Meme Of The Week

Since the Dawn of Time…The Begginning of All That Exists.

There was one. One hero in Club Penguin Armies to save us all.

This hero will save the World from The Grasp of Biased Posting, and Unite The Armies As One…

 Yeah, but that guy hasn’t been found yet. If your reading this Rex, and I know you are, read that sentence very carefully. He HASN’T been found yet. Also, no need to point out how “bad” it would be to unite armies.

I’ve been working with my prestigious co-workers here at CPAC recently, and well, some serious shiz is coming up soon in my department. I want to dedicate this document, however, to Mach, who posted a recent article defending my posts. I also want to thank everyone who has commented and enjoyed, about everyone but one, my past posts. Behind ACP, Activity: What Your Leaders Think, Noobs: A Growing Threat To Our CP Community, and my most recent Οργή Εγκατάλειψη…which is Greek for something about Raging.

The Blues Brothers have asked me to type this up recently, and I decided to take a shot at it, the CPAC Meme of The Week. I’ve been given the honor to give this article segment a try. But, here’s what I want. I want to see some awesome meme’s from you guys. I know how it feels just to read a post and only be able to access opinion in the comments.

Well, all you have to do is make a meme and either leave it in the comments, or send them over to me on xat. Listed below are two of the top meme sites, so you can get into the action and give your own memes a chance.

These sites do not have anything to do with CPAC, and @Rex, I have been given permission to give them by the Heads of Site. Go to these sites with care.

I am eager to see all of you guys send in some memes. All are welcome, please keep them related to the CP Army World and for God’s Sake keep them fucking appropriate. Rex, yes I know I swore, no reason to point it out in the comments.

This week’s meme comes from me, since it is the first week and I need to kick start this. You may have seen some memes in my past posts, including my “HATE…ALL OF RIOTS POSTS” featured image on my post about rage quitting. Well, I decided to keep the same theme for this week and let you guys decide on what you want to see next week.


17 Responses

  1. Moosecow




  3. *le rage*


  4. There was an add for Filipino’s in very little clothes when I read this post.


  5. Is this a post about meme or me?


  6. I love how Rex Imperio is talked about the most on the posts. 🙂


  7. Purple republic.


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