Boot Camps and Their Effect on Armies

Hello readers. Today I have a new and unique post for you guys, and it is about Boot Camps. Do they actually help armies and develop troops into future legends, or are they just something that new troops use to promote themselves to higher ranks as that is usually a common reward in army boot camps. Today, in this post, we will plummet ourselves into boot camps and find out all the secrets that there are to know! I give full credit to Antant98 for this idea to post on this topic!

Purpose of Boot Camps:

There is one common theme and idea of an army boot camp, and that is to help troops develop themselves into well-rounded soldier that can go on and achieve a successful career in armies. Does that happen to all the troops that go into a boot camp, of course not, but, troops that pay attention in events and constantly contribute will stand a much better chance of being a well-rounded soldier and could possibly even create history themselves.

History of Boot Camps:

The first army to have an official boot camp was the ACP, in which their Training Regiment still exists today and has been generating troops into the ACP since June of 2008. Many other large armies have also experimented with boot camps including the Nachos and the Ice Warriors. Their boot camps have both been on and off over the past few years. Boot camps quickly became popular with many other armies and they tried(and failed) to have a successful boot camp.  Boot Camps were a little bit of a “fad” at one stage and many armies tried to create their own little boot camp.  Many tried the saying “We turn recruits into troops!”  Boot Camps are not as popular as they were at one stage, but still used by some armies.

Interview With Antant98 ACPTR Head:

Me: Do you think boot camps are important to armies?

Ant: Yes, I do think boot camps are important in armies.  New recruits can learn more about CP Armies.  The new recruits won’t get confused on how to do tactics during battles.  Plus, it will give them a good boost in their career in which every army they are in.

Me: How is ACPTR doing?

Ant: ACPTR is doing very well.  We have a lot of troops who want to join this school.  Plus, cadets in the past went on to achieve great things in the ACP.

Me: Do you feel boot camps are a necessity in armies?

Ant: Boot Camps are necessary for armies because they develop troops.

Me: Do you feel training regiments make soldiers more well-rounded?

Ant: Yes it does.  It helps them get a basis of CP Armies and it gives them a boost in their career.

Me: Thanks for the time!

Ant: No Problem!

Ant has had a very successful career so far in the ACP and ACPTR being an ACP 3ic for around a week and he is currently in his second spell as an ACPTR Leader.  He clearly feels very strongly about troop development in armies and when he refers to former ACPTR soldiers who went on to do great things he is talking mainly about Kenneth100(Went on to lead ACP.) and Slider568(Became an ACP 2ic.)

What do you guys think of boot camps?  Great idea?  Waste of time?  Comment and answer this poll with your verdict!


That wraps up the post!


19 Responses

  1. I think boot camps are an interesting concept, however unecessary for the most part. They’re not essential in any way. They can be helpful- but no one ever needed to go to a training camp to succeed in armies. Some of us learned the hard way, back when there weren’t any. Now perhaps I just don’t like them cause they’re a tad before my time, but overall I just think they’re unnecessary- not necessarily useless, just unecessary.


  2. Ajman are you on?
    BTW do you like the HTML Coding I did on CPST site?


  3. Vetsd did amazing without bootcamp.


  4. i dont really care(wary)


  5. someone needs to post about WW dying


  6. ‘ACPTR’
    how can idiots (ACP high ranks) teach to other idiots(ACP low ranked troops) to become smart? They just end up all being idiots anyways.
    theres no need for a bootcamp anyways(except in ACP because their troops are stupid to a very high level). All you need to know is how to do an emote, how to go in a line and to listen to the leader. whats so hard?


  7. Boot camp just makes chaos. Look at ACP, they tried it a lot, it always closes because idiots can’t remember that CP isn’t a hardcore role playing game.


  8. I never went to boot camp in CP armies and I end up getting high ranks in big armies (such as DCP and Nachos).


  9. Thing is, it’s just not worth it. Most armies get only 1 or 2 new recruits a day, if ANY. And say for example I wanted to train someone, I’d just explain to them what to do.


  10. Well, everyone seems ti hate the idea and all, but I personally went through ACPTR, and it helped me A LOT. Also, we get up to 20-30 cadets who join at the beginning of each new month, and the events usually turn out a success, but I could understand why dome people think its a waste of time, if they haven’t tried it.


  11. Personally,
    It does nothing to support the armies besides Quote on quote ‘Discipline’ which is supose to be easy.
    It does nothing for tactical advantages, if you know how to stand in line, and do emotes, and listen then your simple.
    Now there is the leadership problem, how about if you somehow get Moderator or Owner in a huge group like ACP, (Not so huge anymore from this top ten) or IW, your going to want a way to lead and a low rank….
    It’s not a hard concept really, most leaders I see is just doing this “ON 3 USE E+3” or something along those lines in camps, or you could ‘Gag’ or any of those powers like Hush.
    The basics are simple, the advance is simple, EVERYTHING IS SIMPLE. Really, all some bootcamps are is just history class on steriods.


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