. Because the people on top like their power, and the people in the middle support almost any idea that the people on the top has. This makes it extremely hard and difficult to combat a Chain of Ideas.

The Chain of Ideas can also be the cause of bullying. Say if you go against popular opinion, people will often make fun of you and call you Weird. Infact, when I was in DCP, the leader at the time (Wwebestfan) was a Scammer. He fired me SIX times and made me pay Xats or powers to be back in the army. And when I was 2ic he scammed me out of 500xats and fired me, and then said I scammed him. How does this relate to the Chain of Ideas? Well all that power at the top has to have some wealth along with it right?


If you have any more comments/questions on the Chain of Ideas or want a better explanation, comment below.



13 Responses

  1. Chain of Ideas is a ridiculous term. Try calling it Hierarchy of Importance, or Who has a say and who doesn’t


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  3. This is more common sense than philosophy.


  4. You took out time to make your posts BS so you work on a bigger pile of BS


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