Checkmate, My Friend.

Checkmate,My Friend.

In the game of chess the one possible way of winning is capturing your opponents King. Once your King has been captured he shall be knocked over and your opponent will obviously say, “Checkmate” with a grin creeping across his or her face. The outcome of him/her table flipdoing is so will cause you to be angered and flip the chess board causing pieces to fall to the floor, and possibly break beyond repair. Or you may be a good sport and accept defeat and walk away or plan a rematch for another day.

Many Kings in the past of CP Armies have fallen, stepped down, accepted defeat, or painfully knocked out of their position as, Supreme Commander, Sensei, Leader, or most likely Dictator. Take UMA for example, each generation of the Underground Mafias Army since Pink Mafias was leader was cursed with treachery, betrayal, or Coup d’états, as a result of all this, in total they have 62 leaders. While another “King” we all know as Iceyfeet1234 has held out for 5 years up until recently he gave up his leadership to Albert147. He has faced a myriad of rebellions and revolts, a multitude of attempts to overthrow the Ice Warrior Leadership; each plot to metaphorically assassinate this army legend has failed. He is the true King of CP Leadership Survival.

Like the UMA, ACP has also been damned to a hell in which Second in Commands struggle to become the next leader.Let’s go over the Kings who have risen and fallen. Ah. July 1st, Slider was suppose to be sworn in as the new Supreme Commander of what is known as the “Democratic Republic Army of Club Penguin(DRACP)” but before he was truly declared as leader he retired a long with 60% of the ACP Leadership. Leaving Icey Cold27 as the soul leader he attended and occasionally led battles up until his so called “Final” retirement on July 31st 2012. The chaos begins and expands to a point in which no one can stop it but the question is, does anyone see the true chaos? That very day Funks is declared the official leader of DRACP, another unexpected face Capn is promoted to 2ic. Before going on Holiday, Funks promotes Capn to 1.5ic and gives him the title of USA Leader. Immediately he exploits his power by setting down a new set of rules which are a tad stricter than the current one’s ACP uses, and creates a new rank. The Queen Capn attempts to metaphorically slit the throat of ACP’s King, Funks, but his failure has lead to him exiling himself and being removed from the ranks of ACP.

Additionally, Capncook has decided to leave on his own accord following his ill-fated coup announcement to CPAC.

Déjà Vu?

As a result, Ek the only capable owner in ACP Leadership was promoted to Supreme Commander. Along with him returns our good old friend Icey Cold who is currently the 2ic of the ACP, though Funks has been demoted to 2ic and is partially unaware of most of  what has happened in his absence.

It is a shame to lose such a noble game, but you cannot last forever. You may withstand the evils which approach you such as Iceyfeet. Or you may fall from your throne and plummet into the black Abyss of exile, or forced Retirement.Is it possible the ledge in which CP Army Leaders hold onto for there life,is being oiled up like a European Underwear Model?You decide in the comments below.

I Bid You Adieu.



14 Responses

  1. First Post. ^-^


  2. Not a news post, and not even borderline philosophy, more like a simple metaphor, and translating that to current events. However, it was a darn good piece of writing. Keep up the good work.


  3. Misused memes, misused memes everywhere


    • And did I not say ,
      ” The outcome of him/her doing is so will cause you to be angered and flip the chess board causing pieces to fall to the floor, ”
      So I put a meme of someone flipping a table.
      I also said:
      “Or you may be a good sport and accept defeat and walk away or plan a rematch for another day.”
      So I put Like A Sir because he looked like gentleman a nice fellow willing to accept his defeat.
      So your comment is invalid. ^-^


  4. You can’t capture the King.
    “Checkmate” is when the King can no longer move without putting himself into Check, AKA in the path of an enemy piece. The King cannot put himself into Check, so if you put the King in Checkmate, then you win the game.
    To recap, you win the game (as in the game ENDS) when the King is put into Checkmate, therefore you never get a chance to capture the actual King.


  5. You should be writing mostly CP Current Events as a Reporter, not philosophy. Anyways,this is a very well written post and was quite interesting. Keep up the good work!


  6. If I may offer a few words of advice –

    This is a very well written post, first and foremost, and I’m quite impressed by that fact alone. I also like very much how you format the post. Yes, it’s not necessarily a breaking news report, buts it’s more of a news story, something that flows well and just gives the reader a more in depth understanding of the topic at hand. That being said, let me make a few suggestions to improve your reporting skills and helP make you a truly elite news writer:

    – Make your posts a little more tight to a single recent event. In this post, you talk about leaders who are forced out of power. Instead of tying the post to a single event, you basically just go over a number of events in which this has happened. Instead, it is much stronger writing to make the post about a single event – most appropriately Iceyfeet retiring. First, you could have opened the post with with your introduction “Checkmate, my friend…” and then, after explaining what you meant by the termbrought it back to Icey, saying something like, “Iceyfeet1234 is a leader who has been forcefully attempted out of leadership many times, but has always survived. Now, as he steps down from his position voluntarily this Saturday, we can look back at the attempted coups he’s worked through in his career.” after that, you could have included your paragraphs about the other leaders coups saying, “Lower ranks overthrowing their leaders has been a common occurrence throughout the past few years.” Then, you could include that paragraph about Icey, the MAIN content of your post. Now, you have an article with a single premise about an actual news event.
    – Your can also relate your post to a recent event through your title. You may think that te title “Checkmate, my friend” sounds really cool but, to be honest, it’s actually very weak. It gives the reader no idea about the content of the post, and doesn’t relate to a recent event. Here’s what a perfect title would be for this article, going off the Icey theme: “Checkmate, My Friend – As Iceyfeet1234 Retires, A Look at His Attempted Coups.” This title gives the reader a perfect idea of the content of the article, relates to its recent event, and is actually very intriguing. I think any reader would want to read the article just based off that title. It may sound long, but news article titles are supposed to be long. Short, catchy names are for movie titles.
    – For a truly strong article, you should not use memes. First of all, their effing annoying and unprofessional. But more importantly, they don’t add any value to your writing. For this article, you could have even used something as simple as an image of the IW doing a battle, during Icey’s leadership, with the caption “Icey lead many battles during his long career, uninterrupted by many attempted coups of his administration.” It many seem unnecessary to have an image like that, but but it actually adds a sort of subconscious level of understanding to the writing to be able to have a simple visual like that. And at least it’s not an ugly overused meme. In fact, we have an anti-meme policy here at CPAC. I know your smart enough to think of something better than that to compliment your writing.

    Keep up the good work. You’re already a very strong writer and I’m sure you can learn a lot and improve through writing here. I can see you having a heck of a career here at CPAC. Let me know of you ever have any questions regarding writing.


  7. Why everyone be so serious.


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