UMA Leaders Retire

A few days ago, all three of the UMA leaders decided to retire from the Underground Mafias Army. UMA leaders Coolster114, Derek, and Zak all decided to retire voluntarily on the same day together. About four months ago, the three comrades banded together to lead the UMA out of a period of inactivity. These leaders quickly got the UMA to rise within weeks into their leadership. They leaped right into the Top Ten and continued to rise reaching as high as fourth. They managed to maintain a position as one of the top ten armies throughout the majority of the summer until internal issues started to beat the army down to where they stand now.

Remember, never lose hope, in the Underground Mafias Army. There will be fools who come in your way, those who never learn from the mistakes of their predecessors. Just watch what happened in the past, and build on from that, if you are to be successful.

  • Read Coolster114’s full retirement post HERE
  • Read Derek’s full retirement post HERE
  • Read Zak’s full retirement post HERE

As for Coolster and Zak, they both still plan to continue their army careers through different armies now.

With those trio of retirements, it brings a new leadership into the Underground Mafias Army. Originally, it was decided that the duo of Bluesockwa1 and Np3000 would led the next generation of UMA; however, due Np quitting armies completely, another leader is still being decided upon to lead with Blue.

Blue plans for a bright future of the UMA and believes the UMA can and will return to their former glory soon.

And so UMA, I stand here. Before you today, asking you to put aside all hate you have for me or anyone here. At the end of the day, we are not an army. As the mafia are, we are a family. History is written by the victors, and we will be the ones to write it.

What do you think about UMA’s three leaders retiring? How will the UMA do without them? What do you think about the UMA’s new leader? Who will be the other UMA leader? Who they be able to make the UMA rise again? Comment and let us know!



11 Responses

  1. i like trains


  2. 3rd


  3. I find it so sad that they all retired, but I just hope that all the new leaders carry on leading UMA just like Zak, Coolster and Derek did. I can say that was one of or the best leaderships that UMA will ever have.


  4. Btw, me, Zak and Cool now lead ST (:


  5. I’m in UMA tho ive almost never seen them in top 10 (no) ive lead UCCP to top 10 along with leon rore yey katniss and brooke ive once seen UMA use bots but there a good army (y)


  6. Yeah. They are epic. And amaing. Nuff said.


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