August 23rd

After a few attempts to restore Mammoth, we have finally decided to play the trump card. After speaking with a friend of mine who works on Riffy’s site and is  close friends with Moncho, we have finally picked a day as the re-opening of Mammoth. On Thursday, August 23rd (the 1st day of the Adventure Party), we will be re-opening Mammoth. My friend will post it on Riffy’s site and has asked Moncho to post it on his. There are a few things that will occur on Mammoth on August 22nd and after. Here is a list:

August 22nd: (this will be mentioned in their post)

  • A full day of battles (armies will log on at 12PM EST)
  • Battles will mainly take place at the Dojo (Snow Forts and Ice Berg if full)
  • Famous people will be roaming the server
  • Possible sitings of Rockhopper
  • For Armies: NO Joke bombs or emotes are allowed AT ALL on the day of the grand re-opening. Newer people wont understand what they are, so we want to strictly use snowballs and use the name of our armies to charge each other.

After August 22nd: (this will be mentioned in their post)

  • Basically, they will ask everyone to spread the word about logging onto Mammoth when they go onto CP. The plan is to get Mammoth to at least 3 bars (for members) at all times.
  • Mascots and other famous people tend to go to Mammoth.
  • Battles will mainly occur at the Dojo.
  • Armies will have bases throughout the server where they can meet up. (If you think about it, there are a total of 20 different rooms that can be qualified as bases. It sounds like a lot, but that means only 20 armies are able to have a base unless they decide to share 1).

For Armies:

  • Armies can fight over bases if they want, but it is up to the leaders to decide who won the base.
  • If you see the Dojo almost full, then please use the Snow Forts or Ice Berg. It would be better if newer people went to the Dojo to see the action instead of an army, that way they will return to the server.
  • IF the room is close to being full and there a chunk of people are just watching the battle, then you should definitely send your army in to try to get the new people involved.


I ask that all army leaders post this next piece of information before Sunday: (I recommend making it your own armies color(s), since it wont let you copy the colors from the post)

I also ask other news sites to please post this information to help spread the word.


Restoring Mammoth

Where: Mammoth Dojo (Snow Forts and Ice Berg if full)
Recruiting rooms: Town and Plaza
Final back up room: Stadium

When: Thursday, August 23rd (1st day of Adventure Party)

Time: ALL DAY LONG, but starting at:

Eastern: 12:00 P.M.
Central: 11:00 A.M.
Mountain: 10:00 A.M.
Pacific: 9:00 A.M.
UK: 5:00 P.M. 

NOTE: From August 24th – August 26th Mammoth will be packed, so I highly suggest leaders to tell their troops to go to Mammoth during that weekend gap.


If you have any questions, please feel free to PC me on IW chat. This will be my final retirement gift to CP Armies to help you guys survive, and to get a taste of how CP warfare was long ago :D.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

17 Responses

  1. first


  2. this may be fun


  3. urgh I would love to be there, but my school starts on the 21st. 😦


  4. i think i can make it


  5. I love how seriously you take this. Nevertheless, it looks fun so I may join in.


  6. ughh school starts on da 20th D:


  7. ill see if I can come


  8. Contacting CP Cheat Sites has been done about 3 years late. But good that we’re finally doing something.

    Now we need to sort out some proper partnerships.


  9. It’s official: the Watex Warriors has finally ended. This is the real end of this army; there will be no returns unless nostalgia hits us hard. Click my name for the site and final post.


  10. Ok I actually like this idea.


  11. This is just going to fail…again.


  12. Do all armies just come along?


  13. I believe this day will be the day the universe collapses from my autism limits exceeding past their maximum.


  14. […] Warriors, is trying to restore Mammoth. I thought we could be on the server for a little bit. Click HERE to view the post that explains the rules. We don’t need to attend the whole day, just […]


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