SWAT Declares War on Miners and Sky Troops

Earlier today, SWAT announced that they would be declaring war on two mid medium armies, the Sky Troops and the Miners.

SWAT Leader Vetsd declared war earlier today, saying:

Hello S.W.A.T,

We hereby declare war on the Sky Troops and Miners armies of Club Penguin. We decided to declare war on these two armies because well, taking on armies not at our strength level will help us to rise up and be able to take those on that are above us. Sky Troops will be ignoring our invasions because they are afraid, but don’t be too bummed, we’ll be taking their capital. I respect Miners who are probably going to fight this war.

SWAT have recently taken a bit of a fall from the Top Ten, largely through a lack of events. They plan to invade these armies in order to get themselves active and bolster sizes. Both are on a fall to an extent as well, and this tactic of invading smaller armies to grow has been criticized in the past.

The Sky Troops are bogged down in an ugly war with the Red Vikings, and both seem fairly evenly matched. SWAT’s attack could just be what is needed to turn the tide against SkT.

Miners, on the other hand, are on a massive fall. Just a month ago they were a successful low Top Ten army, however recent leadership crisises and failed merges have left the army in shambles. Unless the Miners can pull themselves together, SWAT’s invasions will deal a crushing blow to an already weak army. A brief note: on the only site I could manage to find, the last post was a month ago. If someone from the current Miners could leave their site link in the comments below, I would be glad to further update this section.

More on this story as it develops.


What do YOU think about SWAT’s declaration of war? Comment YOUR opinion!


CPA Central CEO

8 Responses

  1. SWAT is worse than GT.


  2. SWAT will fail. This is worst then Ireland going to war with Russia or burshing your teeth while pooping and have the toothpaste fall on your private area. Damn just damn.


    • Very funny comparing.


      • It’s not an act of S.W.A.T., it’s an act of a leader who was not aware of the relationships the armies had to us.


        • Hi Ganger, I had to leave SWAT due to my significant promotion in another army. Sorty for any inconvenience


          PS I am not sure if I’m still on the ranks


          • Ganger you don’t trust in me? Miners merged and SkT would’ve ignored the invasions. I know what I’m doing, Ganger.


        • Or a act of dictatorship in SWAT army.Which i do believe you are a dictator and will never give SWAT leaders a chance with worrying about you coming back to SWAT.Just leave nobody needs you in SWAT your going to make them fall Ganger and they will be like Golden Troops.


  3. SWAT, why sending hackers after me? AND LOL since when do you resepect us?


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