Roberto & Ioioluk Return To LT?

Hello Readers!

I’m your new reporter Slider, I’m best known from being in ACP for the three years I’ve been a part of the Club Penguin armies. I retired from ACP which was the only army I was in, July 1st 2012. After that I kinda just bummed around chats, but then it got boring, I found Blue1 and instantly I was hired! 😆 I’ll try to do my best as a reporter in CPAC but don’t be too hard on me if it takes a couple posts to get into the swing of things. Anyways thats me, so onto the topic of the post, LT. Following the war with ACP Ioioluk shut down LT and after a few days, they were restored with new leaders but month later LT legends Ioioluk and Roberto have returned to lend a hand with the leadership and they hope to bring LT back to it’s former glorly.

Yesterday Ioioluk announced his month long return to LT along with Roberto, making the number of leaders four. They plan to average 20 – 25 for now and continue to rise. At the moment all the posting activity has been from Ioio. Ioioluks been busy lately trying to improve LT by first bringing back the Suns system, their promotion system which Tylund removed. Americans need 100 suns, Europeans 60, and Australians 40 for promotions. Yesterday they had a training session led by Ioioluk which they averaged around 15.

They’re also having another training session today at 3:00 PM EST. Next is an interview of Waterkid LT’s 3rd In Command.

 What effect on do you think Ioio and Roberto’s return will have on LT?

Well, we will rise defiantly since Ioio got LT to 40+ in the past.

What changes do you think will happen in LT now that Ioio is back?

Well the ranks will be different and the chat will be bigger. 

 What are LT’s goals for this month?

To rise again and shine with victory once more.

Will LT be declaring war this month as far as you know?


Anything else you’d like to add?

Glory to the light.

Overall it looks like LT are slowly rising at the moment. LT’s owners have a lot of trust in Ioioluk and Roberto and they plan to declare war on someone during this month probably near the middle of September. Who do you think LT will declare war on? Is LT going to rise, stay the same or fall? Do you think LT will reach their goals anytime soon? Tell us what you think in a comment!

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13 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. Too, much, color…


  3. Why is there so many colours, this isn’t ACP’s site :/


  4. Surprise, surprise. I wonder what army they are going to declare war on? :/


  5. Icey. Get the concentration camps ready.


  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Rob probably rejoined because his roblox war group kicked him out


  8. Ioio and Rob, no offense, seriously need to move on. If there’s one more dramatic retirement post on LT I’m raging.


  9. Haha, my interview wan’t posted cause I only answered 1 question (maniac#hehe)


  10. :O


  11. not much of an effect lt is pretty dead now be better if lt just gave up beside getting back to it’s former glory will be hard


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