Sky Troops vs. Red Vikings

Hello CPAC readers!  I have gone way too inactive recently and I am planning on making a few posts in the next week to make up for it, but with that all aside, let’s focus on today’s post!  The Sky Troops and Red Vikings have been going on in a long raging war for the past few weeks, and currently, it shows no signs of stopping.  There is a bitter rivalry between these two armies as they are competing for a top ten spot, and to kill the other army.


On August 12th, 2012, Alex Cone, the Sky Troops leader, made this post declaring war on the Red Vikings.  The Red Vikings quickly retaliated, making their own post officially declaring war on the Sky Troops.  This sparked a lot of posts between owners of the two armies with banter directed at the other army.  So far in that department, the war has not disappointed at all.

There have been a lot of events between the two armies so far, with each of them winning their own fair share of events.  The Red Vikings say that their goal is to kill the Sky Troops, and they claim that they can do that because when Alex Cone isn’t at Sky Troop events, then they are a much weaker force.  There is a little bit of proof, but not a huge amount to say that it will be a war changer.

The Sky Troops also have the same goal, to kill the Red Vikings.  So far during the war, they have been the more dominant army winning a slight amount more of the events than the Red Vikings.  This may be due to their more formidable worldwide force with active troops in Australia and in the UK.  There have been events from both armies where they have had poor sizes, although most of the battles have been very close between the two armies.

Here are some of the best pictures so far:


The two armies have had relatively small sizes but they did both find themselves just sitting outside of the top ten with the Red Vikings in 11th and the Sky Troops in 12th.  Talking to Alex Cone, the Sky Troops leader, he said there was still room for improvement as he wants them back into the top ten armies very soon.  The Red Vikings, were very satisfied with getting into their first top 15 and hope to build on it and possibly making it even further.

What do you think will happen in this war?  Comment with your opinions!

3 Responses

  1. how many times. Major Armies.


  2. Yeah, good post but this is sort of medium news. SMAC are looking for new staff. You’re a talented reporter and SMAC are desperate for quality posts like this.


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