ST vs. ACP: Battle for Parka

The smell of war has been upon us for a week now my friends.

ST vs. ACP

The Battle of Parka

Both claiming that they overwhelmed each other with tactics and refusing to claim defeat ST and ACP have been at it for the past seven days, neither army has surrendered and because of the constant denial from both sides it is hard to tell whether whose land was taken,or successfully protected to last another day. Until now..

 For the first time ever one of the armies has mad a reasonable decision and has accepted defeat. Apparently ACP maxed about 20+ soldiers while ST maxed 5+ soldiers..

What Happened?!?

A true miracle for the esteemed ACP,but ST is slapped in the face from the devil. My greatest expectation is that they will both assume to be victorious,and move on to another battle complaining about who won. Which is what has been going on ever since ST was the offense in this war. Sadly one of the great armies has gave in to the pressure. ST surrendered and has accepted defeat from the ACP. Could it be that the sudden change in leadership effected ST’s reputation in armies?

Coup of Pain

Posted on August 31, 2012 by feephill

Hello Shadow Troops,

This is your former leader and legend, most of you remember me, and some don’t. I’m here to rescue Shadow Troops from the hands of dictatorship. Observing Shadow Troops chat chaos about Pain promoting numerous owners who are leaders of other armies.. I have decided to take over, and remove him from power. Decisions about ranks will be edited as soon as I have full control


That is all for now,


Is it possible that the troops loyal to Lord Pain left when SaW put the Coup d’état into action? If so please leave a message in the comments below. Here are some pictures from today’s battle,though sadly I could not get a hold of any pictures from the ST so the following pictures contain solely ACP. Here take a look:

 As you can see ACP has successfully made an oval in the Town,during the current Adventure Party.

Ah, quite a strange tactic it looks almost as if they had created a hockey stick in the Soccer Stadium,they should have saved that tactic for the Winter.

And the finally ST’s surrender to Obama81000 a moderator on the ACP chat. Both armies did a great job today I just wish I could have seen ST in some more pictures.

I Bid You Adieu


11 Responses

  1. but i like trains


  2. “BOTH ARMIES DID A GREAT JOB” ST maxing 5+ is great? Btw ST maxed 13. :/


    • Vet if you haven’t noticed I was unable to speak to you because of your frequent banning ,and your refusal to post on the ST website ,about how the event went so I had to go by what ACP said which was not very “reliable” ; And as I recall from an Anonymous source you didn’t even attend the battle.


  3. Btw troops didnt leave as everyone hated pain its that I wasnt on.


    • And Vet it was an open ended question,it was a question created to make you think ,the next time you want a more accurate report I suggest you don’t ban me on the first site when I am only on your chat on the behalf of CPAC and nothing more.


    • >inb4 arrogance
      >inb4 no better than what you called pain
      >inb4 go home


  4. ST Chat During Event:
    -25+ people on chat
    -8-10 on CP

    Mostly everyone was AFK or just being a brat.


  5. Vetsd not there, Me not there > ST bad event


  6. Why the hell was pain rehired


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