Behind ACP 2: The Truth Grasps Reality As Riot Rants

Hello, viewers. You may remember my very first post, Behind ACP, which was deleted three to four times by ACP former Leader KingFunks4. The post started massive opinions within CPAC itself, and massive viewer appeal. ACP Hated It, Of Course. But I conducted a secret survey between certain viewers, of which told me a good 85% of people loved it, and believed it was correct. Skip down to the end of the post for my respects towards ACP Leaders…

Well, I am going to go along and conduct a sequel post to Behind ACP, one to follow-up what’s happened since the LT-ACP skirmishes. Warning: This Post Contains The Truth, and has No Pictures. However, this post Contains Strong Messages I Hope People Will Read.

o: ~ – – -Andrew Waz Here- – – ~ 😮


Before I Begin…In The CP Army Community, one must be able to understand what I like to call the Big Five.

1. Truth (ie. Behind ACP [4th Restoration])

2. Noobs & Their Respected Positions Towards Armies (ie. Noobs: A Growing Threat To Our CP Community?)

3. Rage Quitting (ie. Οργή Εγκατάλειψη)

4. Activity (ie. Activity: What Your Leaders Think)

5. Guess in The Comments.


Army Of Club Penguin. An Empire. An Army Forever glazed in the Waxy Hall of Fame. Army of Club Penguin has been criticized in the past and present, being called Anti-CP, or at extreme cases, “the” army of noobs.

However, the reason several armies have “mocked” ACP in the past was because of their sizes. ACP has been given the Number One position on CPAC so many times, not even ACP can count them all to bask in the glory. ACP has been mocked by even me before, in the post that started my CPAC career.

However, ACP is having drastic issues, of which we can all trace back to the Retirement of Flipper and Kenneth.

Flipper and Kenneth, long time….actually, idgaf about how long they led, and I really don’t know, leaders of ACP, retired a while back, leaving Slider in charge. Slider, not too later *wary* retired because of shortened “computer time”, leaving the throne to Mchappy, a popular man in the CP Army World.

Mchappy led with a smile on his face, and led ACP to somewhat glory for his term as leader. However, all good fortunes stop as ACP plummeted when Mchappy “disappeared.” Jokes were made, about cruise ship sinkings and deadly diseases.

 However, jokes soon ended when Mchappy was discovered at Flirt Chat, his name wiped to show simply “0.” Hours later, Mchappy posted a fucking retirement post that took me an hour of my life to read. Yeah…not worth it. Mchappy was gone, leaving the throne to ACP to KingFunks4.

A bit of history between me and KingFunks went from Good Friends to Mortal Enemies when Funks rapidly deleted my first CPAC Post, Behind ACP, a total of four times. Four restorations, and about ten minutes in all of my life wasted restoring it. Funks was immediately “withdrawn” and contributed through CPAC officials.

Moving back on, KingFunks took over the chair of fortune. He received the Keys to the Green Gate of ACP, and with it, he received so much negative attention. Several Posts basically dissing Funks were posted, hurting ego’s and messing with Funk’s “Plans” for Army of Club Penguin. Disrespect Levels Grew, and I was the Straw that broke the Camel’s back with “Behind ACP.”

Before I move on, I am doing something I swore to Bluesockwa1 and KingFunks I would never do. I am officially apologizing for the small specks of Biased Views in my Philosophy Post.

ACP was in the mud as several of my colleagues decided to go with the flow and “diss” Funks himself. Comments posted on my first post were 90% towards Funks telling him the truth came out. For three days afterwards, I saw people on xat with “The Truth Hurts, Huh Kingfunks?” In their name or as their homepage. My post starting something, and it was going too far. I am not sure if Funks forgave me, knowing Funks he probably has a terrible grudge against me, and the fact im still banned on ACP chat tells a story as well.

Moving Along, recently KingFunks was couped by Several ACP authorities, including Capn. Capn, willing to recieve title of leader, began to realize he wasn’t ready…and rumors state he thought nobody would like him as a leader anyways.

