Pretzels vs. Pirates- Ice Bound

The heated battle between the Pirates and the Pretzels that has been going on for days, doesn’t seem like it will end soon. Its over.

Breaking News:


Waterkid and the Pirates have admitted defeat to PCP, PCP keeps Thermal and Ice Bound and they are now Allies.

Proof of Surrender:


During most of the battle the pirates and pretzels kept about the same size.

Both sites claim that they won, and had good size and tactics thoughout the whole battle, but there can only be one winner.

On a scale from 1-10


Pretzels: 10

Pirates: 9 1/2


Pretzels: 8

Pirates: 9

[Pictures from Pirates site.]

Pictures from PCP:

Both sides had about the same size near the end, too, accourding to this picture from Ben, the Pretzels leader.

This is what Ben, Leader of the Pretzels, said to me on who won.

And this is what waterkid said.

In my opinion, based on size, I believe that the pirates won by about 3-5 people. I am not bias tword the pirates, or pretzels, infact I was once in Pretzels a long time ago. This is just my opinion and should not be interpreted as the real facts.

Sorry for the lack of info and pictures. This post may be updated later to add more detail.

12 Responses

  1. I smell comment war.

    Oh and by the way, FIRST.




  3. ha i love how Pretzels takes pictures of us getting into the room and we take pictures of us owning their batooties in that room


  4. Pirates didn’t do tactics for 30 minutes the battle was an hour long. Its an unquestionable victory for PCP.


  5. pretzels won,and you guys from cpa shouldnt be so impartial beacuse there are to many tied battles!


  6. We did the, Idoit even check pics


  7. Um didn’t pirates say the admited defeat?


  8. Ben obviously said pcp won cause hes a leader


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