ST vs ACP – Battle for Iceland

Hello CPAC. My last post was in fact my first post, and it wasn’t that good at all. So I decided to improve by writing a new one about a battle in the ST- ACP war.


On August 31,2012, the ST invaded Ice Land, a server owned by the ACP. After ST having troubles with their leaders a day earlier, and not having decent sizes on the cleansing of Mammoth, many believed that this invasion would not be very successful. However they were soon proven in the heat of this intense battle.

[Note: ACP did not post about the results. Pictures provided by ST. If ACP post their pictures, they will be added soon]


Immediately after logging on ST had about 4 troops more than ACP, however ACP still had a lot on chat, and it was believed that they would soon catch up. However as ST moved into the Ice Berg, their sizes nearly doubled while ACP gained about only another 4 troops.

ST- ACP sizes at the Snowforts

ACP doing an E+C tactic in ST’s line


It was understood by ACP that they could not win this battle through size, so they concentrated on tactics. Immediately they tried destroying ST’s line by getting into their gaps and trying to destroy their tactics, as seen in above.


After battling in the Snowforts, both armies moved into the Ice Berg, where ST immediately created a line with sizes of about 16+, while the ACP stayed at about 10. However after a few minutes, the ACP got about 4 more reinforcements,  decreasing the gap between both armies, and it became a tougher game for both of the armies.

The battle has intensed for both armies

ST dominating in size while ACP fighting back with tactics


[ACP’s pictures of the Ice Berg]

ACP trying to counter attack ST with an E+C tactic.


ACP performing a magnificent E+Q bomb. As said earlier, their tactics overpowered ST’s.

Although ACP had better tactics than ST, and although they did put up an extremely good fight, ST’s size overwhelmed them, and after a while, the battle had settled out.  No pictures are found of any army surrendering.   However, comment your opinion on which army won! Also, please add any suggestions for my next post since I want to improve. Good bye for now.

8 Responses

  1. HI


  2. st won. also, 1st since rex didnt call it XD


  3. 2nd ST won acp gave them a run for their money


  4. Both fail.


  5. hey cpac acp finally decide to post the results and they didnt say if they won or lost soooooooo that tells me that they lost and they know it. just a thought.


  6. ACP were smaller because the actual owners weren’t online. Myself and Foldez had to lead. Then, Zak raged on ACP chat for a bit, and ST logged off.
    So I’d say ACP won.


  7. i think tactics are only counting when the armies are the same sizes,so i have to say ST


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