Why are We Here?

This is an old philosophy post I wrote some time ago. I have amended it accordingly to suit this publication.

I have been pondering this question to myself, for a long time. Why are we really here?

Is it because we like to pretend we are soldiers and politicians? The most obvious answer to that question must be because we enjoy the game? Perhaps we have friends who come on here and we want to talk to them. Each person has no single same reason for coming on.

I ask you to think on this subject with the broadest ammount of vision possible. Club Penguin Armies are a rollercoaster ride, one minute your at the top of the world, the next your down in the gutter, to use as an example- Seanehawk, Former ACP Leader. He was ACP Leader, which can arguably be compared to President of the USA in CP terms. Before he permanently left he spent his time trying to phish and hack into the ACP site. His story has been the subject of a lot of controversy.

Does Club Penguin actually help you in the long run? I dont think I will get in to Oxford by taking part in Club Penguin Armies. ( For all Non-Europeans- Oxford University is the Best University in Europe). Maybe some of you don’t have great aspirations. I use language somewhat optimistically to describe what Club Penguin Armies have done for me. I’ve been around here for nearly 5 years, some of you may be thinking im a mentally depraved idiot who is ruining his life. This process has formulated great people, people with great political skill, such as Mr Deedledoo, Iceyfeet1234, Oagalthorp, Commando717 and countless others. I dont hesitate for one moment to think that these people will go on to great things. Personally I think that people who have known me from the day I joined Club Penguin Armies to now will see what I have gained. I used to be a noob, we all did. I would like to ask you to read the following posts and compare them. These are samples of noob and non- noob.

http://acpclubpenguin.wordpress.com/2008/08/17/troop-diversion/ – Written by me in the IATW War

http://clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com/2010/09/10/the-truth-hurts/ – My opinion on a Mr Dryvit

Back to the original point of does Club Penguin help you in the long run. Well my answer to that would be yes, my spelling and grammar has improved over the years, my maturity has improved. In a certain sense one could say that it is a form of homework. I challenge you to take a look back at your life on here and think, have I really improved?, What is my purpose here?. This post wasn’t meant to be religious but maybe God does have a purpose for you and Club Penguin Armies are one step on the path.

I have more request of you, ask yourself, Why am I really Here?. I know why I’m here, but do you?. To people that ask, am I proud of what I have done in Club Penguin Armies, I say this to them – I dont regret one moment of it.

I believe these famous words conclude Club Penguin Armies:

You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run.

Comment YOUR views! What do you, the CPAC viewers think? Why do people actually come on here?

7 Responses

  1. The link is the same


  2. Nice post. There is also Cambridge University right up at the top.


  3. In a sense, CP armies do help us. However, we do need to know when to quit them (Especially when there are exams that we need to concentrate on)


  4. My opinion is that it’s just like being on chatrooms… with a purpose. A strange purpose but a purpose nevertheless.

    Another theory or co-theory is that a lot of people who go on here are, as everyone will agree, intelligent. More intelligent than… the majority. Not outcasts, as the general stigma of people who live lives online are, but just looking for something extra.

    Finally I think it’s something to do with the responsibility due to the great hierarchy of it all. I expect people enjoy being in charge in a much greater way than you can be in the real world.


  5. I’m only here because Cas is here


  6. i just typed ‘cp armies’ on youtube and joined swat when i found out about them


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