Behind ACP: The Third and (Hopefully) Final Edition

I’m not here to rant. I’m here to show the numbers. Recently there has been much talk on ACP chat of banning it to the outside. Why focus on this one simple topic, you ask? Well, because I have a lot to say.

I ask you now to consider the principle of this. There was a book I once read called The Messenger– many of you may know it as a sequel to The Giver. The book- and both books, for that matter, describe a dystopian society far in the future. Throughout The Messenger there is discussion of closing off the village to outsiders, for which it had long been a sort of haven for refugees.

Why am I discussing this? Because closing off ACP chat will do the exact same thing, metaphorically. A long time since the creation of it, ACP has been a central hub. Why? Because it was the biggest army. I say ‘was’ very cautiously, as I do not want to diminish in any chance ACP’s chance of rising again.

I just want to show you a few things. A few numbers, a few figures. You may not like this facts. And you can call me biased, you can call me a filthy b***h, but if the army community, or perhaps, more likely, the ACP, doesn’t like these facts- than perhaps that is more of a comment on their record than it is on biasness.

These are the numbers of the views of the ACP site over the past 24 hours. As I cannot confirm anything I will not try to, but if will tell me that these numbers are the same they were under Boomer, per say- then I would highly beg to differ. Now below, look at the numbers since the creation of the site.

That spike in views? ACP was DDOSed. 2009 was under Boomer, of course, one of the Golden Ages of ACP. During Boomer’s era, the average of people viewing the site at one time was 11- now it is 5.

And that simply covers the site. While it cannot truly be designated who of the site viewers are ACP and are not, the numbers from the chat can be designated very easily.

These numbers were recorded over four days during both events and regular times. As you can see, the difference commonly from    5-10 people, however when the first account was taken the difference was as great as 14. Now, let’s take the average number of ACP troops (13.25- but I’ll round up) and compare it to the chat sizes of the current top three armies- the Nachos, the Ice Warriors, and the Army Republic.





Once these are compared, not only does it show the chat size decline in all major army chats- but it also shows that when removing the margin of the people who just “hang out there”, you remove the margin of a larger chat that you hold to your advantage, at the same time you remove any possibility of media attention or interviews, at the same time you also weaken your Top Ten placement, as chat size is worth up to 25 points, and it, in many cases, is what kept ACP even a tad afloat when they fall. I also ask the ACP owners, especially the one(s) whho wrote and/or endorsed that private post, I ask you to consider this.

Are you truly considering closing off chat because you think it will help you in the long run? Or are there certain people who you are getting tired of? People whose views you don’t agree with? For if you close down chat for that reason, you are, in a sense, eliminating freedom of speech. I ask you to consider all of this- and even though it is not my place, it is my place to tell you what I think. Unless you want to do away with that, too.

Philosophy has come home.


CPA Central CEO

“I’m too old to be governed by fear of stupid people. News anchors having an opinion isn’t a new idea.”-Charlie Skinner

20 Responses

  1. Blue, ignore it. Everyone wants to get a signed autograph with Boomer.


  2. You shouldve said how ACP cant admit defeat when they clearly lose.


  3. Nice Edition to My Series *wary* see you for gritty coffee and stale donuts in the CPAC Breakroom, Blue.


  4. Anything to destroy ACP is good in my book.


  5. ACP just needs the retired people and non troops to go somewhere else during battle.


  6. The chat figures should also have a line that says:
    People who ACTUALLY Log On… and it should be liek 10 (wary)


  7. ACP is full of people that are retired and get mod and owner to troll and abuse.


  8. There’s no such a thing as a final edition for behind acp *wary*


  9. Lol u got that quote on the bottom from me and tweaked it


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