Troops/Leaders Who’s Really In Charge?

Well…. Hello there! Some of you may have heard of me…. Others, not so much. For those of you who haven’t heard of me at all, I will give you an introduction 🙂  I am 122344a, I joined club penguin armies in April 2006. I was in the blue clan back then and have been in Club Penguin armies and serving in them since then. Most of you know me as the creator of AR, making them back in 2007. Yes, that is mainly all you must know about me, also the fact that I am CPAC’s newest philosopher. Anyways, moving forward.

Recently, I have been studying on the fact of who is REALLY in charge here, both surveys and personal experience myself. Let us begin with a simple demonstration. Meet Troop1, he was recently recruited off of a club penguin tracking chat and has been in the Fake Army That Doesn’t Even Exist of CP. for nearly 2 weeks. Now meet Phil aka the leader of the Fake Army That Doesn’t Even Exist of CP. Let’s look into their private conversation shall we?

Phil: Get on chat time for the event (Chat link here)

Troop1: What is it this time =/

Phil: Event.

Troop1: Im not coming unless I get mod.

Phil: No

Troop1: No mod no me 🙂

Phil: Wait I’ll give you mod just please come.

Troop1: Okay link?

Phil: (Chat link) Please get ready.

Now, may I ask, what the hell was that? It sure looked like Troop1 was completely in charge of Phil. Pathetic for Phil, He is Troop1’s B-tch pretty much.

I now have some interviews with some High Ranks/Leaders of various Club Penguin Armies about this situation. Let’s take a gander.



122344a: So Buritodaily what  is your opinion on the situation with chat recruits/ Any typical soldiers, to try and take charge of their leaders to get what they want?

Buritodaily: Well, you have to understand, that many want to join more then they want to quit. Many have threatened to quit in my personal experience if they do not receive a decent rank.

122344a: So how do you think this would effect an average Club Penguin Army?

Buritodaily: It all depends on how you handle it, if you handle it in a right way and get it through to the recruits that you are in charge without scaring them you should be fine.

122344a: Excellent, any final shout-outs?

Buritodaily: Join AR, I mean… yeah.. 

122344a: Kthxbai

 The next interview is with Mustapha (DCP Leader)   



122344a: So Mustapha what  is your opinion on the situation with chat recruits/ Any typical soldiers, to try and take charge of their leaders to get what they want

Mustapha: I think they aren’t actually loyal to the army and are only in the army to sustain their needs. Instead of working hard to earn a good rank, they sit and beg, it’s pathetic. They are also young and annoying xD

122344a: How do you think this issue could be solved in any typical CP Army?

Mustapha: Don’t be weak on your troops, you have to show that you’re serious. When the first troop tried to control you and they demand a rank, immediately fire them.

122344a: Thank you for your time, any shout outs?

(By this time Mustapha unexpectedly died and did not have much more to say about the subject.)

Part II: Stupidity

By this time you may have all been “TOO LONG DIDN’T READ -.-” On me, but for those of you still reading, you have my respect. We are now on the final half of the post. Stupidity. It is a characteristic that is featured with many new recruits. Now please do not flame me with “THEY ARE NEW RECRUITS THEY SHALL GROW OUT OF IT LEAVE THEM ALONEZ PL0X” Well, perhaps a picture of live contact with a new recruit will make you think, “Wow that is common sense, what a stupid person.”

     For the full background of this soldier, he joined AR this morning, and somehow lost his memory in 3 hours. Idk. Anyways, there are other examples of this I could show. They forget easily… and well… Look at the picture yourself “Do an equation?” Lolwut. Many of you may experience this problem, and may have *Facepalm* moments with your new recruits. Trust me… many of them will forget about you and the army they “Joined” in less than an hour. A tip to all of you: Chat recruiting… it can pay off at times, you may get the best recruit in the world, or you may get a troop like Tuwil here who forgets in 3 hours, your call.

 I’d say that about finishes this post, wouldn’t you say? Meh, if I bored you to death, sorry. Not much I can do, I can not give you the entertainment of a lifetime. A last final word from myself to all of you.

   Be like this to your troops: Be like this to your soldiers/New Recruits

Do not be like this, All afraid of them… please… 

That seems to be all of this post I have to offer. What more would you like. Nothing? Kthxbai.



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  1. 1st


  2. I see this quite often, as well. Nubs like this will come onto ACP chat and right away demand for a high rank. But then, they get kicked, or whatever. >:3
    I love the Monty Python picture. It’s hilarious! I read the whole post.. Do I get your respect?
    Also, congratulations on getting on CPAC! Good luck, and lovely post.
    – Tori


  3. l agree with 122344a.




  5. DCP should be saying giving high ranks is pathetic…


  6. Good post!


  7. Nice Post A ❤ :mrgreen:


  8. Uhh, I hate when troops boss you around like that :I


  9. Good post Btw


  10. I’m practically your worst soldier


  11. RIP Mustafa


  12. nice post


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