Shadow Troops Declare War on ACP

Just when ACP thought it was all over…

Following wars with the Nachos, the Light Troops, and the Underground Mafias Army, ACP is now entering a war with the Shadow Troops. ACP, being in a weakened state, may just be vulnerable enough for the Shadow Troops to win this war. Though ACP has known to pull surprises in the past, which may very well lead them to victory in the war as well. But what should we expect in this war?

ACP has been falling since they lost to the Nachos back in July. After winning the LT and UMA wars, they began to crumble. And just last week, ACP fell out of the Top 5 for the first time in army history. However, following the recent demotion of Kingfunks4 and promotion of Ekpenguin9 to Leader, could the ACP pull off a win with their new leader?

The Shadow Troops have been doing fairly well lately, pulling off sizes of 20+ and reaching the Top 5 yet again. They were an on and off asset during the Nachos vs. ACP war, joining the war and then withdrawing from it a couple of times. Recently, like ACP, they’ve had some Leader changes, hiring Blizzard880 and Lord Pain, both of which are known for leading Major armies.

So I’ve gotten a response from both ACP Leader Ekpenguin9 and ST Leader Unknown to see how they feel about the oncoming war.

Interview with Ekpenguin9, ACP Leader

What do you think about ST declaring war on ACP?

They want to get closer to us. Then again, who wouldn’t?

Do you think ACP will defeat ST in this war?


Do you think that you being leader instead of Funks will influence the outcome of this war?


Do you think ACP will rise from this war?

We certainly plan on it.


Interview with Flo, ST Leader

Why did ST declare war on ACP?

I’m not really sure since I was gone when it was going on, but Unk and the other leaders just wanted war and ACP was good competition.

 Do you think ST can win this war?

Yes I do, because we have a powerful leadership on our hands, including me, Blizzard, Pain, Unknown, and Ziro. It will be a good war though.

Do you think that Ek becoming ACP leader may have an effect on ACP?

Not really, none of the current owners are capable of leading, but Ek was the best choice.

Do you think that ST will rise from this war?

Yes. We have new people joining everyday. We will be in the Top 3 or so, from my perspective.

The war begins tomorrow with the Shadow Troops’ Invasion of Alpine. Will the Shadow Troops end up the victors of this war? Or will the ACP rise above their fall and emerge victorious? We can only wait and see.

Normally I’d share my opinion here, but I don’t get paid enough to do that. Hell, I don’t even GET paid! *ba dum crash* I’ll be here all week. Until next time.


10 Responses



  2. Overconfidence, will lead to a downfall.


  3. Like I said on the top ten post, we will smite them.


  4. st woot woot!


  5. yay


  6. I’d say Flo is retarted for declaring war on ACP, but since he/she’s in IW, Im going to shut my mouth *WARY*.

    Gooooo ST/ACP


  7. ST will beat ACP.


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