ST vs ACP- Battle for Flippers

On Saturday, September 1st, Shadow Troops decided to invade another server from the Army of Club Penguin. This time, the ACP was ready for the invasion after having a few successful training sessions. And now, the results are finally in…

[Note: Only 2 pictures were found due to ST not posting about the results. More pictures to be added if found]

This battle might have not been the most interesting one as by looking at the ACP’s pictures, the ST either didn’t show up or had pretty bad sizes. As for ACP, they averaged sizes of about 10 throughout the whole battle which lasted for about 10 minutes according to an ACP soldier at the event.

ACP doing an E+8 tactic. Although not very successful, it was the only tactic recorded

ACP’s size throughout the event

 After a period of disappointing sizes for both armies, ST finally did the following:

ACP’s victory on Flippers gave a spur of morale to their troops while ST’s loss might give them a bit of disappointment in the next battle. Sorry for posting about a small battle, however Blue said someone had to post it so I guess I just did. Stay tuned on CPAC, the fastest and most accurate news site in the army community!

7 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. Lmao.


  3. Yeasy gtfo
    Today’s battle post = mine


  4. They battled for Fappers.


  5. ACP maxed 10? LOL


  6. Things wrong with this:
    ACP max: 20ish
    ST max: 10ish


  7. lol you guys made a typo you said acp did an e+8 tactic when that is obvioulsy an e+9 tactic *wary*


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