Summer @ CPAC: Summer Awards Results

ATTENTION: The ACP/ST Legends Cup battle has been rescheduled to Saturday, August 18 at 5 EST. 

Some 180 votes per category were cast from people all across the army world, and now it’s time to release the results of CPAC’s Summer Awards.

First we’re going to take a look at a few answers who gave our staff quite a laugh as the voting took place. :O

Funniest Army:

Most Dramatic Fall:

Biggest Rise:

Now, as I said before, the voting took place over a four-day span, with an average of 180 votes per polling. We’ve had some very interesting results this year, and so, without further adieu, I give you your winners.

First off, what many consider three of the most prestigious categories: Best Leader, Most Achieved, and Biggest Army.

The award for best leader of 2012 goes to….

First Place: Mchappy [49 votes]

Second Place: Chrisi Blule/Dash/Beeky [43 votes]

Third Place: Ioioluk [34 votes]

Fourth Place: Albert [31 votes]

Fifth Place: Burito/Vinny/122344a [21 votes]

Sixth Place: SaW [20 votes]

Seventh Place: Kingfunks [11 votes]

Eighth Place: Unknown [4 votes]

The award for Biggest Army goes to….

First Place: Nachos [106 votes]

Second Place: Ice Warriors [35 votes]

Third Place: Army of CP [33 votes]

Fourth Place: Light Troops [21 votes]

Fifth Place: Army Republic [12 votes]

And the award for Most Achieved goes to….

First Place: Zak [29 votes]

Second Place: Np3000 [27 votes]

Third Place: Albert [25 votes]

Fourth Place: Bluesockwa1 [23 votes]

Fifth Place: Kingfunks4 [22 votes]

Sixth Place: Vetsd [18 votes]

Seventh Place: Alfrondo [17 votes]

Eighth Place: Capncook [9 votes]

Ninth Place: Bluesockwa2 [8 votes]

Tenth Place: Tymatt [6 votes]

Next we move to three more people awards: biggest retirement, best owner rank, and funniest leader.

The award for biggest retirement goes to….

First Place: Iceyfeet1234 [115 votes]

Second Place: Mchappy [33 votes]

Third Place: Pochoma123 [16 votes]

Fourth Place: Kenneth/Flipper [15 votes]

Fifth Place: Ganger90 [10 votes]

Sixth Place: Hurricanex [3 votes]

Seventh Place: Slider [2 votes]

Eighth Place: Cart [0 votes]

The award for best owner rank goes to….

First Place: Puckley [34 votes]

Second Place: Tanman [21 votes]

Third Place: Wwebestfan [19 votes]

Fourth Place: Ekpenguin [18 votes]

Tie For Fifth: Capncook [14 votes]

Tie For Fifth: Darkstar [14 votes]

Sixth Place: Gordy [11 votes]

Eighth Place: Stew [8 votes]

Ninth Place: Benjarken [6 votes]

Next, the award for funniest leader goes to…

First Place: Dash [44 votes]

Second Place: Funkikiflurry [40 votes]

Third Place: Chrisi Blule [29 votes]

Fourth Place: Mach [14 votes]

Next we move to many awards for armies: biggest rise, most dramatic fall, and closest battle.

The award for closest battle goes to….

First Place: Nachos and ACP War [10 votes]

Second Place: Pretzels and IW Practice Battle [5 votes]

Third Place: ST and DCP War [3 votes]

The award for most dramatic fall goes to….

First Place: Army of CP [93 votes]

Second Place: Ninjas [39 votes]

Third Place: SWAT [37 votes]

Fourth Place: Light Troops [16 votes]

Next, the award for biggest rise goes to…

First Place: Ninjas [63 votes]

Second Place: Pretzels [49 votes]

Third Place: UMA [29 votes]

And our three news-site related trophies: Best Army News Site Head, Best CPA Central Worker, and Best Tournament.

First Place: Bluesockwa1 [49 votes]

Second Place: Kingfunks4 [36 votes]

Third Place: Bluesockwa2 [32 votes]

Fourth Place: Splasher99 [29 votes]

Fifth Place: Pungy [15 votes]

The award for best CPA Central worker goes to….

First Place: Puckley [59 votes]

Second Place: Bluesockwa1 [54 votes]

Third Place: Kingfunks4  [32 votes]

Fourth Place: Bluesockwa2 [15 votes]

Fifth Place: Woton [13 votes]

Sixth Place: Joker [11 votes]

Next, the award for best tournament goes to…

First Place: Legends Cup 3 [116 votes]

Second Place: Sweet Sixteen [35 votes]

Third Place: International Army League [17 votes]

And now, our final two awards: biggest hack and funniest army.

The award for funniest army goes to…

First Place: Nachos [109 votes]

Second Place: SWAT [21 votes]

And our final award, the award for biggest hack, goes to…

First Place: Nacho Chat Hack [79 votes]

Second Place: CPAC DDOSing [56 votes]

Third Place: Night Warriors DDOSing [23 votes]


That’s all for this year. Congratulations to all of our winners!


CPA Central Head of Site

39 Responses

  1. First! : D


  2. I wonder how many times people just voted for themselves/their army (wary) Congrats to le winners


  3. I was in CPAC during 2012 you know


  4. Lol, I don’t see how ACP have fell… There still in the top three wil Ninjas go from 4th to 15th at one point!


  5. There were about 7-8 awards given to someone in Nachos or the whole army.


  6. Go Nacho awards.


  7. Notice how all the armies get the same trophy?


  8. Mchappy was leader for 1 month and inactive for 2 weeks in that period. He also lost a war. How is he best leader?


  9. so giving the chat pass to talex is now hacking. k


  10. I don’t understand how Mch is leader of the year, he was inactive for like 2 weeks, and he hardly led ACP this year.


  11. Inb4 someone rages about Nachos getting most awards


  12. If you didn’t count the results correctly, I actually had 16 votes, still a lot for the other category


  13. 8 awards to Nachos if you count the hacking, the people from nachos who got awards and the ACP vs Nachos war.


  14. Mchappy won Best Leader? Because he did sooo much for ACP after leading for a week.


  15. Anyone who said anything besides Iceyfeet1234 on biggest retirement is an idiot.


  16. I did the “My mum, down the stairs.”


  17. The Nacho chat hack wasn`t even big


  18. A


  19. B


  20. C


  21. I did the report on the Nachos Chat Hack ;P


  22. I wonder who voted Mch for leader of the year…. he didn’t do ANYTHING this year.


  23. I did Fagg Warriors.


  24. Thanks to everyone who voted for me!


  25. You know you can post about WW’s end instead of posting about the same armies…


  26. Thanks for everyone who voted for me as most achieved! It really means a lot! 😀


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