Capn resigned from his Position soon afterwards.

After a few hours of debate, and other armies saying none of ACP’s owners were “ready” for the challenge of Leadership, Ek was announced new leader of ACP.

 No comment on Ek, as I wish not to make enemies with three generations of ACP. I somewhat consider Ek a friend, as he’s always somehow the guy I end up private chatting whenever I try to PC someone else.

Will ACP be able to recover from a long string of Leaders Retiring? Or what I call “Two Thousand Twelve’s Curse” Continue to effect ACP? Time will surely tell.

Not at all as exciting as my original Behind ACP Post, I know. However, I hope Ek does good with ACP, and swings it back into a better path that past expenses caused.

Moving a little off topic, read My Memes of The Week Posts, coming out every Thursday here on CPAC unless Bluesockwa changes the Date Plan I have set up.

 Also, in the comments please guess what Number Five is on my list up at the beginning of the post. The winner who guesses it FIRST will recieve five days on xat, since I’m too cheap to give anymore.

This Post will NOT be my last Behind ACP, as I wish to do a big interview feature with Ek and his Co-Workers sooner or later.

Note To Woton and The Bluesockwa Brothers: I wouldn’t necessarily call this a Philosophy Post, since its about 60% Current Events. This is why I have marked it under Philosophy and Uncategorized.

One One Final Note, I Respect Flippers, Kenneth, Slider, KingFunks4, Capn, and Ek. I was not aiming ny CP Army Political Bullshit at them. Thank You For Reading CPAC, and Have a Pleasant Afternoon.


27 Responses

  1. First riot post i didnt like.


  2. We all know what happened with the first post- you know whose side I took, but I would prefer if you let it go, no offense. Funks has more pressing matters than being mocked by a reporter.This isn’t what I expect from you or any of my staff.


  3. In case you weren’t paying attention (because apparently you weren’t), Funks wasn’t “couped”, he was demoted a rank, and Capn played no part in it, he is no longer in ACP, nor was he intended to be ACP Leader. You also shouldn’t use such bad language on a website viewed by mostly young kids, besides the fact that it’s very unprofessional. Not really sure who you are or how you managed to get hired to be honest.


    • Thank you.
      It’s not really his writing that bothers me, albeit terrible. It’s the unfounded air of condescension he exudes-seemingly content to revel in his own stupidity-that really vexes me. His uninspired bravado is just masking his own imbecility behind the guise of pseudo-intellectuality.

      once again these guys come onto my posts and use the biggest fucking words they know. I understood not ONE WORD of this comment.



  4. Stay off his ass ACP.


  5. This guy is loved by many. We have a propaganda god, called Riot.


  6. Awesome post Riot 🙂
    And maybe its the ORIGINAL behind the ACP post that you had gotten deleted so many times…and now..since Funks is can re-post it without any problems 🙂 …Is that it?


  7. That was a really painful read. Didn’t Pie cover all of this without it being re-written with so many personal opinions you might have thought Riot was writing some sort of diary.


    • arent you one of the guys who emailed me about how much i sucked?


      • I am pretty sure you aren’t getting multiple e-mails from ACP about how much you suck. I am guessing it is more likely that a few people are conveying a seemingly obvious message to you. In short, you are unable to write an unbiased post with decent grammar.


        • I haven’t emailed you btw. But if you want an email on how you suck, I’m quite willing. I don’t mind unbiased posts as long as they’re a laugh and this really wasn’t. Could you at least try and work on your mistakes?


        • fiasco, ive been getting emails from people. i never said ACP DID IT OMGZZZ. I did get some from ACP, and I thought I remembered seeing the name Twingy somewhere.


  8. Now I know about ACP this month! Thanks, Riot. I gotta fix this.


  9. […] Behind ACP 2: The Truth Grasps Reality As Riot Rants […]


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