Renegade V2-Movement To Overthrow KingFunks4

I. The Renegade

Hello fellow readers, this morning one of my fellow partners  BlueSockwa1 pc’d me that he had a post I could do, because he was too lazy to do it himself -wary- jkjk. Blue went on to tell me about a renegade movement to overthrow ACP’s current leader KingFunks4, I then found the renegades chat which can be found HERE I was surprised to see how many people were actually there, there was about 20+ people on that chat, and a majority of them were in support of this movement, not much were against it. They don’t have a site for the renegade  Here’s a picture of their chat.

[Note: This is not ACP chat; The Renegade was using ACP’s chat background as their background]


II. Interview

While, I was at the renegades chat, I was able to get an interview with one of the men in charge Unknown.

Unknown will be in red

I’ll just be in Black

Me: So, the movement to overthrow KingFunks is real right? 


Me: Why? What actions of Funks led you to begin this movement?

Unknown: The fact that ACP is sixth is a disgrace, I don’t know why nobody has taken any action.

Me: Do you believe that overthrowing Funks can really pick up ACP, and take them back to their former state?

Unknown: Yes, unless ACP put somebody incapable at the helm.

Me: If the overthrowal of Funks is a success who would you like to be in power?

Unknown: IceyFeet1234, he can work wonders with Ice Warriors, and I’m sure he could repeat that with ACP.

Me: Alright, would you like to send any message to Funks?

Unknown: I respect you Funks. You’re a good guy, but you have to look at ACP right now.

Me: Alright, thanks for your time.


III. KingFunks4 Leadership

Well, I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m sure we can all agree ACP isn’t in the best state it usually is in. For a good amount of weeks, people have kept saying ACP is reaching their death (Which, I don’t believe is true, they’ll rise once again. In my opinion). Why are they falling? Most people seem to blame it on KingFunks. Ever since KingFunks was stated as the new leader of ACP they have been on a huge downfall, but you can’t forget ACP was also at a huge war with Nachos which had been dragging out for a month. It could have been the war that made them fall apart, and now with all these armies picking at ACP since they see an opportunity to look good it makes even harder for them to get back up. They have had some bad performances like their tourney battle against ACP. Lets take a look at ACP’s former state before he was stated as ACP’s new leader:

 [Battle for White House Nachos vs ACP]

[Battle of Mukluk ACP vs Nachos]

Shortly after IceyCold27 [Former ACP leader] retired, and FUNKS became leaderACP began to decline rapidly let’s take a look at one of their worst events:

[Legends Cup III battle: ACP vs Shadow Troops]

As much as a disappointment that was, a while ago ACP seemed to turn things around and get  a good performance at one of their recruiting session where they calim to have gotten around 35.

Not much more to say.


IV. My Input 

Now, I know as a reporter I shouldn’t really be stating my own beliefs/opinions on here, but I feel as if I have to do it this time. I am not going to state whether I am against or for it. All I will say is I believe having this rebellion will just make things even more complicated for ACP. I have been through many overthrowals in my carrer as a Nachos, and all it does is add more stress to owners, making it harder for them to think about making their army rise once again. But, hey that’s just my Point of View, maybe these guys are right, maybe it would be best for a rebellion, who am I to say which is the right decision?  Comment on whether you think this rebellion is a good or bad choice! Till next time!


10 Responses

  1. Kewl.


  2. HEY! WHOA! IM NOT TAKING PART IN HIS OVERTHROW, YOU GUYS HAVE TO STOP BLAMING IT ON FUNKS! YOU GUYS JUST HATE FUNKS AND DONT WANNA LOG ON SO YOUR JUST PUTTING THE BLAME ON FUNKS JUST TO OVERTHROW HIM AND PUT ANOTHER LEADER UP THERE! do not mark this comment as spam, the word needs to go out to these people. i know their plans….. ever since iceycold27 retired there have been people who dont want funks because “their not used to him” so many people are taking part by NOT logging on and framing the situation on kingfunks4…. funks doesnt have anything to do with this. ya’ll just want funks to leave because you guys are haters…… HES LEADER GET OVER IT! so lets just all calm down and take our medications and leave funks alone. we shouldnt involve him. you guys dont like funks at all so your not logging on and your making acp lose and frame it on funks just because you hate him so much…. why cant we just cancel this rebellion? just stop! give funks a chance… we need to see if im correct… we need to see who’s right.. we need to see whats really going on here…. SO JUST CALM DOWN AND TAKE YOUR MEDICATIONS ALREADY!


  3. Icey won’t lead ACP. Lmao. Just put Ek in there!


  4. icey wont ditch iw for acp, iw gets 40 now


  5. ░▄▄▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▄


  6. I swear to god if the renegade are pro-capn I am going to kill them.


  7. I like how people who couldn’t give about ACP are trying to overthrow our leader.


  8. Giving ACP Iceyfeet is helping them regrow and become 1st again.


  9. icey will never go to acp he will be with iw


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